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How Do You Connect Turf To Gym Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: July, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

Connecting gym turf to existing gym flooring doesn’t have to be a strenuous job, especially when you purchase one of the turf products from Greatmats.

The key to a successful gym turf installation is preparation. It’s a good idea to allow for a 24 hour relaxation period before gluing down turf, just to prevent any shrinkage or expansion after it’s installed. Check the turf over to make sure the color, texture, and style are consistent throughout. Then, make sure the subsurface is clean, free of cracks and holes, dry, and level.

When it comes to laying the actual turf, it’s often recommended to start in the middle of the room using a chalk line. Butt turf together square at the center line. Then, place some weight starting 7 feet off of the center line in both directions. Use glue or adhesive as approved by the manufacturer of the product, and follow instructions for seams, line painting, and edging.

If only part of your gym uses turf and you want to transition from turf to rubber flooring in an adjacent area. It’s as simple as butting the rubber rolls, tiles or mats up to the turf. There is no need to adhere the rubber to the turf.

Gym Turf Tiles That Connect to Rubber Tiles

Greatmats has two gym turf tiles that will connect to rubber gym tiles using a Quad Blok connector and adhesive which ensures a tight fit. They can be used in home, garage, or commercial gyms or other settings, and they will create an area that is attractive and high performing.

The RageTurf dBTile is the thickest turf tile that we currently offer. This tile is 2.5 inches thick with a durable vulcanized composite rubber backing. RageTurf dBTiles connect with the dBTile Gym Floor Tile product line with Quad Blok connectors and adhesive. Combining the RageTurf with dBTile creates the ultimate gym turf and weight room sound absorption flooring.

The RageTurf UltraTile is similar to the RageTurf dBTile, but is more budget friendly. It is 1 inch thick and will also connect to UltraTile Rubber Tiles. This also uses a Quad Blok connector. The UltraTile system is popular in home gyms and basement gyms where you want to reduce the noise in the home.

Greatmats - For High Quality Gym Turf That Is Easy To Install

For more information about installing gym turf, read our blog about installation and choosing the right turf.

If you have questions about any of these products, including more in depth installation information, just reach out to the amazing Greatmats’ staff. They are available to provide you with any details you need, and they can help you discover the perfect turf for your project or space.