What Are the Best Mats for a Commercial Kitchen Floor?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

Commercial kitchen flooring mats need to deliver a durable, safe footing for chefs, line cooks, dishwashers, and servers to be able to stand safely at a work or prep station without worries about a slip on wet flooring. Drain holes that extend through the thickness of the mats help with removing spilled liquids. Additionally, these flooring options should make for an easy cleaning process.

Finally, because people working in a kitchen will be standing for long periods of time, having an anti fatigue capability in the commercial kitchen flooring mat is key. Standing on the mats is far more comfortable for workers than standing on a hard vinyl, ceramic tile, or concrete floor. Some of the best designs include:

  • VIP Guardian Mat
  • VIP Red Cloud Anti Fatigue Mat
  • TruTread Black With GritTuff Mat
  • Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat
  • VIP Black Cloud Lightweight Mat

What Advantages Do Nitrile Rubber Kitchen Mats Provide?

VIP Guardian MatNitrile rubber mats work nicely in a busy restaurant or commercial kitchen, as they have oil and grease resistance built into them, while also delivering the durability and anti fatigue properties that other types of rubber commercial kitchen flooring will have. The biggest disadvantage of this type of rubber is a lack of weather resistance, but this won’t be a problem in a kitchen setting.

For a cost effective choice when creating a flooring plan for the kitchen that uses nitrile rubber mats, the VIP Guardian Mat is a good place to start. This mat has a 3-by-5-foot coverage area, which is ideal for use at a prep station.

Each mat measures only 1/4 inch in thickness, so it has a lightweight design that’s also cost effective. At 17 pounds per mat, this VIP mat is ideal for those who need to move the mat to different locations throughout the kitchen. Do not use this mat in an area with wheeled equipment traffic.

VIP Red Cloud Anti Fatigue MatA thicker nitrile mat that has a greater level of cushioning is found in the VIP Red Cloud Anti Fatigue Mat. It measures 3/4 inches in thickness to deliver a high level of cushioning. This also is a lightweight mat, weighing only 14 pounds, so workers can move it between prep stations as needed.

At 3 by 5 feet in coverage, it’s ideal for one person to use while standing to work or to prepare food. It has an anti slip surface for safety, but do not use it in areas that are constantly wet.

Do Commercial Kitchen Flooring Mats With Texture Prevent Slips?

For kitchen areas that have the greatest possibility of slips from wet conditions, a textured surface and underside of the mats for commercial kitchen flooring will deliver the surest footing for workers.

TruTread Black With GritTuff MatFor those who desire a gritty texture in the surface of a rubber mat, the TruTread Black With GritTuff Mat works extremely well. Beyond the textured surface, this 7/8-inch mat has large drainage holes that extend through the entire thickness of the mat, allowing liquids to drain away quickly, removing any slipping hazard.

Customers can select sizes in this model of 3 by 5 feet, 3 by 10 feet, or 3 by 15 feet for the ideal coverage. It is wear resistant, it resists oil and grease, and it repels water.

Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown MatThe Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat design is especially durable. The drainage holes that extend through the entire thickness of the 9/16-inch rubber mat have a honeycomb (six-sided) shape on the top layer, which creates extra durability in the mat.

The underside of the mat contains nubs that help deliver its anti fatigue properties, while also allowing the mat to grip the subfloor and stay in place as people are walking across it or standing on it. The 3-foot wide mat has lengths between 2 and 6 feet available, so customers can find the perfect size for the kitchen. The largest 3-by-6-foot mat weighs 22 pounds, so it’s movable as needed, but it also has enough heft to stay in place.

Can You Use Nitrile Foam in a Mat for Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

Although nitrile foam is not as common as rubber for commercial kitchen flooring, some people prefer foam because of its lightweight design that still has a nice level of durability and cushioning. The foam is firm enough so there is no worry about having the employee’s feet sink into the mat, resulting in a stumbling hazard.

VIP Black Cloud Lightweight MatThe VIP Black Cloud Lightweight Mat covers 3 by 5 feet and has 3/4 inches of thickness in the nitrile foam design, but it only weighs 14 pounds. The closed cell nitrile foam in this mat resists grease, while remaining easy to clean.

Do not use this mat in areas that are constantly wet. It has small holes that extend through the thickness of the mat for short-term drainage, but it will not last as long in extremely wet locations.