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Types of Rubber Flooring Rolls

At Greatmats, we offer many types of rubber flooring rolls designed to cover large areas and home gym installations. The rubber roll will protect the subfloor, users, and equipment. Rubber rolls will also provide traction for the people and animals.

Uses for Rolled Rubber Flooring

Some of the most popular locations to install rubber floor rolls include:
  • Home and commercial gym floors
  • Weight rooms
  • Industrial floors
  • Doggy Daycares

Rubber Mat Roll Product Options

Made in the USA from recycled tires, our rubber mat rolls are available in black or black with 10 and 20 percent colored flecks in the material mix. We have a variety of colors, from 10 percent to 90 percent colored content. Some flecks consist of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

We offer our rubber roll flooring at the most competitive pricing in the USA, representing most major rubber roll manufacturers and providing nationwide shipping with optimum production lead times. There is no project or request too large or too small.

Costs for rubber flooring material can vary based on thickness and the amount of color fleck in the mix. Most color mixed over 20% are custom order with large minimum order quantities per color. The vast majority of customers find suitable options for your installations with products at 20% color or less.

Rubber Rolls Q&A

How long are rubber flooring rolls?

Our rolled rubber mat lengths can be custom cut to length as needed by the customer and are also commonly available in 25 and 50 ft lengths at 4 ft widths. Most rolled rubber orders will ship via freight. We also stock 4x10 foot rolls that can ship via ground delivery to your door.

How do you install rubber floor rolls?

Residential or commercial rubber rolls can be dry-laid for small installations. For larger installs, they can be taped or glued down. Whether the goal is to dampen noise, absorb impact, insulate, or provide no-slip traction, they work for any occasion and can be laid out quickly.

What are the best low-odor rubber flooring options?

Recycled rubber flooring can have some rubber smell. In the mats with the most smell, most of the bad smell is coming from the sulfur bonding agent in the mats. Many 4x6 rubber mats such as horse stall mats are made using a re-vulcanization manufacturing process that includes the use of sulfur as the binding agent. These mats have the highest smell and should be avoided for in-home installations.

Most roll-out rubber and many interlocking rubber tiles have a urethane bonding agent. For home gyms and most commercial gym flooring installations, we recommend rolled rubber or interlocking tiles. If you are concerned about odor, look for a flooring option that uses a urethane bonding agent.

Is rubber flooring waterproof?

Generally, a rubber roll is not vulcanized and is water-resistant rather than waterproof. A non-vulcanized rubber matting roll is only partially non-absorbent. Water will infiltrate the material over time when submerged repeatedly or power-washed regularly. Avoid soaking or power washing the rubber flooring roll. To dry it, hand dry it or elevate it off the ground for air drying.