The Best Rubber Mats For A Garage

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2023 - Modified: February, 2024

Whether you’re hoping to use your garage as a gym or hangout space, or simply want to revitalize the flooring that’s there currently, rubber mats might be an ideal solution. Rubber mats for garage spaces are popular for many reasons, and they offer distinct benefits to your garage.

The Benefits of Rubber Mats for Garage Spaces

Rubber mats can instantly enhance your garage space. Rubber is highly durable, making it a long-lasting flooring choice, but it’s also affordable, so it’s ideal for flooring a larger space.

Rubber offers some anti-fatigue benefits and is more comfortable to stand on than a concrete garage floor. It can also help to maximize traction for enhanced safety, and can act as a buffer against a cold subfloor.

Rubber mats are also easy to install. Many can be dry laid, making for a DIY project that you can accomplish on your own. Covering an old, worn, or stained subfloor can revitalize your garage and enhance the space’s aesthetic.

While rubber offers many perks for garage spaces, there are certain situations where rubber flooring isn’t the best choice. For example, if you’re going to be parking vehicles in the garage, you should avoid using rubber floor mats in the areas where vehicles will be stored. Car tires can rip up and break rubber mats, and automobile oil can also cause rubber mats to break down. It’s best to use a PVC product for parking areas, instead.

But, rubber matting is great for other garage uses. Consider rubber when you’ll be using your garage as a gym, a game room, a space for relaxing, a workshop, and more.

garage gym set up with equipment and rubber floor mats

The Best Rubber Mats for Garage Use

You’ll find a large variety of rubber flooring products available at Greatmats. We’ve highlighted some of the best mats for garage spaces to help you find the best product for your needs.

Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tile - 3x3 ft.

The Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tile measures 3x3 feet, so it will quickly cover a large garage floor. This black rubber tile is economically priced and has a low odor, making it suitable for indoor use.

product image of 3x3 ft geneva interlocking rubber tiles

This tile is available in four thicknesses, so you can choose the tile that’s best for your needs. It’s ideal for use underneath gym equipment.

The tiles feature interlocks for an easy installation, and the large tile size helps to minimize seams. There is no adhesive required, and you can remove the tiles again in the future if needed.

Rubber Flooring Roll Matting- 4x10 ft.

The Rubber Flooring Roll measures ¼ inch thick, so it’s suitable for use in recreation rooms and in a garage gym. It’s available in two color fleck options that can enhance the look of your garage.

2 rolls of rubber matting rolls 4x10

The roll can be installed with adhesive, or you can dry lay it and then roll it up again and store it when not in use. The ability to remove the roll makes it perfect for multi-use garages when you still want to be able to use the original garage floor, too.

Interlocking Rubber Tile - 2x2 ft.

The Interlocking Rubber Tile is designed for an easy installation. Its ⅜-inch thickness makes it suitable for use with home gym and weight room equipment. The tiles are also reversible, so you can flip them to create an even wear pattern and maximize the use you get out of the tiles.

product image of black rubber tiles with edges overlapping

The rubber tiles help to absorb impact yet are strong enough to support the weight of exercise equipment. They can be cut to fit with a sharp utility knife and their interlock edges fit tightly together to prevent the tiles from separating while in use.

Rubber Mat Black Trued Natural - Just under 4x6 ft.

The Rubber Mat Black Trued Natural is a durable, long-lasting heavy duty mat. Just under 4x6 feet, this mat measures 3.96 x 5.96 feet. Backed by a five-year warranty, the mat features a pebble top surface to maximize traction. The mat is made of recycled content and is ideal for use in your garage gym or weight room.

product image of thick rubber mat corner

Trued edges are precision cut, making the mats easy to install. There is no adhesive needed for assembly, and the straight edges create a professional looking installation.

Sundance Mat Straight Edge Standard - 4x6 ft.

The Sundance Mat Straight Edge is a highly durable mat that can be dry laid. Measuring 4x6 feet, the mat quickly covers a larger area, whether you want to use it for your garage gym or to convert your garage into a hangout area.

sundance rubber mat product image

The mat is made entirely from recycled rubber and helps to insulate your garage against cold and damp subfloors. It features a hexagon surface to maximize traction.

Buying the Best Rubber Mats for a Garage

As you plan your garage project, don’t hesitate to contact the Greatmats customer support team. We are happy to answer questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you determine which product is the best choice for your project.