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What Can I Use To Cover A Gravel Floor?
Flooring over gravel can be used for sheds, outdoor events, greenhouses, garages, and more.
What are the best mats for wheelchair paths on grass?
The best wheelchair mats for grass and uneven terrain provide access to handicapped individuals. Here are our top five picks.
EVP Flooring = Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring
EVP stands for Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring which features top-quality core materials, making it much more durable than some other types of flooring.
Where Do I Find Acacia Wood Flooring?
Greatmats discusses where you can find acacia wood flooring and laminate alternatives.
Cool Backyard Flooring Ideas
Greatmats discusses a number of cool backyard flooring ideas that include rubber or plastic interlocking tiles.
What Are The Different Styles Of Wood Plank Flooring?
Greatmats discusses a few of the different styles of wood plank flooring, LVT, LPV, SPC, EVP and more.
What Flooring Materials Can Be Installed Over Grass?
Flooring over grass is great for outdoor events and grass protection from heavy machinery and walking.
How Thick Are Ground Protection Mats?
Ground protection mats come in a variety of thicknesses. Find 10mm-2 inch thick construction mats at Greatmats.
The Best Temporary Stadium Flooring Options
Quality temporary stadium, arena, coliseum and event closure flooring protects everything from grass to wood floors and more during high traffic events.
What Are the Best Heavy Equipment Mud Mats?
The best mud mats for heavy equipment should support the weight of construction equipment and vehicles.
What's the Best Temporary Patio Flooring?
Discover which options are best for temporary patio flooring, from small flexible tiles to large composite mats.
What Is SPC Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what SPC flooring is and identifies a number of products that are considered SPC plank flooring.
Top 5 Uses for Ground Protection Mats - Driveway Protection and More
Use Ground Protection Mats to save grass, sidewalks, driveways and event areas as well as provide traction for muddy areas and temporary roads.
Cost Factors When You Build a Pool Deck: Pool Deck Floor Pricing
If you're purchasing a swimming pool deck, then you need to know how to be prepare a budget. Check out the tips in this post to help you.
How Do You Connect Turf To Gym Flooring?
Gym turf flooring can be used in a home gym or commercial gym, and can be found at
Is Cork Flooring Waterproof, And How Thick Is It?
Cork flooring tiles is a great waterproof option for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
Where Can I Find Red Carpet Tiles For Sale?
Greatmats is the place where you can find red carpet tiles and many other colors and colorful patterns for sale.
Build a DIY Dance Floor on Grass - Portable Outdoor Dance Floors
Learn how to make an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground. These portable DIY outdoor dance floors are easy to install over any hard flat surface.
Are Interlocking Deck Tiles Good?
Greatmats discusses whether interlocking deck tiles are good to be used in your DIY outdoor projects.
How Do You Keep Patio Tiles From Becoming Uneven On Dirt?
Patio tiles or pavers over dirt is the perfect solution for your water drainage issues.
How to Create an Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor
If you are wondering how to create a outdoor wedding dance floor, find out about the best suitable products.
Top 5 Alternative Deck Tile Materials - Rubber, Plastics & Turf
Five wood alternative deck materials for outdoor deck tiles and enclosed deck surfaces. Can be easily installed over existing wood decks.
What Is Exterior Flooring Made of?
Greamats discusses the materials used to make exterior flooring, including rubber, pvc, polyethylene, carpet, etc.
Gym Flooring Material Types
There are many types of gym flooring materials. Here, we'll explain the differences between these materials and what types of gyms should use each.