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Outdoor Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds, Walkways, Decks

By Brett Hart Created: July, 2017 - Modified: May, 2023

As of the most durable and readily available flooring materials, rubber has quickly grown in popularity for both indoor and outdoor installations. Most rubber floors are made of recycled tires, preventing them from filling up landfills while providing a useful purpose for them again.

The long lifespan of outdoor rubber flooring products along with its safety features have been the biggest reasons for its increasing presence in outdoor areas. Let's take a look at the most three most popular outdoor spaces where rubber flooring is used.

Playground Outdoor Rubber Flooring

Outdoor rubber flooring for playgrounds can come in several different forms including, tiles, mats, poured in place flooring, and crumbs.

The most versatile of these is the outdoor rubber playground tiles. These tiles offer the ability to create designs and patterns due to their modular nature. You can find outdoor rubber flooring for playgrounds in several different color options as well.

They simplify the installation process by coming in the form of conveniently sized squares, many of which interlock. The form of rubber outdoor flooring also provides the most consistent fall height protection. Some outdoor interlocking rubber tiles are as thick as five inches and protect against falls from as high as 10 feet.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring for Decks and Patios

Another popular space for outdoor rubber flooring are decks and patios. The outdoor rubber deck tiles are durable enough to handle patio furniture and is slip and weather resistant. While many patios are surfaced with concrete, brick, or stone, rubber patio flooring offers a much more comfortable solution to your outdoor living space.

As a material also used for playgrounds, you can rest assured there are additional safety factors with outdoor rubber patio flooring as well, which will give you peace of mind when the space is occupied by young and old alike with an affinity for falling, spilling or inadvertently dropping things - be it phones, glasses, toys or dishes. The shock-absorbing benefits of rubber have long been recognized and can save you a lot of headaches as well as medical and replacement costs.

One versatile and long lasting rubber patio tile is the Sterling Rooftop Tile, sold by This tile can be used for both ground-level and rooftop patios. At 2 inches thick with an interlocking design, it has significant weight and will stay in place. It is also safe for rubber roofing membranes and is easy to clean.

Outdoor Rubber Walkway

The use of rubber walkway mats is a relatively new development, but it makes sense, given the benefits it provides for playgrounds and patios. The same benefits apply to a recycled rubber walkway. You don't even have to sacrifice style or a natural appearance for the sake of safety as rubber walkway mats can be assembled to fit virtually any shape or size.

Take for instance, the dog-bone-shaped Equine Paver Tiles. They give a dog bone-shaped paver appearance with a unique shape and are super easy to install. The consistent size and shape of these tiles allow them to fit neatly together.

Also, consider Playground Mats to create an outdoor walkway. These mats can be laid down next to each other to create a durable pathway.

No matter what type of surface you are looking to cover, there is a rubber flooring outdoor solution to fit your need. A great place to open your eyes to the possibilities of an outdoor rubber floor is