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Marley Dance Floor for Studios

is favored by professional dancers all over the world for its quality. Greatmats has supplied professional dance studios with marley flooring or over a decade. We offer marley dance floors suitable for ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, and with our excellent variety we can accommodate virtually any dance studio's flooring needs.

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Portable Marley Dance Floors

is favored by professional dancers all over the world for its quality. Greatmats has supplied professional dance studios with marley flooring or over a decade. We offer marley dance floors suitable for ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, and with our excellent variety we can accommodate virtually any dance studio's flooring needs.

Greatmats is also a national stocking dealer of Rosco marley flooring in the Midwest; your order will quickly ship right from our warehouse, so you get your flooring sooner.

Marley is highly versatile, making it a favorite in dance studios and performance venues, alike. You can install marley for permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary installations, depending on your needs. This quality dance flooring will enhance any studio or dance space, and is a great investment for professional dancers, instructors, traveling dance troupes, and performance venues. Choose from full-sized vinyl rolls and even custom cut lengths that can be created to fit your studio or stage. No matter how large or how small your studio, Greatmats is sure to have a marley flooring product that will suit your needs.

What Is a Marley Floor?

Marley is a vinyl surface that makes for a highly popular dance flooring in professional settings. The surface is non-absorbent, and marley is highly versatile. It offers ideal rebound and traction for dancers, which allows for a top performance. Because these floors can be taped down, rather than glued, they can be both permanently and temporarily installed. This versatility makes marley a popular choice for dance troupes, professional studios, competition facilities, home use, and more.

You'll find that we offer a number of different types of marley, and each type is suitable for particular dance styles. At Greatmats, we stock a variety of marley suitable for almost any type of dance, and you'll find options that can accommodate both hard and soft shoe dance.

Not only is dance marley beautiful and highly durable, but it's affordable enough to make it a practical option for use in rehearsal spaces as well as in home studios. It's preferred by professional performance spaces and smaller studios, alike.

Consider marley for the following potential uses:

  • Practice floors in your dance studio
  • Performance spaces
  • Home rehearsal and practice spaces
  • Temporary dance stages for theaters
  • Portable dance stages for traveling dance troupes

Marley is highly versatile, both in terms of its installation and the different dance types that it can accommodate. A quality marley dance floor is a must-have for any serious dance program.

We've highlighted some of the different marley options that we offer below.

All Purpose Marley

For studios that teach multiple types of dance, then your flooring needs to be as versatile as your program. That versatility makes our Rosco Adagio marley highly popular as a dance studio flooring. The Rosco Adagio marley is our best-selling all-purpose dance flooring, and its versatility means it can be used with all dance styles from tap to ballet to modern, jazz, Irish, or Flamenco dancing. This flooring can accommodate both hard and soft dance shoes without becoming damaged. This versatility makes it a perfect addition to any multi-purpose dance studio or program.

Rosco Adagio marley offers the features that you need in a floor to be used for performances, rehearsals, and practices. This flooring is both non-absorbent and non-skid, which helps to maximize dancer safety. Because it's also non-reflective, it can serve as a performance dance floor.

Suitable for temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent installations, Rosco Adagio marley could feasibly serve for all of your rehearsals, then transfer into a performance stage for recitals and competitions.

Rolls measure 63 inches wide. Choose from black or gray.

For tap and jazz dancing, we recommend the black marley option because tap and jazz shoes can leave behind black marks on vinyl flooring material. These black marks do blend in fairly well on the black Rosco marley, but are more noticeable on the gray.
  • Use with any dance type, including hard and soft shoe
  • Perform temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent installations
  • Non-absorbent, non-skid, and non-reflecting, this is an ideal performance or practice floor - or use it for both purposes

Reversible Marley Floors

Reversible marley floors feature a different color on each side and are a popular option for dance studios and performance spaces. You can install the floors with a tape-down method, so you can easily remove the floor and reverse it to showcase the other color. This gives you the ability to choose the color that's appropriate for the type of dance to be performed, while also maximizing the use and life of the flooring.

The Rosco Reversible dance floor is suitable for both soft-shoe and barefoot dance. Its semi-matte non-skid finish provides controlled slip, making it ideal for ballet and modern dance. Double sided, the flooring is grey on one side with black on the opposite side. This floor is suitable for use with ballet, modern, and jazz, and is an option that's economically accessible for most studios.

Rosco Reversible dance floor is highly lightweight, weighing just 1.9 pounds per linear foot. This makes it easy to transport, which is a valuable benefit if you're on tour or traveling to performances. Repeated installations are easy with this versatile flooring.

The Vario Reversible Marley Flooring is also a great option for soft shoe, ballet, and modern dance. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose from black/white, black/grey, chromakey blue/green, brown/grey, and red/beige. This flooring is reversible, and comes in a 63-inch-wide and 131-foot-long roll. With the wide assortment of colors, you can use this floor to instantly add a bit of character to your performance venue or rehearsal space.

Touring Marley Floor

For any troupe or touring dancer, quality portable flooring is a must-have. Adagio Touring marley was designed to meet the specific needs of a traveling dancer or troupe. These floors are intended for occasional use, and are highly portable and economical. Suitable for use with hard or soft shoes, these floors can be installed on stages and within theaters.

Adagio Touring marley is made of the same high-quality materials that make up the standard Adagio floor, but the Touring marley is thinner and lighter. A 5.25 foot x 101 foot roll weighs just 165 pounds, which makes it easier to roll up and transport than some of the traditional marley options. Touring marley is flexible enough so that you can repeatedly roll it up during the course of a tour, but it will also lay flat quickly, making installation easy.

This portable flooring is available in both black and gray. For tap studios, we recommend the black option which will show fewer tap shoe marks than the grey flooring will.

This touring marley is backed by a 5-year warranty. It's durable enough to withstand the demands of repeated installations.

Full Bolts Versus Cut Lengths

At Greatmats, we want to be able to provide you with the exact product that you need, so that's why we offer marley in both full bolts or in custom-cut lengths. Full bolt rolls are less expensive per square foot compared to the custom-cut lengths. However, when you buy custom-cut marley floor tiles, you only need to buy as much flooring as you actually need, rather than purchasing an entire roll.

Keep the installation process in mind when deciding which option is right for you. Full bolts are heavier, so you'll need multiple people to handle them during the installation. On the other hand, custom-cut portable marley is easier to handle, so installation may be simpler. This is a particular advantage when you're repeatedly installing the flooring on a stage.

When you purchase a full bolt, you can cut the floor to fit your stage using a sharp utility knife. Most people install this flooring with a tape-down method, so you can remove the flooring again in the future if needed. If you're looking for a permanent installation, then consider a glue-down method, instead.

Dance Subflooring

Marley makes for an ideal dance surface, but the subfloor that you place the marley on top of also makes an important contribution to the overall quality, comfort, and safety of your dance floor. Greatmats offers multiple subflooring options for you to choose from. These subfloors can be used for both permanent and temporary installations, depending on your needs.

  • Sprung dance subfloors are made up of closed cell foam and a medium density fiberboard. These elements are combined to create a great bounce, while the floor stays flexible enough to absorb a dancer's impact. Sprung dance subfloors are some of the most popular subfloor options.
  • Our Pro Subfloor Dance Studio Elite is a more economical choice that is accessible to smaller groups, studios, and productions. This isn't a sprung floor system, though the subfloor does have a cushioning rubber flooring roll. The snap-together athletic floor tiles make this a safe and efficient dance surface.
  • Our Home Dance Subfloor is economical and also easily portable, so it's a favorite option of dancers who tour. The interlocking closed cell foam tiles and snap-together athletic tiles create a comfortable subfloor that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. It's suitable for light use, and can be used by traveling dance troupes or in home studios.

Please note that marley is sold separately from our subflooring options, so you can pair the products together in order to accommodate your needs.

Caring for Your Marley Floor

Properly caring for your marley will help to keep it looking great for years to come.
  • Most marley flooring can be swept and damp mopped, but be sure to use the particular floor cleaner that is recommended for your dance floor.
  • If you purchase Rosco marley flooring, always use the Rosco brand floor cleaner to clean the floor. If you use another type of cleaner, it will void the flooring's warranty.
  • If you use your marley flooring as a temporary flooring option, then always roll it on a core tube and store it in an upright position. Laying the marley flat on the floor when it's not in use can cause the flooring to warp.

Please be sure to refer to the care specifications for the specific product that you purchase.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be completely satisfied with both your dance floor and with your entire shopping experience. We offer a price match guarantee, so you will never overpay for a dance floor when you shop with us.

We operate Greatmats according to the Golden Rule model. That means that we'll always treat you as we would want to be treated. This dedication to your satisfaction has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Each year, we donate 5% of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations. Every purchase that you make from Greatmats increases the amount that we're able to give back each year.

If you have questions about products, would like a product sample, or need a shipping quote, please call our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be pleased to help you select the dance floor that is just right for your needs.