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Gym Carpet Tiles - Dominator LP Features and Benefits

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2017 - Modified: May, 2024

Dominator LP Gym Flooring Carpet Tiles are designed with the durability and features you need for commercial gym operations. These glue down modular carpet tiles are often used for gym and office floors, as well as in retail and business environments.

Designed for use as carpet tiles for gym floors, the tiles feature a needle-punched construction that provides strength and durability. Solution-dyed ASOTA polypropylene fiber is also UV stabilized, ensuring it continues to look and perform as it should, even if it’s exposed to sunlight coming in through your gym windows.

These tiles can help to create an ideal gym environment. They are permanently anti-static, helping to keep athletes comfortable and avoiding those pesky static shocks while handling equipment and exercising. Carpet also has sound-absorption properties that can be particularly valuable in gyms. This sound absorption can help to keep busy gym spaces quieter and more enjoyable, encouraging athletes to stay longer and to return to the gym more frequently. This can also make a great first impression on potential gym customers who are visiting the facility for the first time.

Commercial Gym Carpet Tiles

While these tiles are lighter and thinner, they’re also strong enough for commercial use. They can withstand significant foot traffic and have a pile weight of 39 ounces per SY. They feature a bitumen backing and are installed with a glue-down installation with a releasable adhesive. Their thin design means you can install them without adding significant bulk or height to a floor, allowing doors to swing freely and avoiding bulky steps up onto the flooring.

These gym floor covering carpet tiles are available in 10 beautiful colors. A non-woven diagonal ribbing adds texture. The tiles feature a darker base, but the ribs show off the different tile colors. Rotating them during installation creates a professional, polished pattern that will enhance any gym space.

Caring for this gym carpet is simple to save staff time. The tiles need to be vacuumed weekly in low-traffic areas, and daily in areas that experience higher traffic. This frequent vacuuming can help to prolong the carpeting’s life.

These tiles are backed by a 5-year warranty when they’re installed on flat surfaces.

What makes gym carpet tiles better than standard carpet for gyms?

Gym carpet tiles offer several advantages over standard commercial gym carpet. The carpet tiles are conveniently sized, so it’s easier to install them in smaller spaces than it is to install a large roll of carpeting.

With gym carpet tiles, repairing damaged flooring is also easier. If a tile is damaged, you can replace that one tile, rather than replacing the entire floor. With traditional carpeting, you’ll have to replace the entire floor to address damaged or stained areas. This means that carpet tile gym flooring can potentially save you money over the cost of a whole floor replacement.

Most importantly, gym carpet tiles are more durable for fitness based activities that traditional carpeting.

Do gym carpet squares need an underlay?

If you’re working with a hard, flat subfloor, then you don’t need to install an underlayment for your gym carpet squares. If the floor is cracked or uneven, then the cracks need to be filled and you will need to cover uneven floors with hardboard to create a smooth, even surface.

Why would you use carpet tiles instead of rubber gym flooring?

Depending on your goals for your gym, carpet tiles might offer several advantages over rubber gym flooring. Like rubber gym flooring, gym carpet squares are highly durable, and they’re designed to withstand the significant traffic that a commercial space sees.

Carpet tiles for home gym areas can be appealing because carpeting gives a warmer, more cozy feel than rubber flooring. If you plan on using your home gym space not only for workouts, but also want it to double as a play space for your kids or as a gathering space for your teenagers, carpeting can help the space to retain that versatility.

Many owners choose carpet for gym areas because of its aesthetic appeal. Carpeting has more of a cozy, welcoming feel than rubber, which tends to feel more industrialized. Carpet tiles can be a great choice for waiting and reception areas, areas around equipment like treadmills, and other spaces that you want to feel welcoming. Also, like rubber, carpeting also has helpful sound-absorbing properties, so it can cut down on the noise of your gym and make it a more enjoyable space for athletes and staff.

Carpet tiles also open up opportunities for all sorts of appealing multi-purpose uses. Carpet tiles tend to be available in more color options than you’ll find with rubber flooring. You can use the tiles to create beautiful patterns and enhance your gym’s aesthetics.

Finally, gym floor carpet tiles offer a distinct advantage over rolled rubber flooring when it comes to addressing damage to the floor. If a carpeting tile is stained or damage, you can remove and replace that one tile. That’s not the case with rolled flooring options, where you’ll have to remove much larger portions of the floor at a greater expense.