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Commercial Mats and Flooring
Greatmats offers all types of industrial, warehouse, commercial, and rooftop rubber, vinyl, carpet, and plastic flooring and mat options. Check out our selection now.
Roof Open Drainage Tile
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 3 reviews -  $12.72
Roof Open Drainage Tiles are underlyments for rooftop flooring products, including artificial grass turf and rooftop bar areas. It's also great for dog training areas.
Hand Held Tape Dispenser 3 inch
Hand Held Tape Dispenser 3 inch for our transparent vinyl gym floor covering tape. Add convenience when installing your vinyl gym floor cover system.
Top 5 Dance Floors for Ballet
Ballet dance flooring in Marley and Vinyl can be found at
Home Gym Flooring Options over Concrete, Carpet and more!
Greatmats guide to the best home gym flooring over concrete, carpet and other flooring surfaces including home gym mats, tiles and rolls.
How Long Do Commercial Anti Fatigue Mats Last?
Greatmats discusses how long commercial anti fatigue mats last and specific limited time warranties.
TruTread Black Mat 3x5 Feet
TruTread Black Mat 3x5 ft. is made of heavy duty rubber with drainage holes. Use TruTread in areas where spills are a hazard to keep workers safe and dry.
Flooring Accessories
We sell a wide variety of flooring accessories for your installation, including floor glue, floor tape, and floor cleaners. Shop now!
VIP Topdek Junior Black Mat 3 feet x 9 feet 10 inches
VIP Topdek Junior Black Mat 3 ft x 9 ft 10 inches provides drainage in non-greasy areas. Use VIP Topdek Junior Black Mat for anti-slip fatigue relief.
Basic Karate Stance Tutorial - Karate Training Series Video #9
Perfect your karate stance with these tips from USA Karate Master David Younglove. Learn about front stance, back stance, horse stance, cat stance and more in this video.
What Kind of Mats Help With Backbends and Back Walkovers?
Greatmats identifies a number of typed of mats that help with backbends and back walkovers including incline wedges and octagon mats.
Top School Rubber Gym Flooring
Find rubber school gym flooring ideas and options. Best installation tip and tricks. Learn about interlocking tiles vs rolls and mats.
What Are The Best Social Distancing Mats?
Create social distancing mats with our indoor and outdoor PVC flooring rolls and interlocking colored floor tiles.
Gym Carpet Tiles - Dominator LP Features and Benefits
What makes Dominator LP Gym Carpet Tiles the best carpeting solution for gym and other high traffic areas?
Fire Resistant Gym Floor Covering Options
Greatmats identifies a number of gym floor covers that are fire resistant available in carpet or vinyl options.
Waterproof Flooring | Greatmats
Large selection of waterproof flooring tiles and mats for commercial or home basements, pools, spas, outdoor, industrial and other wet areas.
Recycled & Eco-Friendly Flooring
Decrease your carbon footprint by investing in recycled flooring. Green flooring products can be used in homes, commercial buildings, and athletic gym floors. Learn more now!
Industrial Mats & Flooring
Shop our selection of industrial flooring & safety mats for factories & warehouses. Top products for factory floors, wet areas, welding & anti-fatigue environments.
Trade Show Jumbo 4x4 ft Case with Casters
Freight and cargo ready, durable polyethylene jumbo case. Jumbo trade show flooring shipping case with casters, 4x4 ft in size x 28 inches deep.
Drainage Floor Mats and Matting
Drainage Floor Mats make your wet areas safer. Use for pool decks, industrial areas, commercial kitchens, retail spaces, locker rooms, and much more.
Wet Room and Area Flooring - Slip Resistant Options
Wet area flooring can be used for pool surrounds, outdoor decks, patios, and rooftops. Greatmats provides flooring that's easy to install, safe, and comfortable. Shop now.
Perforated Drainage Floor Mats - Rubber & Plastic
Find perforated floor mats with holes for horse stalls and industrial anti fatigue areas. These mats allow for quick drainage in wet spaces.
Horse Stall Mats Kit Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 12x20 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 4.5  - 6 reviews -  $684.00
Horse Stall Mats Kit Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 12x20 Ft. are made from durable 4x6 ft rubber mats. Use stall mats kits for horse barns, stalls and aisle ways.
BJJ Technique: How to Do a Back Escape with Comprido
Record setting world BJJ champion Rodrigo Medeiros shows how to escape a back mount.
Event Display Floor Jumbo 4x4 ft Shipping Case
Jumbo trade show shipping case is freight and cargo ready and made of durable polyethylene. Large, 4x4 ft x 28 inches deep, cargo case will last for years.
How to Choose Artificial Turf for Dog Daycare
Discover the four best artificial turfs for dog day care facilities and what makes these turfs ideal for those environments. Read our post today!
Elite Taekwondo Sparring Mats and Training Mats
Flooring options for Taekwondo training. Tae kwon do mats tiles and rolls for competition, technique drills and sparring.
Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats
Commercial kitchen floor mats are available for a wide variety of environments. These are designed to withstand the rigors and challenges of use in busy restaurants.
Garage Dance Marley Testimonial - Sabrina and Karin Urban
Los Angeles dance family converts garage into home dance studio using Rosco Adagio marley flooring from Greatmats.
Display Flooring
For display floors, you need easy to assemble flooring that looks great. Use display flooring for show, event, and booth floors. Order now.
How Thick Should Stable Mats Be?
Greatmats identifies how thick stable mats should be and the best options available for barn or stall mats.
How Big Is A Tap Mat?
When selecting a tap mat, you will want to know how big it is. Various sizes of tap dance mats are available, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and other sizes available.
How to Install Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles on Concrete
Installing interlocking rubber floor tiles on concrete is easy with this step-by-step video tutorial. Just follow these simple steps to lay your rubber tiles.
Temporary Event Flooring
Event flooring is available as interlocking carpet, artificial turf, and portable floor tiles. Use event floors for temporary and outdoor surface installations. Buy now.
SurfaceCo Gym and Manufacturing Flooring Surfaces
SurfaceCo flooring products are available for gym and sports area as well as animal spaces such as horse stalls.
Rubber Flooring - Mats, Rolls & Tiles for Gym, Basement & Outdoor
Rubber flooring options for gym floors, playgrounds, horse stalls & outdoor. Interlocking tiles, mats and rolls, free samples, live support.
Stall Mats for Horses & Livestock Barns
Find interlocking stall mats, including custom sized kits for horse and livestock stables and barn stalls.
Is Vinyl A Good Material For Decking?
Greatmats discusses whether vinyl is a good flooring materials for decking and what the best options are.
Trade Show Flooring Shipping Cases
Here, we offer a complete line of trade show shipping cases for display floors. Use to transport carpet & foam tiles. Check out all our products now.
Adhesive For Top Seams Sikaflex 221 Black
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 1 review -  $15.40
Adhesive Sikaflex 221 for Sterling Rubber Roof Top Tiles. Polyurethane Sikaflex adhesive for Sterling 2 inch tiles is a non-sag one-component sealant.
How to Cut Rubber Mats for Horse Stalls
Need help cutting a thick horse stall mat? This step-by-step video guide will make the process easier. These can be used for a wide variety of uses. View now.
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Washington State?
The most popular specialty flooring in Washington State includes high performing and attractive products from Greatmats.
GatekeeperSelect Carpet Mat 3x4 Feet
GatekeeperSelect Carpet Mat 3x4 feet is a premium indoor entrance mat with reinforced parquet carpet pattern. Use GatekeeperSelect Carpet Mats for entrance areas.
SupraTile T-Joint Coin Black/Grays 6.5 mm x 20x20 Inches Case of 10
SupraTile T-Joint Coin Black/Grays 6.5 mm x 20x20 Inch Tiles are a heavy duty interlocking industrial floor tiles for factories, warehouses and auto shops.
What is a rubber mat used for?
What is a rubber mat for? To answering that question, you have to consider the composition and construction of the rubber material.
How Long Do Horse Stall Mats Last?
Greatmats identifies top factors to determine how long horse stall mats will last. Thickness, high quality and proper care will extend longevity of stall mats.
LonEco Topseal Vinyl Rolls 6 x 60 Ft
LonEco® Topseal by Lonseal® can be used for interior or exterior areas, from corporate offices to specialty vehicles.
How to Install Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Over Hard Surfaces
Installing interlocking rubber floor tiles can be quick and easy with the right tools, especially when installing over hard, flat surfaces such as concrete.
How To Make A Modular Basketball Dribbling Mat
Greatmats talks about how to create a modular basketball dribbling mat using a few of our interlocking modular tile products.
Comfort Matta 20x20 Inch Solid Black
Comfort Matta anti fatigue tiles are a modular safety flooring system that reduces fatigue and provides safety. Available with optional border ramps.
Soft Foot 3/8 inch thick 3x5 feet
Soft Foot Fatigue mat for industrial and shipping work stations, 3/8 inch x 3x5 feet. Use as a standing work station fatigue mat.
Considerations for Building a Plastic Volleyball or Basketball Court
Flat Top Court Floor Tiles turn hard flat surfaces into stylish athletic floors. Learn about their features and benefits of these modular sports flooring.
Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile 6mm x 39-3/8x78-3/4 Inches
Star Rating Image Rating: 4.5  - 15 reviews -  $66.18
Gym floor carpet covering tiles for school gymnasium event are an attractive & durable cover that is easy to handle & provides superior protection for your floor.
Performa Red Mat 3x3 Feet
Star Rating Image Rating: 3  - 1 review -  $43.03
Performa Red Mat 3x3 ft. durable mat manufactured to withstand greasy environments. Use Performa Red Mat where industrial fluids and grease are present.
WorkStep Black Mat 3x20 Feet
WorkStep Black Mat 3x20 ft. is a easy to clean drainage mat. Use WorkStep Black mat general purpose in kitchens to increase traction and safety for workers.
Smart Transformations Crochet Carpet Tile 1/4 Inch x 24x24 Inches 15 Per Case
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 5 reviews -  $110.67
Crochet carpet tiles are easy to maintain, offer superior durability and are available in a large selection colors. Order carpet tiles for home and business today.
SupraTile T-Joint Coin Colors 6.5 mm x 20x20 Inches Caee of 10
SupraTile 6.5MM T-JOINT 20 x 20 inch coin top floor tile. Heavy duty PVC floor tile in a variety of colors for warehouses, auto shops and factories.
Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid 18x18 Inch Tile Case of 10
Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid 18x18 Inch Tile Case of 10 tiles provides a stable, solid, and resilient foundation underfoot. Provides fatigue relief.
Adhesive Turf Claw Outdoor 5 Gal.
Turf Claw Urethane Adhesive 5 Gallon Pail provides 175 lf of coverage and works great for adhering your artificial turf flooring outdoors.
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x124 Inch
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x124 Inch by NoTrax is an oil resistant work station mat made from rubber, with attached colored borders.
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 28x40 Inch
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 28x40 Inch by NoTrax is an oil resistant work station mat made from rubber, with attached colored borders.
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x40 Inch
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x40 Inch by NoTrax is an oil resistant work station mat made from rubber, with attached colored borders.
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x64 Inch
Safety Stance 4-Side Anti-Fatigue Mat 7/8 x 40x64 Inch by NoTrax is an oil resistant work station mat made from rubber, with attached colored borders.