St. Cloud School of Dance on Greatmats Marley, Rubber Subfloor and Barres

01-04 - 2018

At St. Cloud School of Dance and Ultimate Gymnastics in St. Cloud, Minnesota, versatility and durability are important when it comes to their dance equipment, including anything from barres to flooring.

That’s why owner Susan Arnold works with Greatmats to equip her studio, which is ballet oriented and also offers lessons in lyrical, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop and gymnastics.

Having tested out the flooring used at one of her teachers' studios in nearby Brainerd (Minn.), she knew that’s what she wanted in her own facility - Rosco Adagio Marley from Greatmats. As for the subflooring, however, she was ready to try something different and decided to go with a layer of Greatmats ⅜ inch thick plyometric rubber - a decision she’s been very happy with for the last year and a half, especially for ballet.

On top of that floor, she added several of Greatmats 9 foot PortaBarres, and is fond of not only the the ease of assembly and mobility, but the durability as well.

With the help of Greatmats products and attentive customer service, Arnold is now able to give the ballet instructors the tools they need to serve their dancers better in a professional environment with 65 years of success to its name.

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