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What is a landing mat or sting mat?
Greatmats discusses landing mats or sting mats, what they are, how they are used and what products makes the best landing mats for gymnastic activities.
What style of flooring is best for home gymnastics practice?
The best style of flooring for home gymnastics practice must be cushioned &amp; offer protection from falls. Discover which one Greatmats recommends for this purpose.
Gym Wall Padding Installation Instructions
Learn how to install wall padding for your gymnasium. These simple installation instructions will help to install your own gym wall pads with ease.
What Is The Best Grooming Mat For Horses: Anti-Fatigue Rubber Options
Grooming mats are great for horses and ponies. Theses mats work perfectly for washing because the are lightweight, easy to clean, anti-fatigue, and are non-slip.
EVA Foam Tiles - Top 7 Uses for Foam Mats
EVA foam mats are a versatile form of interlocking foam floor mats. Discover the seven most common uses for EVA foam squares and why.
What Color Are Foam Tiles?
Greatmats discusses the colors that foam floor tiles come in and the many different thickness and density options.
Where is wall padding used and what kind?
Wall padding isn't just for behind basketball hoops in school gymnasiums. They serve many more purposes.
Outdoor Playground Flooring, Rubber Playground Tiles Options
Outdoor playground tiles and mats are affordable, durable and can be found at
What Kinds of Flooring Are Needed at a Fitness Center?
Greatmats discusses what kinds of flooring should be used in a workout or fitness centers and commercial exercise spaces.
The Best Mats For Korean Martial Arts
Korean martial arts can be found at
What Are the Best Pavilion Floors?
Greatmats discusses what the best options are for pavilion floors which include pvc and rubber tiles and vinyl rolls.
Colored Rubber Flooring, 3x3 ft by 1/4 inch interlocking rubber tiles
Greatmats colored rubber interlocking floor tiles can be customized to fit the desired look and feel of your space. Check out this colored rubber flooring.
Boxing Gym Flooring - Shoe and Boot Friendly Martial Arts Mats
Boxing gym floors need to accommodate shoes. But which martial arts mats systems will work best for karate and boxing shoes and boots.
Jews For Jesus - Rooftop Patio Flooring - Skokie, IL
Research done by a Chicago Non-Profit determined that Sterling Rooftop tiles provide the best bang for the buck of any rooftop patio surface available.
What Is The Best Flooring For Hip Thrusts And Glute Bridges?
The best gym flooring for hip thrusts and glute bridges include mats and gym floor tiles from Greatmats.
Snowmobile Shed Flooring Ideas
Discover some great snowmobile shed flooring ideas that include pvc plastic or rubber products.
How to Install Artificial Grass Turf
How to install turf in your backyard, playground, rooftop, patio and more. Find out the best turf for you at
What Should I Put on My Floor for a Virtual Boxing Class?
Greatmats discusses ideas for what you should put on your floor for a virtual boxing class.
Soundproofing Floor Mats for Kids Rooms
Learn how to soundproof floors to reducing noise, echoes and reverberation in kids play areas. Check out your sound dampening flooring options here.
How Heavy Are Rubber Floor Mats for Gyms?
Greatmats discusses how heavy rubber floor mats for gyms are, thickness will affect the weight.
What's The Best Non-Slip Splash Pad Flooring?
Splash pad flooring is great for splash pads that require a slip resistant floor. Also use this flooring for Splash decks, spray grounds, and aquatic play pads.
Custom Wall Column Pads and Pole Padding
Custom column pads and pole padding is available in custom sizes and colors. Protect your athletes with custom made wall column and pole pads.
What Purposes Do Gym Wall Pads Serve? Protection and Beyond
Gym Wall Pads Serve many purposes including protecting athletes and walls as well as adding style and branding opportunities.
Foam Puzzle Mat Flooring Tiles - 22 Alternative Uses
EVA Foam Puzzle mats serve more purposes than soft tile flooring systems. Take a look at some unique uses for these interlocking foam tiles.