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4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Gym Rubber Floor Mats Black

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Gym Rubber Floor Mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 Inch Black, Rubber Gym Mats Home and Pro

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Top Features for 4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Gym Rubber Floor Mats Black

  1. Flat one side, anti-skid, wire mesh texture surface on opposite side
  2. Both sides non-porous
  3. Loose lay on smooth, flat surface
  4. No adhesive required
  5. Pure 100 percent black color
Use Types

Gym Mats, Rubber Gym Flooring, Home Gym Floors, Weight Room Gym Floors

Black rubber mats, Black rubber floor mats, Gym rubber floor mat 4x6

Rubber flooring is one of the most popular items we offer, as our customers find numerous use cases for this extremely tough and durable material. If you're looking for a type of flooring that you can use in a home gym that also will work in a commercial gym studio setting, the product yields excellent results.

We've compiled a dozen of the most common reasons customers choose our black rubber mats.

1. Sharp Looking Color

Each of our rubber floor mats has an all-black color that extends throughout the mat. Should you need to cut the black rubber floor mat to fit in a certain location, the black color will remain visible on the edges of the pieces.

Should you be looking to install these black rubber floor mats over a cement floor in your basement or garage, you can create a nicer looking floor than boring cement that may have cracks and discoloration.

2. Anti-Skid Texture

You can feel free to use our rubber gym mats home and pro product with almost any type of sub-floor, as long as the subfloor is flat and sturdy. Because the bottom of the gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product has a wire mesh texture surface on the back side, it will not slide around easily.

You can place these black rubber mats over a firm surface like cement or wood, or they will even fit nicely over the top of a low pile carpet without skidding. However, if the sub-floor has significant cracks or undulations, the mat may show those imperfections.

Because of the wire mesh texture on the underside of the gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black pieces, these units are not reversible.

3. Comfortable Top Surface

Meanwhile, the top of the mat has a flat surface, which will be comfortable to walk on, sit on, or lay on during exercising. A textured surface on the top of the black rubber floor mats could be uncomfortable for types of exercises where you must sit on the mat.

Additionally, the rubber surface of the mat will give you a good grip when exercising in athletic shoes. You shouldn't have to worry about losing your footing on these black rubber mats.

4. Portable Material

One of the best features of our gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product is the ability to move the mats to new locations whenever needed. Or you can use these mats for a certain type of exercise session and then pick them up and return to the original flooring after the session is over.

Measuring 4 by 6 feet, each of these black rubber floor mats weighs 65 pounds, so they certainly aren't easy to move for one person. However, they can be moved around by a couple of people as needed, creating a portable type of gym mat that provides a lot of versatility in a commercial fitness center.

5. Good Coverage Area

Our 4x6 Ft 1/2 Inch Gym Rubber Floor Mats Black product offers a 24 square foot coverage area, which is a perfect size for creating a specialized exercise area in a commercial gym, such as for working with hand weights or for an exercise machine.

Or if you're trying to create an exercise area in your home, either in a garage or in a basement, the 24 square foot coverage area of our gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product gives you just enough space to do quite a few different types of exercises comfortably.

6. Side by Side Installation

If you need more than 24 square feet of coverage area from our black rubber mats, you can lay out multiple mats side by side in your exercise area. As mentioned earlier, it may take a couple of people to align the black rubber floor mats properly because of their weight. But the straight edges of the mats ensure that you'll be able to lay them side by side and have a tight fit between the seams.

Because of the heavy weight of the gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product, it shouldn't slide around after installation. However, if you want to ensure the two side by side mats will remain in place, you can use an adhesive to glue down the mats. If you want to have the option of moving the mats at a later time, we'd recommend a dry lay installation.

7. Sub-Floor Protection

When installing our black rubber mats in your home to create a workout zone or in a commercial exercise studio, you'll appreciate how the 0.5-inch thickness of this product keeps the sub-floor protected from dings and dents. When performing weight lifting in your exercise area, for example, a dropped weight could cause damage on the original floor, but the black rubber floor mats will provide the protection you need.

Although this gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product will work great for most home gym weight lifting areas, if you plan to perform power lifting with especially large barbells, we would suggest a thicker mat than these 1/2 inch mats.

8. Heavy Machines

If your exercise routine includes weight machines, treadmills, or other heavy equipment, you could cause an indention in your original flooring over time. However, the 4x6 Ft 1/2 Inch Gym Rubber Floor Mats Black product will be able to absorb all of the weight from the large machine without causing any problems for the original flooring.

Another consideration is how heavy your weight racks will be. If you will have quite a few weights stored on the racks, you may notice indentations in the original flooring over time. Some of our customers choose to lay out one of these black rubber mats in a corner of the room and use the area as a storage location for all of their weights. This will keep the weights organized nicely without having to worry about whether the collection of weights is causing long-term damage to your original floor.

9. Less Noise

Another reason to pick rubber flooring to serve as a base in an exercise area in your home is because rubber naturally dampens noise. When you are engaged in weight lifting activities, you're sure to generate a lot of racket with hand weights clanging into each other and hitting the floor. Our black rubber mats will tone down these sounds, which is a nice feature in a home where others may not want to hear all of the noise from your weight lifting session.

If you own or rent a gym space in a building shared with other tenants, using black rubber floor mats can keep the noise down as well, which can be beneficial to ensuring others in the building can conduct their normal course of business during the hours your gym is open.

10. Strong Durability

When looking for a type of exercise flooring that will last a long time and that can stand up to tough workouts, our black rubber floor mats are a great choice. Rubber is among the toughest material you can use in flooring. It provides a material density rating of Shore A 62, which means you can count on its toughness over time.

Additionally, the gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product carries a limited 5-year manufacturer's warranty. With this long warranty period, you can be sure that our rubber flooring is going to give you great performance for several years.

11. Temperature Protection

When working out in a basement or garage area in your home, you probably are working with a cement floor that will be cold to the touch. By installing a rubber flooring in the area, you'll create an insulative barrier between yourself and the cold cement floor, which makes your workout area more comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

If you are performing exercises where you will be sitting on the floor, having this temperature neutral rubber floor installed will help you remain more comfortable when the sub-floor is cold.

12. Easy to Clean Material

With rubber flooring installed in an exercise area, you will be able to keep it clean and looking great versus other flooring. Because the rubber flooring material is only partially absorbent, you don't have to worry about any sweat or water soaking into the product and causing odors down the road, as long as you keep it clean.

To clean a rubber style of flooring, you will want to sweep or vacuum the surface of the rubber to remove dry debris. Then use a mop with a mixed solution of warm water and a neutral pH cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. The mats can be allowed to air dry.

Ordering Options

If you're ready to order our gym rubber floor mat 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch black product, but you're unsure how many mats you'll need, just contact our friendly customer service team to receive some help. We also can help you figure out whether our 1/2 inch thick product is the best solution for your needs, or whether a thicker mat may be a better option.


Always use a neutral pH cleaner on rubber material.


Ships via freight delivery shrink wrapped on pallets.

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SKU# 46x12Blk
In Stock Yes
Product Type Mat
Material Type Rubber
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1/2 inch
Width 4.00 feet
Length 6.00 feet
SF per Item 24.00
Weight 65.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 25
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 62
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Order Minimum 10
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Leed Points Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 5 years limited
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Customer Rating:

First and foremost, the product is excellent. The mats a very sturdy and have no annoying "gym mat smell" like a lot of the competitors mats do. I was very satisfied with the appearance of the mats. The price was excellent. The mats are very uniform and laid out excellently with only 2 mats out of 25 that weren't perfectly square - and those 2 were only off by 1/8". Be confident when ordering these online, it is an excellent product.

The reason for deducting a star is the horrible shipping company that was used - Roadrunner Freight. If Roadrunner Freight is used to ship your order refuse to use them and specify a different freight company. They were 4 days late on delivery, promising every day "we're scheduled for this afternoon". We would wait and wait, and then at 5:00 be told "sorry, it didn't arrive at the agent in time". This happened 3 different days. The reason this was important was that we had a brand new Hoist 9-station that was to be assembled on the new mats. It ended up arriving 2 days before the mats thanks to Roadrunner's incompetence. We had to leave the 9-station in pieces around our gym as we had no place to store it.

I sent my concerns with Roadrunner Freight to GreatMats and they quickly responded, telling me that they had past issues with Roadrunner Freight. I appreciated the response and hopefully they will find another freight company to deliver their excellent product.

Colorado Springs, CO

Customer Rating:

We are well pleased with our flooring from GreatMats.

Jefferson, AR

Customer Rating:

The best experience i have ever had with a sales person. Angie Hoverman she ROCKS!! Product arrived on time no damage found.Two thumbs up for the shipping dept. Aaron C. Warner

Fort Walton Beach, FL