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24x24 Commercial Carpet Tiles for Offices

For one of the most recognizable name brands in carpeting, count on the easy-to-install Mohawk carpet tiles from Greatmats. These tiles are extremely durable, and they provide a sharp-looking layout that commercial users can enjoy for many years.

These tiles require glue-down installation, so some people may choose to hire a professional to perform the layout. With a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on some of these models, you will receive great value over time, whether you choose a DIY install or a professional install.

Size and Shape Options

Our Mohawk carpet tiles are available in two common sizes. The most common option is a tile that measures 24x24 inches. We also offer an option that has a rectangular plank shape of 12x48 inches. Both the 2x2 feet and 1x4 feet shapes end up with 4 square feet of coverage per tile.

These models of tiles will have varying thickness measurements, helping you find just the right model for your needs. The thickness of each tile is equal to its pile height, as these are low-pile carpet tiles. Thickness options range from 2.3 mm to 6.3 mm (or 0.09 inches to 0.25 inches).

Material Options

This flooring will consist of highly durable carpet fibers. Mohawk carpet tiles are made in the United States, so customers can trust the materials the manufacturer includes in the tiles.

The manufacturer creates a tufted, textured loop or a patterned loop out of polyester and nylon fibers. These fibers consist of materials that are resistant to the formation of static.

The result is an industrial-grade type of flooring for sale that remains colorfast even when exposed to significant foot traffic and other tough conditions. It will not unravel or zipper in these tough conditions, either.

Some of these tiles feature as much as 40% recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option to install.

Pattern and Texture Options

Each tile from the various families of Mohawk carpet tiles will have a noticeable color pattern, primarily consisting of neutral colors. This allows customers to attempt to either match the current color pattern in the decor of the room or to use neutral colors to avoid clashing with the colors already in place.

Each of the nine different families of Mohawk carpet tiles will have its own color and pattern options, consisting primarily of various shades of grays, blues, and browns. The different families of carpet tiles available include:
  • Bold Thinking
  • Captured Idea
  • Cityscope
  • Daily Wire
  • Dynamo
  • Echo
  • Rule Breaker
  • Scholarship II
  • Streaming

Some of these tiles will have very distinctive geometric patterns or stripes on them. Other patterns will be far more subtle. With several dozen different color patterns available in the Mohawk plank and tile families, customers can find the perfect look easily.

Common Use Options

Because of the high-quality design and manufacturing process involved with creating these tiles, they will work for almost any commercial layout.

Our customers include office buildings, where installers are placing them in common walkways, lobbies, and working areas. If you have a reception area where you want to impress visitors, these high-end carpet tiles will accomplish your goal.

Government buildings and schools will use these flooring tiles in a wide range of areas, including dining facilities, hallways, classrooms, and private offices. They also work in break rooms for employees.

Retail facilities will use these tiles throughout the retail floor, giving customers a comfortable place to walk and shop. Retailers will use this carpet near cash registers too, where customers may be standing in lines.

Installation Options

These Mohawk carpet tiles require adhesive to ensure they remain attached to the subfloor. These tiles have flat edges, rather than a jigsaw puzzle style edge, so there is no option to connect the tiles together.

The manufacturer recommends using pressure-sensitive latex carpet tile glue for the best results. Be sure to thoroughly clean the subfloor before beginning the installation process, ensuring that the glue will adhere properly to the subfloor.

When installing these tiles, some of the potential installation methods you can use include:
  • Monolithic
  • Quarter turn
  • Vertical ashlar
  • Brick ashlar
  • Multi-directional
  • Random

Should the installer need to cut a tile to fit tightly against a wall or cabinet, simply slice through the tile with a utility knife and a straight edge.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Customers will clean these tiles just as they would any type of carpeting. Regular cleaning is the best way to maintain the longevity of the carpeting, keeping it looking like new.

The manufacturer recommends regularly vacuuming the carpet tiles and planks to remove the accumulation of dust and small debris. In areas with heavy foot traffic, vacuuming should occur daily.

Dry extraction cleaning should occur bimonthly, helping to extend the longevity of the carpet. If you require spot cleaning, use a gentle cleaning solution made specifically for nylon and polyester carpeting. Follow any other instructions that ship with the tiles to clean them safely and properly.