Why Would You Want Customized Anti-Fatigue Mats?

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2018 - Modified: November, 2023

Anti-fatigue flooring tiles and mats can make a significant difference in your comfort when you have to spend long hours on your feet. There's nothing worse than standing on a cold concrete floor for an extended period of time. Even with the best quality footwear, hard concrete will take a toll on your body.

That's where anti-fatigue mats come in. Custom anti-fatigue flooring can create a more comfortable, forgiving floor for you (and employees) to stand on. Quality anti-fatigue flooring helps to relieve the knee and back pain that you may experience at the end of the day. It can help encourage circulation in your feet, and can leave you feeling less tired at the end of the day.

All of these positive physical benefits have another benefit that's often overlooked: Increased productivity. When you or your employees feel less pain, you're more motivated and focused in your work. This can lead to significant productivity benefits for business owners, especially over the course of a year. When your workers are feeling good and working to the best of their abilities, your business' productivity and profits will improve.

Don't forget, though, that anti-fatigue mats are also a great addition to your home. If you spend time working in your garage or basement, these mats can help to keep you more comfortable. They'll help you to better enjoy the time you spend on these hard surfaces, whether you're fixing a vehicle, doing some construction, or just cleaning up the area.

People put anti-fatigue mats to use for all sorts of different purposes. Here are just a few potential locations where you may want to install an anti-fatigue flooring system:
- Garage
- Workspaces
- Kitchens
- Factories
- Assembly lines
- Auto repair shops
- Manufacturing facilities
- And more

Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Typical anti-fatigue flooring comes in a few different forms:
- Individual mats for individual workstations
- Long runners for long, narrow spaces
- Large mats to cover larger spaces
- Smaller tiles that interlock together

If you're working with a smaller area, or an unusually shaped area, investing in a long runner or a large mat may not work. You could use individual mats, but they generally don't secure together, and this may not be a cost-effective option.

Anti-Fatigue Tiles

Your best bet may be smaller anti-fatigue tiles. This custom anti-fatigue matting offers you many more options in how you assemble the matting than the other options will.

When you purchase smaller tiles, you can create a single, unified floor of almost any shape.

Tiles make it easy to work around obstacles, corners, and spaces of varying widths and lengths. Our tiles fit together securely, creating a unified, solid floor without any edges or loose seams that could pose a tripping hazard. The tiles won't pull apart while they're in use.

Custom anti-fatigue tiles are available in a variety of different sizes. Some can be as large as 3x3 feet, which is ideal for covering larger areas of different dimensions. Other tiles are much smaller, measuring just 12x12 inches, making them a suitable choice when you're working with smaller areas, or areas with many twists, turns, and dimension changes. If you're looking for a wall-to-wall fit, some tiles can also be cut with a utility knife for a truly customized fit.

Our Comofrt Matta Tiles are just one example of these interlocking anti-fatigue tiles. These 20x20-inch tiles feature a locking lug connection system, so you can easily connect the tiles together to create a floor of the dimensions and design of your choosing. If you want to expand the floor in the future, all you need to do is add on more tiles. Plus, you can alter the floor's design and dimension if you need to, which is something that you can't do with a pre-cut floor.

Custom Sized Mats and Runners

Are you looking for a larger, solid mat that you don't have to piece together? Many of our custom anti-fatigue mats are available in custom-cut lengths. You can specify the exact lengths that your facility needs, and the mats will arrive at your door cut to those specific lengths. All you have to do is place the mats down in your designated areas. There's no cutting required, you'll save time, and you only need to purchase as much mat as you need.

Our Supreme Diamond Foot mats feature beveled edges for improved safety and can be cut to a custom length for you. These mats are a great addition to any large workspace that sees heavy traffic.

Cut to Fit Fatigue Mats

You can also cut some anti-fatigue mats to fit your area. The Vynagrip Matting is one such choice that can be cut with a sharp utility knife. You can purchase one roll and cut it down to create smaller, modular mats. These mats can also be laid out in a L-shape or T-shape pattern.

If you're working in an area with obstacles, like poles, furniture, or other structural issues, then don't forget that you can also cut a mat to fit your area. Many of our anti-fatigue flooring options can be cut with a utility knife and a straight edge. This may be an ideal solution if you're looking for a truly custom fit within an unusually shaped area.

Custom Applications

When you're installing mats in an environment that has harsh agents or challenges present, then you can't just choose any typical anti-fatigue mat. Factories, garages, kitchens, auto repair shops, and manufacturing facilities may have factors present that can degrade or damage the mat, including:
- Grease
- Cutting fluids
- Brake fluid
- Boric acid
- Salt water
- Vegetable oil

We offer a number of different custom anti-fatigue flooring options that are specifically manufactured to be able to withstand the agents listed above. There are many grease-proof options, but you can also find products, such as the Wearwell 24/Seven NBR Perforated 3x3 Ft Mat. This mat is resistant to petroleum-based fluids, as well as diesel oil, brake fluids, vegetable oil, salt water, and more. Greatmats offers a number of different Wearwell mats designed to withstand different agents, making them popular options for factories, kitchens, garages, and more.

Choosing The Right Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats For Your Space

When it comes to choosing the custom anti-fatigue flooring that is right for your space, you'll need to consider the factors that are most important to you. Are you looking for flooring that fits into an irregular shaped floor? Do you need different colored flooring, or flooring that can withstand agents like grease or brake fluid?

You'll also want to think about a few other aspects, such as whether you need flooring that:
- Can withstand significant weight
- Has beveled edges for carts and other wheeled traffic
- Offers extra traction
- Is perforated to help drain away water or fluids
- Is spark or fire resistant
- Can be easily removed and relocated
- Is easy to clean
- Is made from recycled materials
- Fits within a particular budget

Greatmats offers an extensive line of anti-fatigue matting and flooring, so we're sure to have something that will work for your particular application and needs. If you have questions about a product, or are trying to find the product that's right for you, please contact our customer service representatives. We would be happy to help you choose custom anti-fatigue matting that works best for your situation.