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Top 5 FAQs for Foam Floor Tiles

Find a wide selection of interlocked foam floor tiles for home and exercise rooms. This is lightweight, easy to install, and an affordable solution for many residential and sports floors applications. Foam square flooring adds a nice cushion that can help reduce the impact of repetitive exercises. Softer foam tile flooring makes for a forgivable surface suitable for exercise areas.

1. Are foam floor tiles waterproof?

Foam tiles are typically waterproof. However, water can seep between the seams. It's best when spills are wiped up right away. Read more about waterproof foam mats or tiles.

2. What are foam squares?

They have cushion and durability if placed over hard surfaces like concrete. These range between 3/8 and 1-1/2 inches thick (or 10 and 39 mm). Densities range from very soft tiles to firm and prices will vary, depending on the application and use type. Foam tiles are often used for kids play area, martial arts practice, and exercise areas.

3. Can I use foam flooring tiles outside?

Yes, there are certain foam flooring products that can be used in an outdoor setting. Some people choose to use foam tiles outdoors on a temporary basis. Just note that there may be expansion of the foam when installed outdoors due to heat and sunlight.

4. How should I disinfect foam square tiles?

After sweeping dry debris, disinfecting foam flooring is a simple process. Applying basic household cleaner with disinfectant in it with a damp mop should work the majority of the time. Light scrubbing with a non-abrasive brush works for stubborn stains.

5. Can I put foam workout tiles on top of carpets?

Yes, when using the right model. With a softer style of carpeting or with extremely thin and flexible foams, the seams on the foamtiles could pop loose. PVC modular floor mats are a better selection, as they have a bit more firmness than foam tiles for floor.

Why use foam floor tiles for kids?

Greatmats foam tiles are highly popular. These deliver a smart choice in playrooms. They are comfortable and shock absorbing in case of falls.

Our kids foam floor tiles protect the subflooring from spills. Marks from crayons, paint, markers, and anything else youngsters can get into at play time will not reach the subfloor. Additionally, we have these in fun colors.

Use our Play Puzzle 4 Pack at the house, at a preschool, or at a daycare. These are appropriate anywhere youngsters are playing. We've only used lead-free and latex-free materials in these. They are safe for crawling, sitting, and playing.

These measure 2-by-2 feet, so a single person can move them into place. Afterward, just disassemble them and store them until they're needed again.

When installing them across an entire room, consider our 5/8 Inch Premium product. These have a great value, delivering a higher quality than is found with soft foam floor tiles for baby options from other companies. Yet, even with our excellent quality, we offer them at a similar, inexpensive cost.

Assembly is so simple that children will be able to help. We offer 15 bright colors. Installers can construct different patterns, which is sure to keep youngsters entertained.

Where to use Interlocking Gym Floor Tiles

This is a nice choice when working out at the house or in a commercial setting. It has a cushioned surface that gives athletes a safe space for a workout. This limits joint soreness and fatigue during repetitive exercising.

Among our customers' favorite products is the Sport Plus Designer. These have an inexpensive price point, but they maintain a high level of durability.

Another way to yield a cushioned landing area is our Home Grappling MMA Mats. A customer looking for protection during high-impact workouts at a residence will appreciate the cushioning in these.

Martial art training works well with the tatami surfaces on these. They won't cause burns on the skin from the floors. Because of the tatami, some customers choose these for indoor playing area installations. Should children fall, ours reduce the chances of skin burns.

What are the best trade show foam interlocking floor tiles?

Floorings for trade shows need to yield a professional finish to impress visitors. For an attention-grabbing style in a booth, our Faux Wood Grain Foam Tile product is the perfect choice.

These soft floor tiles have three different eye-catching wooden finishes from which to choose. Yet, they still have the cushioning properties expected. Border strips yield a fully finished look while locking tightly to the main pieces.

For those who prefer a carpeted top over foams, consider our Royal Interlocking Carpet. These will give insulation atop cement. This helps employees avoid cold feet if standing during the entire day.

Unlike carpets alone, this has a bit of cushioning for salespeople. If working in booths, employees can stand comfortably.

Installations of our interlock foam mat flooring go quickly, which is ideal. Portability is key. All of ours are small enough to be assembled, disassembled, and moved easily.

Ours deliver a perfect density and size that allow for a fast and hassle-free installation. No matter what kind of subfloor is encountered at an exposition, these will fit.

Which waterproof foam floor tiles are best for outdoor pools?

The Foam Mats Premium are often installed underneath above-ground pools to provide cushioning and a more comfortable surface.

How to Install Foam Floor Tiles

One of the major benefits of these is the ease of installation. As these 2x2s are conveniently sized, they are easily transportable. Installing these is a great DIY project and can be accomplished by someone alone.

Most of these have an interlocking design, so they pop together like jigsaw puzzles. They frequently come with borders to create an island install with a finished edge.

For going tight to the wall or around objects like support poles, just cut them. Use a sharp utility knife to make the cuts. In most cases, no adhesive is needed.

For an issue with wetness, easily disassemble them and pick them up. For example, remove them if the subfloor becomes wet. Allow the subflooring to air dry. They then can be reinstalled again after it dries.

What are the benefits of Greatmats EVA foam floor tiles?

  1. Shock absorption provides a safer surface for play or practice
  2. Adds cushion, making for a more comfortable option
  3. Ratings for additional protection from falls
  4. Lightweight for handling and transporting with ease
  5. Layouts are simple and fast
  6. Most can be pulled up and reinstalled if necessary
  7. If one is damaged, just replace it, rather than replacing the entire layout
  8. Low maintenance and easy to keep clean

Are interlocking puzzle floor mats available in wood grain and solid colors?

Multiple colors and faux wood finishes are available for these. A customer can always find a style of playroom squares to mesh with the existing decor of the room.

We have quite a few brilliant hues that children are sure to love, including bright greens, pinks, purples, oranges, and others. We also offer these in blacks and grays for use where brighter shades wouldn't be appropriate.

Certain units even have multiple wooden grain color finishes. This delivers a beautiful look in a room. A reversible design is also possible. These give a customer fake woods on the upper side and a color on the flip side. This simplifies the process of creating unique patterns.

Ours all feature the same puzzled edges. This allows different shades to fit together tightly. Installers then can lay out checkerboard or other patterns on the floors.

To develop a pattern, make sure to order the same thicknesses, if mixing and matching, to avoid creating a raised lip and a tripping hazard. Common thickness options include 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inches. Other thicknesses are available too.

Do puzzle mats have a tight-fitting connection?

One of the reasons Greatmats options are so popular is because of the puzzle edge. These edges have alternating slots and tabs, similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces. To connect them, press the tabs into the slots on the adjacent piece.

The right fit reduces the possibility of raised seams between them that could become a hazard for tripping.

Because of the tight connection between adjacent units, the seams will hold their integrity. High-stress situations, such as people performing aerobic or martial arts workouts, won't cause them to pull apart.

Where can you find standard-sized puzzle mat floor tiling kits?

If seeking an island layout, we have kits that cover exact dimensions. The kit will have the right number of pieces to create a specific coverage size. Ours have a carpet top and will cover dimensions such as 10-by-10 and 20-by-20 feet.

The kit includes centers, borders, and corners. It contains everything necessary for a perfectly crafted installation. In some kits, an edge piece will have a ramped design. This lessens the possibility of someone tripping on the lip of an island.

Our tiling kit consists of only the best materials. It has good longevity and value.

Such kits work perfectly for use at expos, schools, banquet halls, or wedding receptions. These are spaces where finished floorings that look great are a must. Once the event is over, disassembling them and placing them back in storage is an easy process.

These are appropriate to use in rooms throughout a residence or in commercial settings. Many of our customers are seeking a nice value from their purchase. Our products have the longevity they want, all while carrying a desirable price.