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Martial Arts Mats for Home Use

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Martial Arts, MMA and Karate Home Mats

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Convert nearly any space into a martial arts practice space all of your own with . Greatmats offers an excellent selection of easy-to-assemble interlocking puzzle mats, including home karate mats, home Judo mats, and home BJJ mats. These mats can transform your basement, garage, or other unused space into a MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, or wrestling practice space or studio, all of your own.

You can trust the products offered by Greatmats. Greatmats has more than 15 years of experience as a direct importer of home martial arts mats. We put that experience to work for you, choosing mats of the highest quality and stocking a variety of mats that you can depend on.

We don't sacrifice quality in bringing you products suitable for home use; our home mats are designed with the same quality and durability as our professional mats. The main difference between the professional and home mats is simply the size of each mat, and the ease of shipping them to a residential location. Our home mats are a bit smaller than our professional mats, so they are easier for you to handle and install in smaller areas. We offer a variety of thicknesses and surface textures, so you can choose the best mats for your vision for your training space.

Potential uses for martial arts home mats:

  • Create a safe place to practice the martial arts skills you learn in class
  • Make an area for kids to wrestle and tumble on
  • Enhance your home workout space with flooring suitable for high-impact activities
  • Create a space where you and friends can practice together

Martial arts home mats offer the following benefits:

  1. Practice in safety, with plenty of impact absorption for takedowns and throws
  2. Enjoy the no-burn surfaces of many mats which help to prevent skin burns
  3. Quickly and easily transform almost any space into your own home martial arts studio
  4. Mats are conveniently sized and easy to install, making for a great DIY project
  5. Enjoy convenient shipping right to your door so you get your products quickly and easily

Below please find some of our most popular martial arts mats preferred by our customers.

Interlocking Home Martial Arts Mats

Our interlocking home martial arts mats have proven to be some of our most popular martial arts flooring for home use. These puzzle mats, measuring 2x2 feet or 1x1 meter, are conveniently sized. A single person can transport, carry, and install the mats, even if you have to navigate stairways or narrow hallways. The mats range from 7/8 inch to 1 5/8 inches thick, and you can choose from a variety of surface textures to bring your vision for your martial arts training space to life.
These interlocking mats are incredibly easy to install. They fit together like puzzle pieces, and they won't separate while the floor is in use. If you need to move the floor, you can easily disconnect the mats and reinstall them later. There's no adhesive needed for installation, and you can confidently install the mats without professional help. If you need, you can cut the mats with a sharp utility knife for wall-to-wall installations.

Because your new flooring consists of individual mats, you'll experience more versatility than you would with any other flooring types. If a mat becomes worn or damaged, you can replace that single mat, rather than replacing the entire floor. This benefit can save you both money and headaches. Additionally, if you ever want to expand your floor, it's only a matter of buying more mats and adding them on.

Our Pro Martial Arts Mats are one of the most economical options available. Though they're highly affordable, they'll still put in a great performance. Their scuff resistance thatch texture ensures the mats continue to look great, and this durable flooring is resistant to shoes and boots, unlike many of the other flooring options out there. These mats are made of lead and latex free EVA foam, which gives them strength and durability. Because these home Taekwondo mats are double sided and double colored, you can create fun patterns by using both sides of the mat. If one side becomes worn, just flip the mat over; it's a great way to get the maximum use possible out of your flooring investment.

The Home MMA BJJ Mats are another popular choice for use in home training and practice areas. These Home BJJ mats' no-burn tatami surface has been carefully designed to provide the right amount of grip for footwork, rolls, and ground maneuvers. Designed with the specific needs of the martial arts artist in mind, the home grappling mats are both lead and latex-free, as well as non-absorbent and waterproof. The interlocking tile design makes installation incredibly fast and easy, and each mat comes with two border strips so you can create an island installation with clean edges.

Looking for quality home taekwondo mats? Our Home Sport and Play 20 mm tiles are a perfect choice for a home taekwondo practice area. The 2x2 foot tiles are available in a reversible red/blue, green/tan, and black/gray color options. These martial arts puzzle tiles feature a thatch surface finish that is durable and scuff resistant for shoes. Designed with the specific needs of the martial arts artist in mind, the puzzle mats are both lead and latex-free, as well as non-absorbent and waterproof. The interlocking tile design makes installation incredibly fast and easy, and each mat comes with two border strips so you can create an island installation with clean edges.

Martial Arts Karate Mats Premium are a great choice for karate and taekwondo, and they offer a distinctive appearance. These home karate mats, made of a high-density EVA foam, are available with a wood grain look to truly set your home studio apart. They have a smooth leather finish that is perfect for use with bare feet, soft shoe work, and striking moves. They're a great choice for many karate studios. Each of these home karate mats includes 4 border strips, which allows for a professional looking installation with clean, finished edges.

Martial Arts Landing Mats

When you'll be performing throws or falls, you'll need to invest in thicker landing mats to provide adequate protection. Landing mats are designed to absorb impact, making your landings both softer and safer. These landing mats are thicker and don't interlock like the interlocking martial arts mats outlined above do. When you need these landing mats, you can easily pull them into position. Once finished with your practice, it's easy to store these mats away so you can get maximum use out of your practice space.

At a full 1.5 inches thick, our Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami is one of the best striking arts mats available. This premium mat is handmade in Europe, offering the highest quality in terms of both materials and workmanship. This mat is crafted with the highest quality rated foam in order to give you proper cushioning and protection. When you invest in this mat, you're investing in your safety and peace of mind - after all, this mat is IJF approved and is used in international Judo championships. Equipped with an anti-skid waffle bottom with hotmelt reinforcement, these home BJJ mats are highly durable. Fully laminated, sealed corners are also evidence of the quality construction that has gone into this top quality mat.

For even more protection, consider upgrading to the Pro MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 Meter Mat. Measuring a full 2 inches thick, this mat is handmade in Europe. It's IJF approved, so you know you're buying a mat that will truly help protect you. The anti-skid waffle bottom with hotmelt reinforcement, paired with the fully laminated, sealed corners, ensure this mat will hold up to rigorous use.

When it comes to your safety, this isn't an area where you want to cut corners. That's why we offer top-quality mats used and approved by professionals in order to keep you safe in the comfort of your own home.

Roll Out and Fold Out Mats

While we offer plenty of permanent flooring options, we also have a selection of roll out and fold out mats that you can bring out to add extra cushion to your flooring when and where you need it. Just lay these mats on top of your flooring to increase the shock absorption and cushion available to you as you train. When you're done with the mats, you can fold or roll them up and store them away, increasing the versatility of your main flooring space.

Our Gmats Roll Out Mats measure a generous 5x10 feet, so you can cover a large area with a single mat. These mats are a full 1.25 inches thick, and are the same quality of professional martial arts floors. The durable tatami top vinyl surface can withstand shoe and boot traffic. If you need a large area, you can tape together multiple mats. These versatile mats can be placed down right on top of hard surfaces. When you're done training, just roll up the mats.

For a slightly thicker option with a little more impact absorption, consider our Gym Mats 5x10 ft x 2 Inch. These mats are made of a 2-inch-thick PE foam core, which aides with the shock absorption that's so necessary for takedowns and throws. The durable 18-ounce vinyl cover and double-stitched seams contribute to this mat's strength. Equipped with 2-inch-wide connector strips, the mats can be connected together to create a larger surface. When you don't need the mats, you can fold them up and easily store them away.

Our Foam Roll 6x42 Feet is often used as an underlayment for home MMA mats. The foam roll helps to add shock absorption to your flooring, but it must be covered by other martial arts home mats. Choose from 5/8, 1.25, and 2 inch thicknesses.

Installing Your Martial Arts Mats for Home Use

We understand that you'll want to install your home martial arts mats yourself, and that's why we've selected products that allow for a simple, easy installation. Our interlocking martial arts mats can be installed in just minutes, and most mats can be cut with a sharp utility knife for a customized fit.

Our roll out and fold up mats can be set down in just minutes, and their compact sizing makes for easy storage.

Commitment to Customers

We want you to be happy with every product and every shopping experience you have at Greatmats. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, so you know that you'll always be getting the best price for a product.

We operate Greatmats according to the Golden Rule model - we treat you as we would want to be treated. It's this dedication to customer satisfaction that has earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

If you have questions, would like a product sample, or need a shipping quote for these products, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. Our flooring experts would be happy to help you choose the best product for your project.