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What Can I Use for Garage Wall Padding?
Greatmats identifies options for garage wall padding that can help protect vehicle doors from dings and scratches.
Home Karate Tiles - Features and Benefits
Learn what makes Home Athletic Sport Floor Tiles a top choice for home athletic training.
What Is Tatami Texture?
Tatami texture mats are great for martial arts. The best Tatami mats can be found at greatmats at an affordable price.
Gym Mats Comparison - Foam Floor Tiles, Folding Mats and Rollout Mats
What type of gym mats are you looking for. Foam floor tiles versus folding gym mats and roll out gym mats for athletic purposes.
What Is The Purpose Of Cattle Mats?
Greatmats discusses the purpose of cattle mats to protect their cows from fatigue and injury that the hard ground can cause.
Warm Flooring Options for Cold Weather Tent or RV Camping
Greatmats identifies flooring options for cold weather camping in a tent or rv camper that are insulative and waterproof.
Event Tiles For Temporary Dance Floors
Event dance floor tiles for installation over carpet, concrete or any other hard flat surface. Designed for repeat installations for a wood grain look.
What Is The Best Flooring For Wushu Martial Arts?
Greatmats identifies the best flooring options wushu martial arts that will perform well for beginners and experts.
What Is The Best Artificial Turf For Dogs?
Not all turf is dog-friendly, here we recommend the best artificial turf for your dogs that you can feel confident in choosing for your canine friend.
Plyometric Rubber Roll Gym Mats - HB Fitness Testimonial
Learn how this Minnesota based fitness center get the most out of Greatmats Plyometric Rubber Flooring.
What Dojo Flooring Is Most Resistant To Martial Arts Weapons?
Martial arts weapons are a big part of dojo. Find weapon resistant flooring at
MMA Mats: What are mixed martial arts mats made of?
What are MMA mats made of? Discover what materials are used in the construction of mma, or mixed martial arts, flooring mats.
How Much Do Foam Square Tiles Cost?
Foam square tiles are an inexpensive way to add comfort and safety to any indoor space with a hard flat surface.
How To Cover A Dirt Floor
Greatmats identifies top products used to cover a dirt floor, from pvc plastic tiles to rubber rings mats with holes in them.
How to Do a Hapkido Down Strike Release Instructional Video
Tactical Hapkido founder Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker teaches how to escape a wrist grab using a down strike in his first tactical training series video.
Carpet Top Martial Arts Mats - AKF Family Martial Arts of Cartersville
Martial arts flooring with carpet top serves Kyuki-Do school well for everything from taekwondo to judo, hapkido and jiu jitsu style training.
Where To Use Horse Stall Mats - Barns, Trailers, Gyms and More
Horse Stall Mats are extremely versatile on a farm or at home. Try them for horse stall flooring in barn aisles, stables, run in shelters, and even trailers.
Best Basement Flooring Material Options - Rubber, Foam, Plastic
The best flooring material options for basements include rubber, foam and plastic tiles for cold concrete surfaces.
Top Flooring Materials for Fall Protection
Playground Fall Protection Mats and Playground Matting safety flooring can be found at Greatmats.
Best 8 Fall Protection Surfaces For Playgrounds 20'' - 10'
Greatmats offers fall protection for playgrounds in a variety of products with fall height rating from 20 inches to 10 ft.
How Do You Cut Interlocking Deck Tiles?
Greatmats discusses how do you cut interlocking deck tiles, including tiles of pvc plastic or rubber.
Erik Brown's Foam Home Gym Flooring Testimonial
Super high density interlocking EVA foam mats served as the perfect home gym flooring solution for Tucson customer Erik Brown.
Best Martial Arts Floor Mats on a Budget
Learn what makes these 5 martial arts mats the best bang for your limited buck. Check out the sizes, styles and prices of each of these options.
How to Make an Indoor Kabaddi Surface
Greatmats discusses how to make an indoor kabaddi surface using thick foam interlocking floor mats.