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Home BJJ Mats - Raw Egg and Wine Glass Tests

Date Published: 05-21 - 2020

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Have you ever wondered just how much cushion Greatmats 1.5 inch thick home martial arts puzzle mats provide? To demonstrate this we decided to test their impact absorption and dispersion in a few different ways. First, we started by dropping a raw egg off of a second story deck onto the mats approximately 12 feet below. Then we had a child throw an egg at the mat from the same height.
We moved on to dropping a piece of glass stemware onto the mats from the same height - and as high as 26 feet, and finished by throwing the eggs much harder at the mats from close range.
See for yourself how the well the mats absorbed the impact.
If you own Greatmats eva foam puzzle mats, we welcome you to join Greatmats Raw Egg Bounce challenge. Test different ways to drop, throw or launch raw eggs onto your EVA Foam tiles to see if they'll bounce. Enjoy!

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