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Where Do I Find A White Dance Floor?

By Kyle Schurman Created: December, 2020 - Modified: January, 2024

When looking to outfit a studio or performance venue with a white dance floor, you have quite a few options. For some venues, the texture and configuration of the flooring will be the most important consideration. Other times, the color for the flooring will be the primary concern, as it needs to match the style of performance or the scenery. If white is your dance floor color of choice, Greatmats has several options for you including marley rolls and portable tiles.

For those times where you need both the perfect texture and color, Greatmats have you covered with our white dance floor options that are found in multiple configurations.

Here are a few white dance floor products that will give you an excellent level of performance.

What Marley Flooring Options Are Available in White?

White Marley Dance Floor
When selecting vinyl marley rolls for dance studios or theaters, you can choose among a solid color roll or a reversible style, which has a different color on each side. Most of these products give you an option for a black dance floor, white dance floor, or gray dance floor, perfect for a special event or trade show.

1. The Vario Pro 1.2 160 Reversible Flooring is available in a reversible white and black dance floor. This model has a 5.25-foot width, and each roll provides 131 feet of length. You can cover huge areas in very little time in a nearly seamless model that has a cheap cost per square foot.

This model is extremely thin at 1.2 mm, so it’s only made for use with soft-soled shoes. Ballet and modern styles of dance are best suited for this particular model of white dance floor.

2. For a thicker type of white marley, consider our Vario Uni Dance Flooring. It delivers an impressive 2.0 mm thickness level. It is not suitable for tap dancing.

Interlocking White Dance Floor Tiles

Interlocking White Dance Floor Tiles

When you are seeking a white flooring for dances at a wedding venue or as a flooring available from a rental center, we have the Portable Dance Floor Seamless Cam Lock. It uses a solid plywood base for stability with a linoleum dance surface that is suitable for many kinds of dancing.

The individual pieces secure in place with Cam Lock fasteners, which ensure a tight fitting connection that will not pop loose under pressure when people dance on the tiles, while eliminating the need for tiny screws during assembly. You can easily pop the Cam Lock fasteners apart when it’s time to pick up the tiles and place them in a storage location.

This is an outstanding solution for a wedding dance floor that can complement your white wedding decor and make your wedding day a lower-stress event.

Glossy White Dance Floors

For a special event flooring with a high shine surface, choose the Brilliance High Shine Event Floor in white. Also consider the lighter gray color options. This is a great option for events and stages.

Note: None of these options are intended for outdoor use.