What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Washington State?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: July, 2021 - Modified: June, 2023

The most popular specialty flooring in Washington State comes from Greatmats, and it’s designed to be the best looking and highest performing flooring available in The Evergreen State.

Washington is a state that is rich in history and culture, as well as mountains, a stunning coastline, a desert, a rainforest, and many national parks. As diverse as its geographical offerings are, so are the many different types of businesses and homes that feature Greatmats’ flooring!

Martial Arts Flooring

Richland, Washington is home to Chon-Ji Martial ArtsRichland, Washington is home to Chon-Ji Martial Arts. Owner Lorraine Tucker Reid, her husband, and their two daughters teach the Jhoon Ree style of taekwondo to colored belts and then switch to traditional taekwondo instruction for black belts.

When Lorraine was shopping for martial arts mats to install throughout her academy, she landed on Greatmats. She found the Greatmats 20 mm puzzle mats to be the best product for her - based on their durability and color options.

''My experience with Greatmats has been nothing less than exemplary. Everybody was always open and honest, and I appreciated that.”

- Lorraine Tucker

Dance Flooring

Redmond, Washington is where Brooke Tedesco dancesRedmond, Washington is where Brooke Tedesco dances at Premiere Dance Center. She trains in a wide range of styles, including contemporary, tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet and hip hop.

When the COVID-19 quarantine went into effect, she found herself unable to attend classes at her school and her family wanted to help provide her with the perfect dance floor at home - something other than carpet or hardwood. That’s where Greatmats came in!

After doing some research, the Tedesco’s found the Greatmats’ EZ Portable Dance Floor. It was easy to install over carpet, and the tiles have good sound for tap shoes, “But are also totally comfortable for dancing barefoot,” Brooke added.

Church, School, & Event Flooring

Champions Centre in Tacoma WashingtonTravel on over to Tacoma, Washington, and you will see some of Greatmats’ rubber flooring at Champions Centre, an event driven church. Pastor Steve Shackett spearheaded a huge flooring initiative at the church, an effort that came together with the help of Greatmats and their Rubber Flooring Rolls 3/8 Inch Black Geneva, as well as Geneva Rubber Tile 3/8 Inch Thick with 10% Color.

''We like the rubber tiles,'' Shackett said. ''We have that in our auditoriums, primarily because you can do it custom with a little bit of color speckles, and it adds just some depth, and it looks better. We use the rolled black rubber in our auditoriums and three different stages just for the solid black color on the platform itself.''

Shackett also appreciates how durable both flooring solutions are, how easy they are to clean, and how versatile they truly are. ''Everyone that comes here, the first thing they ask is where we got our floor.”' Shackett said. ''We love it. It's durable. It makes sense. It's practical and it looks great.''

Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, WashUpper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash., is another satisfied Greatmats’ customer. Principal Eric Johnson found Greatmats when he was researching temporary floor coverings for the gymnasium when they decided to convert it into a venue for its spring gala.

That's when he began researching temporary floor covering that would be more appealing for special events such as this and came across Greatmats' Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile. Not only does Eric find them to be attractive, but they also help with acoustics, are durable, and are easy to install. The school also uses the protective carpet tiles for graduations, parents’ weekends and concerts.

The carpet endures the use and foot traffic of 1,000 people in the gymnasium, as well as tables and chairs for events where they feed the approximately 400 people in attendance.

Greatmats - For The Best Washington Flooring Products

The products and businesses featured here are only a sample of the many Washington flooring solutions Greatmats offers. Whether you have a house in Seattle, complex of apartments in Spokane, or business in Bellevue, or, if your home is in Kent, Everett, or Vancouver, Greatmats can deliver everything from vinyl plank to foam tiles and gym tiles to patio decking.

There are flooring options that are waterproof and super durable for those waterfront homes, modern yet rustic wood alternatives for the mountain homes, and modular flooring suitable for those rainy areas of the state.

No matter what type of flooring solution you’re looking for - whether your project is large or small - Greatmats is where you can get all of your shopping done. With the best pricing and warranties, top notch service, high quality, and reliable shipping, Greatmats truly is second to none.