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Garage Floor Tile Considerations

Date Published: 06-24 - 2022

When considering the purchase of garage floor tiles, there are really two classes of tiles to consider - flat bottom or raised modular tiles. For raised garage tiles, the surfaces can be either solid or perforated. Flat bottom garage floor tiles always have a solid surface.
Flat bottom garage tiles are generally made of a pvc material and will sit flat on the concrete. If water gets beneath the tile it will likely become trapped with flat bottom tiles.
The most common size of this style tile is 20x20 inches and 1/4 inch thick, and the most popular surface textures are diamond plate and coin top. They are also available in a variety of colors and generally have puzzle style edges.
Raised tiles are commonly made of polypropylene material and click together. These, too, are available in multiple color options which can be mixed and matched as long as you stay within the same model of tile.
Raised garage floor tiles allow for airflow and water drainage.
Both styles are designed or DIY Installation.
Car floor jacks can be used directly on top of the pvc tiles, but we recommend you use plywood between the jack and the raised tiles to help disperse the weight.
Both pvc and polypropylene plastic garage floor tiles are chemical and oil resistant. Rubber gym floors are not resistant to automotive fluids, however, and should not be used underneath vehicles.
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