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cardio floor mat thumbnail
Features of the Best Cardio Exercise Mats
Learn about the top cardio exercise mats for high intensity interval training circuit training an cardio kickboxing.
Iowa Hawkeye Flooring thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Iowa?
Specialty flooring in Iowa, such as gym flooring, playground, martial arts mats, and aerial yoga, can be found at
Best material for playground surfaces thumbnail
What Is the Best Material for Playground Surfaces?
Playground surfaces come in many form and materials. Some materials are made for outdoor playground while other are great for indoor playground surfaces. Shop now!
outdoor playground surfaces thumbnail
What Should I Do To Make My Backyard Playset Safer?
Outdoor playground surfaces flooring are important for safety. These rubber mats and tiles work great for jungle gyms, monkey bars, swing sets, and more!
Puzzle Mat Interlock thumbnail
The Best Interlock Flooring Styles - Connecting Floor Tiles
Interlocking floor tiles and mats come in many forms. The material type and intended purpose often contribute to the style of interlock used.
deck tiles over grass thumbnail
What Surfaces Can You Install Interlocking Deck Tiles Over?
Interlocking deck tiles can be installed over any flat, hard surface and some may even be installed over dirt or grass
Tatami Martial Arts Mats 1x2 Meters - Features and Benefits Video
Our tatami mats are perfect for Judo, BJJ and MMA training and competition. Use these for pro martial arts training. Check out our features and benefits video.
What Are Some Of The Best Red Floor Tiles?
Find a list of the best red floor tiles available at Greatmats, including rubber, plastic, and pvc tiles in different shades of red.
baseball wall padding thumbnail
Where To Find Baseball Wall Padding
Baseball wall padding can be used for indoor and outdoor stadiums, see the different connection methods here.
Pro Court Sports Flooring Tiles thumbnail
ProCourt Snap Together Gym Floor Tiles for Sport Courts
Learn how Greatmats ProCourt Gym Floor Tiles combine style, functionality and convenience into one for portable basketball court flooring.
law enforcement training mats thumbnail
What are the best law enforcement training mats?
Law enforcement floor mats offer safety during tactical and combat training exercises. Here are the best mats for hand to hand conflict training.
most popular foam mats and tiles at greatmats thumbnail
Top 5 Most Popular Foam Floor Tiles & Mats at Greatmats
Find out what the top 5 foam mats currently sold at Greatmats are, they include general use for kids, home gym and martial arts.
Greatmats Building thumbnail
Meet the Greatmats Sales Team
Learn a little about the Greatmats sales representatives and which one is best to speak with when making your mat or flooring purchase.
Foam Floor Tiles 5/8 Premium Trade Show thumbnail
Foam Workout Tile Uses For Kids And More
Foam Floor Tiles aren't just great for preschoolers. These foam floor tiles can serve all walks of life as interlocking floor mats. Discover their uses here!
very common interlocking mats thumbnail
Common Interlocking Mats - Foam & Rubber
Greatmats identifies a couple of the most common interlocking mats for home pr commercial uses.
Puzzle mats for martial arts floors thumbnail
The Best Interlocking Martial Arts Puzzle Mats
Interlocking puzzle martial arts mats are easy to install. Find floors in many sizes and colors for your professional dojo. View our video now.
best home gym flooring over carpet in exercise room staylock tiles thumbnail
Best Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet for Workout and Exercise
Discover home gym flooring over carpet ideas and options for basements. Use modular tiles, rubber or foam for installation purposes. View the full video.
Best Exercise Mat For Cardio thumbnail
Floor Exercise Mat Ideas: Workout Mats for Home
Greatmats offers a larger variety of exercise mats to fit any fitness need - and numerous services to aid you in the selection process.
Horse Stall Mats thumbnail
Do horse stall mats replace the need for horse stall bedding?
Learn when to use shavings or bedding over top of rubber horse stall mats and why it is important in this blog.
National Personal Trainer of the Year Logo thumbnail
Greatmats Annual National Fitness Trainer of the Year Award
Greatmats is honoring personal trainers and fitness coaches who have made a positive impact in the lives of their clients and communities.
Best foam mat for p90x thumbnail
What Is the Best Flooring for P90x at Home?
P90x flooring must offer cushion and stability for wide variety of exercises. A good place to start is interlocking eva foam tiles and flexible pvc flooring.
FlexeCork Interlocking Cork Rubber Tile thumbnail
What Is the Purpose Of Cork Gym Flooring?
Discover the advantages of incorporating cork flooring into your gym or workout spaces. Read more about this durable and strong flooring in this post.
outdoor patio pool tiles for yard thumbnail
What Makes Good Yard Flooring?
Yard flooring for sports courts, patios, pools, and over grass flooring can be found at Greatmats.
custom Commercial Door Mats Materials thumbnail
Commercial Door Mat Materials
The best door mats are made from plastic, rubber, vinyl, and/or carpet and are found at