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Fake Wood Flooring - Vinyl and Foam Tiles, Planks & Rolls

Genuine wood flooring is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and elegant. It also comes with many downsides. If you’re looking for the look of genuine wood without the cost, maintenance, and other issues, then it might be time to consider fake wood flooring.

Benefits of Fake Wood Flooring

Faux wood flooring is a highly popular synthetic alternative to the real thing. Often designed as a laminate or vinyl tile or plank, this fake wood flooring offers many benefits when compared with the downsides of real wood.

The benefits of faux wood flooring may include:
  • increased durability
  • increased scratch resistance
  • easier maintenance
  • easier cleaning
  • cheaper replacement
  • no refinishing
  • easier DIY installation
  • same aesthetic appeal as genuine wood
  • easy removal
  • more versatility

Rolls can be more difficult to repair or replace than modular flooring options. This makes it easy to keep your flooring looking its best, while also saving you money and hassle.

How Much Does Faux Wood Flooring Cost?

The costs to install faux wood products are also much more affordable than what you’d pay for a real hardwood installation. Many of our faux wood products are designed for easy DIY installation, saving you money over the cost of hiring a professional installer.

How To Install Wood Look Flooring

Our faux wood tiles are particularly easy to install, and they’re designed to be modular, so you can remove and relocate them in the future if you’d like. They require no underlayment or adhesive, so they’re portable, easy to store, and can be used in many ways.

Because these products are so easily removed, they’re an ideal choice when you know you need a temporary solution. A temporary remodel where you plan to repurpose the space in a few years is an example of this. By laying some of these products on top of existing flooring, like laying foam tiles over concrete, you can make a space into a multipurpose area that serves your needs at any one time.

They can often be safely exposed to elements like UV rays and water. Some vinyl tiles are ideal for installation in basements, where moisture and leaks may be issues.

Potential Uses for Fake Wood Flooring

Fake wood flooring has a distinctive look and is much more versatile than genuine wood flooring. You can use fake wood flooring in a wide variety of ways.

Faux wood flooring is an ideal option for situations where real wood won’t work, such as environments that are exposed to high degrees of traffic or moisture. It’s also a solution when your budget won’t allow for hardwood, but you still want the look of wood.

Consider the many potential uses for faux wood flooring:

  • Home renovations
  • Business and commercial spaces
  • Portable event dance flooring
  • Portable trade show booth flooring
  • Stage flooring
  • Practice floors for dance troupes
  • Anti-fatigue flooring
  • Athletic and court floors
  • Showroom floors
  • Trade show floors
  • Aerobic and gym floors
  • Schools and cafeterias
  • Sports and recreational facilities

Finding the Right Fake Wood Flooring for Your Needs

When you’re choosing your fake wood flooring, you’ll be able to choose from different materials and aesthetics. Many of our products feature highly realistic finishes that resemble some of the most desirable types of wood, including oak, maple, pine, and more.

The material type that you choose affects the flooring’s potential uses. Foam tiles, for example, are ideal for home use, trade show flooring, and other situations where a forgiving surface is desirable. Vinyl planks are much more durable and firm, resembling hardwood, and can be used in homes in place of hardwood. We also offer many vinyl floor tiles that are highly versatile and suitable for portable dance floors and more.

In addition to the flooring’s looks, you’ll need to decide which style of flooring is right for your project. Our faux wood flooring is available in rolls, tiles, planks, and mats. Each option offers different advantages when it comes to installation and versatility.

There are many advantages to using fake wood flooring, whether you’re remodeling your home or working in a commercial space, like a gym or event venue. At Greatmats, we’re proud to offer a wide assortment of fake wood flooring products, each with a highly realistic look. Please contact our Greatmats customer service team with any questions. We’re happy to provide you with shipping quotes, answer any questions you might have, and help you determine which product is best for your needs.