Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber floor tiles can instantly make a high traffic space safer. Greatmats offers a complete line of recycled rubber floor tiles, including thick rubber tiles and gym flooring.

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Rubber floor tiles can instantly make a high traffic space safer. Greatmats offers a complete line of recycled rubber floor tiles, including thick rubber tiles and gym flooring.

Rubber Tiles are popular for no glue down installs in home gyms, basements and more. They appear in both standard and custom colors. Match the order to the existing color schemes of a project or building.

Gym Rubber Floor Tiles

A popular rubber gym flooring option involves mixing multiple color fleck and solid selections for creating unique patterns in gym floor surfaces. It's possible to incorporate brand, team, or school colors into the rubber gym flooring.

It’s great for a weight room, offering additional protections for the subfloor. The recommended thickness for Olympic lifting areas is 3/4 inch or greater. This increased thickness helps to provide adequate shock absorption in order to keep the subfloor protected from the impact of dropped weights.

Consider adding large rubber mats or a rubber mat roll under weight areas for more protection. These types of rubber floor mats are highly protective. Rubber tile floor will last multiple years in commercial gyms or as a garage gym floor.

Spectation Gym Tiles are durable enough to withstand heavy use. They are resistant to spikes and skates, and they won't shred or crumble. They have a non-porous, hammered finish on top and recycled black rubber materials underneath.

Commercial Rubber Floor Tiles

The Burke Endura Colorspec rubber floor tile remains popular because of the benefits that it brings.

It is tough, yet safe, and creates an attractive appearance. It’s slip-resistant but comfortable. It adds safety to busy retail and office settings. Pick from multiple standard multicolor patterns in rubber squares to match any projects perfectly. It is backed by a 10-year warranty.

For a wide range of color choices and surfaces to generate the perfect aesthetic for a project, the Burke Endura Solid may be the right choice. Available in 12 solid colors with round, square, or sculptured textures, there are countless combinations in these highly slip-resistant models. They’re nice for institutional and industrial facilities.

The Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles are heavy duty tiles made from recycled tires. This flooring is often used for commercial entrance flooring because it has a non slip surface.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Outdoor for Playgrounds

Firm and hard rubber floor tiles with a bit of cushioning give long lasting performance in play areas, while guarding against fall injuries. We offer playground tiling with interlock tabs, keeping them in place even under stress.

The surface helps to prevent slips, but it also offers fall protection to help minimize injury if falls do occur. It’s frequently used on patios, playgrounds, rooftops, and decks.

It's important to realize that various fall height protections exist. Choose thicknesses to pair with the equipment in use. Some have ratings up to 10 feet to accommodate most play equipment.

Install rubber squares indoors or outdoors. Our outdoor rubber floor tiles are designed to keep them from fading or degrading over time if exposed to sunlight. They can quickly revitalize and improve the safety of an indoor or outdoor kids play spot.

For a universal interlock system, place them in any direction. Save on waste by using cut pieces in other positions. Universal interlocks are only available as center pieces. When installing rubber floor tiles consisting entirely of mid-pieces, begin in the middle of the room, and work out to the edges, cutting them to fit.

Q&A Rubber Floor Squares FAQ

How do you lay rubber floor tiles?

Installing them is easy. No tools are necessary for island layouts, while against the wall layouts require nothing more than a tape measure, ruler or T-square, sharp utility knife, and some elbow grease.

What is rubber tile flooring?

It is very durable and frequently used in home basement floors, retail spaces, and pro gyms. It often consists of recycled tires, which has the added benefit of keeping these items out of landfills. Each piece pops together with edges that interlock. It is built to withstand significant walking traffic, as well as the heft of exercise machines and the repetitive impact of free weights.

Are rubber floor tiles waterproof?

One of the best things about them is their water resistance. Spills and sweaty workouts creating a wet area are not too much for these to handle. To ensure no water ever reaches the subfloor, use a seam sealer. However, for most use cases, this is not necessary. Vulcanized rubber tiles are 100% waterproof, but may allow water to slip in between the tiles at the seams if soaked or pressure washed.

Are rubber flooring squares safe?

It offers valuable benefits in terms of injury prevention. The true value is in the slips, falls, and injuries that it helps to head off, thanks to the grippy texture. It is an investment that almost pays for itself. Thicker rubber tiles designed for playgrounds even offer critical fall height ratings.

Is rubber flooring expensive?

Not really. It is an economical pick for covering a large surface area, such as at gyms or weight lifting rooms, versus what it would cost to install wood products in the same area. It’s also extremely durable, so it represents a smart value.

Top 6 Uses for Commercial Rubber Flooring Tiles

  1. Creates safer and tougher floors.
  2. Excellent quality, as it absorbs sound and reverberations.
  3. Protects retail buildings that have constant foot traffic.
  4. Guards kids on playgrounds against falling from height worries.
  5. Revitalizes and transforms old, worn out concrete.
  6. Use it for rooftop patios and decks.