Color can evoke different moods, prompt memories, and result in different feelings. Your flooring color choice is important, and that’s why Greatmats carries flooring in a wide array of colors and finish options.

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Floor Colors and Finish Options

As you browse our flooring selection, you’ll find nearly endless flooring color and finish options. Shades run from dark wood to light wood, and solid colors include the bold, the reserved, and everything in between.

Some of our products come in specific color and finish lines. Our laminate tiles, for example, include hardwood and engineered planks in rich, natural finishes. These colors include oak, cherry, mahogany, pine, and so much more. They resemble different stain options, so you’re sure to find an option that matches your color preferences.

You’ll get similar looks from our vinyl tile flooring. Engineered to look like hardwood, our vinyl tiles are also available in different shades and stains, from the dark to light.

Many of our floor tiles resemble stone, including marble, for more of a designer finish appeal. They’re highly realistic and can look right at home in your entryway or office.

If you’re ready for bold and bright colors, you’ll find them in our foam tiles and our plastic tiles intended for use in basements, kids’ rooms, and patios and pool surrounds. They’re fun, cheery, and add vibrancy to any room or location.

Ways to Effectively Use Floor Colors

Choosing floor colors is about more than picking out what looks great or what matches your existing décor. In many applications, floor colors are functional, too.

When designing rooms for kids, including playrooms and schoolrooms, colors can be a valuable learning tool. With floor tiles available in gray, black, red, green, blue, white, and brown, using assorted floor tiles can help children to learn to recognize and name colors.

Using assorted floor tile colors also lets you create patterns and designs. These can be valuable tools for teaching children and even for playing games. They can facilitate physical movement, or you can create visual “seats” for each child to help establish boundaries.

That same principle applies when you’re installing flooring in a martial arts studio. Many of our martial arts tiles are available in dual-sided options, allowing you to simply flip the tiles over to reveal a different color. This means you can create spaces for sparring and competing, complete with all of the boundaries your athletes need to adhere to the rules.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Space

The good news is that when you shop at Greatmats, you’ll have plenty of color choices. The bad news is that all of those options can make it difficult to decide on the right flooring for your space.

To start, try to narrow down your choices to the product that’s right for your application. Many of our flooring products are modular, which can be a big advantage if you’re looking for a temporary flooring or are hoping to install the flooring yourself.

You’ll also want to think about the material the flooring is made of, how durable it is, and other important properties, like UV resistance and waterproof properties.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few flooring products, it’s time to think about floor colors. You might have a vision in mind for the room, and if you can find a color that matches that vision, then your work is done.

If that doesn’t happen, then you’ll need to think about your space’s design. If you’re working with existing colors, then you may want to find a floor that fits in with them.

If you’re willing to paint the walls, then you’ll have more choices when it comes to floor colors. Take a look at some homes or offices that you really like, and consider gathering up photos of décor that appeals to you. This can help you to better understand the colors that you like, so you can seek out a flooring product that’s available in those colors.

There are some other tips to keep in mind that can help to make your decision earlier. Darker flooring colors, aside from solid black, tend to hide dirt and dust better. If you have a family with pets and the space will be heavily used, then you might want to lean toward a darker shade that can help to conceal dirt.

Darker isn’t always better when you’re installing flooring outdoors, though. Darker colors absorb the sun more, meaning they can heat up quickly. A lighter color might be a better option for areas that see lots of direct sun.

When you’re planning a flooring installation in a workspace, like in a garage or in an industrial building, your first instinct might be to opt for darker flooring to conceal wear and tear. That can be a mistake, though, particularly in the case of a garage. If you’re working with small items, like nails and screws, finding dropped items against a dark floor can be challenging. In this case, a lighter color can make it easier to find and retrieve dropped items.

Choosing the right floor colors can take some time, but our Greatmats customer service team is here to answer any questions you might have during the process. Please contact us for shipping quotes, product information, and anything else that you might need for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.