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hustle dance interlocking flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For The Hustle Dance?
The hustle dance is an American dance that was created in the 70's. Find the best hustle dance flooring at Greatmats.
flooring that holds up best in a beach house thumbnail
What Flooring Holds up Best in Beach Houses?
There are a few flooring products that hold up best for a beach house or lake house.
Portable Outdoor Floor Tile Gray thumbnail
Special Event Flooring Key Features
Discover the six key factors to keep in mind when determining what portable flooring will work best for your tent event setup.
volleyball court floor tiles  thumbnail
What Are The Best Portable Volleyball Court Tiles?
Volleyball court tiles that are portable and affordable. Take your indoor volleyball court to the outdoors with our plastic court tiles.
what are rubber flooring tiles thumbnail
What are rubber flooring tiles?
Greatmats discusses what rubber flooring tiles are and the features of these products.
marble modular basement floor tile thumbnail
What Is The Benefit Of Modular Basement Flooring?
Modular basement flooring are easy to instal, easily removable, great for damp spaces, and are found at an affordable price at
folk dancing and best flooring options thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Folk Dance?
Greatmats identifies the best products used for folk dance flooring which includes interlocking tiles and rolled rubber.
Engineered Hardwood Hand Scraped flooring benefits thumbnail
What Is the Benefit of Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what are the benefits of hand scraped hardwood flooring over smoother options.
The best spa flooring ideas should be soft and comfortable thumbnail
What Is the Best Spa Flooring?
What are some of the best options for spa flooring that are waterproof and provide comfort and cushioning?
portable dance floor
What's The Best Temporary Flooring Over Carpet?
Temporary flooring over carpet or hardwood. This flooring is the best for portable flooring needs, rentals, events, and dance.
how to make a k-pop dance studio  thumbnail
The Best Flooring For K-Pop Dance?
K-pop dance is a Korean inspired fusion of hip hop, jazz, and house dance styles. It’s a cardio dance party that will bring out your inner dancer.
beach tiles thumbnail
What Kind Of Flooring Can I Use On A Beach?
Beach flooring is important to have when throwing an event on the beach or needing a walkway to go across the sand.
squash court wooden flooring thumbnail
What is the best portable squash court flooring?
The best indoor and outdoor squash court flooring is affordable and durable. There are many designs to fit the look you are going for and are easy to install.
luxury engineered wood flooring thumbnail
What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?
Engineered wood flooring is a great alternative to hardwood and laminate. Engineered wood floor planks can be found at
durable flooring rubber tiles thumbnail
How Do You Determine The Most Durable Flooring?
The most durable flooring will take into account multiple qualities that make it durable such as impact, water, scratch, spark resistance and more.
marley is one of best flooring for flex dance thumbnail
What's The Best Flooring For Flex Dance?
Greatmats identifies some flex dance flooring products that will work best in studios for the combination flexing and contortion dance.
max tile floor with an oak parquet pattern thumbnail
Oak Parquet Flooring Costs & Alternatives
Oak parquet flooring is beautiful and adds a special aesthetic to a space, find out what the costs are and if alternative products are a good fit for you.
dance floor for birthday party thumbnail
What's The Easiest Way To Build A Dance Floor For A Birthday Party?
Dance floor for birthday partys and events are found at
Best Arbor flooring to use in garden under arbor thumbnail
What Is the Best Arbor Flooring?
The best arbor flooring options include multiple pvc interlocking outdoor tiles for garden spaces.
wood floor tiles thumbnail
What Are The Best Interlocking Wood Floor Tiles?
Interlocking floor tiles can be made of foam or vinyl. They are easy to install in your home with a snap together feature or puzzle flex.
easy diy interlocking vinyl flooring tiles thumbnail
In What Forms Can You Find Interlocking Vinyl Flooring?
Greatmats identifies two popular types of interlocking vinyl flooring that are easy to install for DIY projects.
luxury vinyl plank flooring thumbnail
Factors That Affect Vinyl Flooring Expansion
Greatmats addresses the question of whether vinyl flooring can expand or not and how to remedy that expansion.
Vinyl Sunroom Floor Tiles thumbnail
What Is The Best Sunroom Flooring?
Greatmats offers the best sunroom flooring options, from plank and laminate to vinyl that looks like hardwood.
Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats thumbnail
The Most Affordable Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats
Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats come in many prices and styles, ranging from about $1-6 per square foot and made of different foam materials.