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Soft floor tiles for pool or sauna floors thumbnail
What Kind of Floor Mats and Material Work Best in a Sauna?
Greatmats discusses what kinds of floor mats and materials work best in a sauna for flooring ideas.
Pro Sport 20 mm Martial Arts Puzzle Mats thumbnail
Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Flooring Material
Learn why EVA Foam is the material of choice for interlocking martial arts puzzle mats for tournament, dojo and dojang use.
Foal thumbnail
What Makes Foaling Stall Mats Unique For Foaling Barns?
Foaling mats are barn stall mats specifically designed for newborn colts and fillies for safety and comfort. These mats can be order for any horse stall size.
Tap Dance Floor Kit Shoes thumbnail
Top Tap Dance Flooring Considerations
Things to consider when purchasing tap dance flooring, mats or practice pads. What factors make a good tap dance floor?
Foam Material for in Garage Floor Workout Mats  thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring Material For a Garage Gym?
Greatmats discusses what the best flooring materials for a garage gym are and recommended products. The best materials are include rubber, foam, pvc and cork laminate.
apartment floor tiles thumbnail
What Is The Best Temporary Flooring For Renters?
Temporary flooring for renters is a great cost effective solution. The tile comes in carpet, wood, or plastic. They work great over carpet, concrete, and linoleum.
carpet tile installation thumbnail
How Do You Install Carpet Tiles?
Carpet tile installation is easy with Greatmats carpet tiles, find 5 different diy installation methods.
Max Tile Raised Vinyl Flooring for a Basement That Foods thumbnail
Best Flooring for Basement That Floods - Waterproof Flooring
Find the best flooring options for basements that flood! Learn what you should look for in flood proof flooring, including waterproof materials and a raised base tile.
StayLock Outdoor Playground Flooring thumbnail
Staylock Perforated Tile Uses - Playground and Patio Tiles & More
Perforated Tiles such as the StayLock Perforated PVC tiles lend themselves to numerous uses. Here are 15 perforated tile uses by Greatmats Customers.
Foam Martial Arts Puzzle Mats for Fitness thumbnail
20 mm Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Use Ideas
From martial arts to dog training to high intensity fitness workouts, Pro Martial Arts Jigsaw Puzzle Mats offer cushion and stability.
the best home gym flooring thumbnail
What Kind Of Floor Is Best For Online Fitness Classes?
Online fitness classe and virtual fitness class flooring can be found in rubber, wood vinyl, and artificial grass turf, at
stair treads thumbnail
How Do Rubber And Vinyl Stair Treads Compare?
Vinyl stair treads are great for home or commercial use. Get the best, easy to instal, stair treads at Greatmats.
Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Cushion thumbnail
Home Dance Fitness Floors - The Top 5
Home dance studio can be a place of solitude and peace, or it can be a center of fun for the whole family to move around in.
rubber roof tiles thumbnail
How Do You Cut Rubber And Plastic Roof Tiles?
Rubber &amp; plastic roof tiles are easy to install with their built in interlocking connector system. Use for rooftop decks, patios, commercial settings &amp; more.
pee resistant rubber flooring rolls  thumbnail
What Is The Best Pee Resistant Flooring?
Pee Resistant Flooring and urine resistant flooring is important for areas that may have accidents from pets or toddlers
Rubber Patio Paver Tile thumbnail
Top 5 Uses for Rubber Paver Tiles
Rubber Paver Tiles are used well beyond the patio. Discover other popular uses and with rubber pavers serves those purposes best.
vinyl flooring over hardwood thumbnail
Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Hardwood?
Vinyl flooring over hardwood &amp; floating planks over hardwood floors are a great option to change up the look of your space. Choose from luxury vinyl (LVT or LVP).
Play Time Playground Turf thumbnail
How to Choose Turf for Playgrounds
Playground turf lends a unique angle to playground surfacing. Some even offer playground turf padding for extra fall protection.
peloton online class diy studio thumbnail
What Should I Use Under My Bike For Peloton Online Classes?
Peloton online classes are great to do from home on your own schedule. Find the best flooring for under your peloton at
Rubber Gym Floor Installation
How to Install Rubber Gym Flooring on Concrete & Other Surfaces
See how to use and Install Rubber Gym Flooring in home or commercial settings, over concrete, carpet, wood, ceramic tile or other surface. And when you shouldn't use rubber.
gray carpet raised basement flooring tiles with a built-in vapor barrier thumbnail
Wet Basement Flooring Options: Tiles With A Vapor Barrier
There are several methods of battling the problem of basement moisture, including landscaping, creating vapor barriers and raised floor tiles with a vapor barrier.
DIY Portable Dance Flooring Over Carpet thumbnail
Temporary DIY Flooring Over Carpet Ideas for Home and Dance
Find temporary DIY dance floors over carpet for home dance practice. Learn more about your flooring installation &amp; best material options in this post.
Puzzle Mat Interlock thumbnail
The Best Interlock Flooring Styles - Connecting Floor Tiles
Interlocking floor tiles and mats come in many forms. The material type and intended purpose often contribute to the style of interlock used.
home dance flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For A Virtual Workout?
Having the best mat or flooring under you will enhance your overall experience of your online classes. But which should you choose? View our recommendations.