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How to Protect Vinyl Flooring from Chair Legs: Furniture Floor Protect
Save your new specialty flooring from indents, cuts, scratches, gouges and scuffs. Learn how to protect it by following the tips in this post.
Designer Gym Foam Mats - Sports Tiles and Dance Underlayment
Sports Plus Designer Foam Gym Flooring tiles add comfort and functionality to your home gym and home dance studio.
What Are The Best Muay Thai Floor Mats?
Muay Thai Floor Mats are perfect to increase your training. Whether you're training for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, or any martial art greatmats has the best mats for you.
What Type of Mat Should I Use for Practicing Flips?
Greatmats discusses what mat types are best to use for practicing and learning flips, front or back flips.
How thick are jiu jitsu mats?
Greatmats addresses how thick jiu jitsu mats need to be to protect from the risks of jiu jitsu. Selecting a mat that is the appropriate thickness is imperative.
Uses For Rubber Flooring Beyond the Gym
Greatmats discusses many uses for rubber flooring other than gym or fitness flooring.
How Do I Keep My Playground Surface From Getting Hot?
Keep playground surfaces cool with Greatmats rubber and PVC plastic floor tiles
What Are The Best Livestock Mats?
Livestock mats are designed to keep animals such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs and alpacas safe and comfortable while easing the workload on the farmer.
How to Choose the Proper Tent and Event Flooring
Your go-to guide for choosing event and tent flooring for both indoor and outdoor events.
How Large Do Foam Puzzle Mats Get
Greatmats talks about the sizes of large EVA foam puzzle mats, which include mats as big as 1 meter x 1 meter.
How Thick Should Mats Be for Taekwondo?
The thickness of taekwondo mats is designed more for stability and fatigue relief than fall protection. See which products are recommended for TKD flooring.
What is the best flooring for a school weight room?
The best flooring for school weight rooms is determined by the appropriate thickness, shock absorption and also noise reduction properties for weights hitting the floor.
What is the Best Thickness for Gym Flooring Mats?
What's the best thickness for gym flooring? Greatmats offers a guide to rubber, foam and plastic gym flooring thicknesses.
What Makes a Good Wood Shed Floor?
What type of flooring makes a good wood shed floor? Greatmats has many perforated style options.
How Big Are Wrestling Wall Mats?
Greatmats discusses the question about sizing and how big wrestling wall mats usually are for preventing injury during matches.
Top Flexible Flooring for Uneven Floor Surfaces - Indoor and Outdoor
Whether you've got uneven turf, dirt, sand or concrete, Greatmats has flooring flexible flooring for uneven floors that will contour to your surface.
Guide to Martial Arts Disciplines and Dojo Flooring
Dojo flooring is best chosen by its function for specific disciplines. Here's Greatmats guide to martial arts disciplines and appropriate dojo flooring.
Outdoor Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds, Walkways, Decks
Learn the features and benefits that make outdoor rubber flooring perfect for walkways, patios and playgrounds.
MMA Puzzle Mats Raw Egg Drop Test from 68 feet
Raw egg bounces off MMA Puzzle mat - approximately 16 feet into the air after dropping from 68 feet above.
Can You Pressure Wash Rubber Mats?
Rubber mats are great for easy cleaning like pressure washing.
AKF To Host First-Ever Grappling and Throwing Tournament
The American Kyuki-Do Federation gets just under 100 participants in its Grappling and Throwing Tournament debut
Tatami Tiles - Lightweight Tatami Puzzle Mats for Martial Arts
Learn the feature of Greatmats Judo Lite puzzle mats with a no-burn tatami surface and how they benefit you in martial arts training.
What Makes A Good Martial Arts Competition Mat System?
Greatmats identifies 4 products that will make a good martial arts competition mat system. They are available in various thicknesses and surface texture.