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Options for Judo Mats

If your favorite martial arts discipline is judo, you know the bumps and bruises that can come with it. Although the throws, takedowns, striking techniques, and grappling make this discipline special, those same components can leave you feeling worn down after an intense practice session. Forgiving flooring can help you feel fresher and ready for more. Greatmats carries the highest quality of judo mats that will protect you during all levels of workouts and competitions.

We know the high-quality mats we sell deliver significant benefits because our residential and professional customers tell us about the high level of results they receive. Our products appear in installations across North America, and our customers trust the quality we deliver.

Types of Judo Mats

Our judo floor mats withstand high-impact throws and other tough workouts at the dojo. We have dozens of mat options to match your needs and budget.

Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats fit together easily, using an interlocking edge that doesn’t require glue. They also have multiple color options so you can designate certain areas of the dojo for particular types of workouts.

Roll Out Mats

Judo roll-out mats have excellent cushioning and a durable vinyl top layer. They’re ideal for rolling out quickly when you need a temporary area for extra cushioning.

Folding Mats

Folding mats for judo are ideal for providing extra cushioning anywhere. They fold up for quick storage or transportation, and you can even line the entire floor with them for maximum cushioning.

Crash Mats

Judo crash mats offer unmatched cushioning, as they are thicker than any other sort of matting for dojos. They’re perfect for practicing new skills where hard falls are possible.

Other Padding for Dojos

If your studio, dojo, or home basement has exposed support posts in the middle of the space or along the walls, you can use padding to deliver protection against collisions with these potentially dangerous areas.

Benefits and Features of Tatami Judo Mats

Some of the primary benefits of using these mats for home or a professional setting include:
  • Long-lasting designs
  • Designed for rough treatment
  • Deliver traction without causing skin abrasions
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Cushioning against falls during takedowns
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Available as subflooring or main flooring
  • Easy to install
  • Use of safe materials that are lead- and latex-free
  • Waterproof and non-absorbent

Judo Mats Q&A

How thick should judo mats be?

The thickness of judo mats must maximize the safety of judokas. The best mats will have at least 1.5” of thickness, as these have enough cushioning to protect against falls. Crash landing mats could measure anywhere from 4” to 12” for maximum protection.

Are puzzle mats good for jiu-jitsu?

Yes, puzzle mats are good for jiu-jitsu. They provide a simple means of assembly and disassembly for rooms that must be used for multiple purposes. Use martial arts puzzle mats consisting of EVA foam of different colors to mark boundaries for training and competition.

How thick should crash mats be?

Crash mat thickness should be 2 inches or more. A 2-inch crash mat usually comes in the form of a folding panel mat. It’s used on top of existing matted flooring. Crash mats of 4 inches or more can be used independently of the matted floor. If you'd like a full flooring system suitable as a crash pad, consider installing a layer of 2-inch foam rolls under your existing flooring.

What are the advantages of tatami mats for judo?

The advantages of tatami texture mats include providing just the right amount of traction for judokas to stay steady on their feet even when making quick movements. Interlocking tatami mats are a smart choice, as they are installed in minutes while protecting students from abrasions and scrapes. Greatmats interlocking tatami mats are unique in that they feature a no-burn surface. This helps prevent floor abrasions on exposed skin.

What are the best judo mats for the price?

The best judo mats for the price really depend on your particular needs. You can find value in crash mats up to 12 inches in thickness, folding gym mats, roll out mats, and puzzle-style MMA mats. Greatmats has many options to fit your needs and budget. Reach out to our customer service team for help.