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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You

Greatmats 4th Annual National Cheerleading Coach of the Year Award

2019 Cheerleading Coach of the Year Award Nominations start in Oct.

There is a lot of support surrounding Angie Koenig of Carolina Crossfire Cheer and Jeri Summerville of Cheer Starz All-Starz as they were to the top two vote getters not only in their class of cheer coaches but of all 175 nominees in the 2019 Greatmats National Award Series. Koenig and Summerville combined for more than 72,000 votes to be named finalists for the 2019 Greatmats National Cheer Coach of the Year Award.

Congratulations to Angie Koenig for being named the 2019 Greatmats National Cheerleading Coach of the Year!

National Cheerleading Coach of the Year: Angie Koenig - Columbia, South Carolina


Want to honor a cheerleading coach for his/her outstanding achievements, unique style, humanitarian efforts, etc.? Then nominate for him/her for the Annual National Cheerleading Coach of the Year Award, sponsored by Greatmats. The award, part of Greatmats National Award Series, is designed to recognize Cheerleading Coaches who have made a difference in the lives of their athletes and community through the virtues of service, integrity and quality.

Learn more about Greatmats National Award Series.

How to Nominate

To nominate a coach for this award, visit the contest page or email the following information to before Nov. 1, 2019. Nominators will not be identified.

  1. Coaches Name
  2. Name and Address of the School, Gym, Organization, Etc. (Must be located in the USA)
  3. A brief description of why you are nominating this coach, including how he/she meets the criteria of high-level service, integrity and quality
  4. A photo and/or video of the Coach

How the winner is chosen:

  1. Voting will take place Nov. 14-Dec. 1, 2019. The two cheerleading coaches with the most votes will be named finalists.
  2. Greatmats will judge the two finalists to determine the winner based on:
    1. Demonstration of Service
    2. Demonstration of Integrity
    3. Demonstration of Quality

Grand Prize

  1. $250 in Greatmats Products (or $150 Cash Option) for affiliated facility
  2. Coach/school profile to be released with the announcement of the winner in Dec. 2019
  3. National Cheerleading Coach of the Year Certificate

Nearly 119,000 votes were cast in the first four years of the contest, which is part of the 5th annual Greatmats National Award Series which honors instructors, trainers and coaches who have made a positive difference in their communities and the lives of their students.

Voting Instructions:

Visit during the voting period to vote for this year's National Cheerleading Coach of the Year. Click the vote button next to the photo of the Cheer Coach you'd like to win. Feel free to share a photo or the gallery ballot with friends and family and encourage them to vote. The two Cheerleading Coaches with the most votes will be named finalists. From that point, Greatmats will choose the winner (scroll down to see prizes) based on demonstration of service, integrity and quality.

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Read About Previous Winners of the Award:

2016 National Cheer Coach of the Year Amy Beth Klopf
2017 National Cheer Coach of the Year Sherri Andrzejewski
2018 National Cheer Coach of the Year Kaylee Cottrell


Past Greatmats National Cheerleading Coach of the Year Nominees


Kim Burleson - Cold Springs High School - Bremen (2016)
Brittin Blackburn - Alabama Cheerleading Center - Bessemer (2016)


Kelly Jo Ivone - Homer High School - Homer (2016)


Mallory Bice - Southside Charter High School - Batesville (2017)


Mystere Garret - United Airstrike Allstars/The Hanford High Bullpups - Hanford (2016)
Aubrey Ellis - Norte Vista High School - Riverside (2016)
Adam Champion - The California All-Stars Ontario - Ontario (2016)


Christine Dingman - Glenwood Valley Athletics - Glenwood Springs (2016)


Kaylee Cottrell - Anderson Invasion Cheer - Anderson (2018)
Ashley Moeller - Cascade High School - West Clayton (2017)


Jill Link - Eagle Grove High School - Eagle Grove (2018)


Jennifer Matlock - Pasco Police Athletic League Trinity Mustangs Flyweight Team - Trinity (2016)
Greg Green - World Class Athletics - Panama City Beach (2016)


Amy Young - Blue Valley High School - Stilwell (2018)


Misty Hodges - University of Louisville - Louisville (2018)
Erin Denison Namie - Bluegrass Cheer & Dance - Hopkinsville (2017, 2016)
Shelyce Trabue - Equinox All-Stars - Louisville (2016)
Crystal Reid - Burning Springs Elementary - Manchester (2016)


Amy Stevens - Central High School - Baton Rouge (2018)
Noah West - NCCLA - Oakdale (2018)


Danielle Estes - Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Eliot (2016)


Gerry and Kate Richardson - East Coast Majestic - Severn (2016)


Matthew Monteiro - East Bridgewater Varsity Cheerleaders - East Bridgewater (2018)
McKinley Fichtner - Ultimate STARZ Athletics - Weymouth (2018)
Shawna Dole - Charlestown Youth Football and Cheerleading - Charlestown (2017)
Nicole Laurila - Bravo Allstars - Wilmington (2016)


Kelly Peace - Champions Force Athletes - Bay City (2018)
Leslie Del Toro - Motor City Cheer - Farmington Hills (2018)
Tonya Policht - Grass Lake Varsity Cheer - Grass Lake (2018)
Alanna Weber - Oxford Community Schools - Oxford (2018)
Perrmella Harris - Metro Cheer and Dance - Livonia (2017)
Amy Beth Klopf - Coleman Jr./Sr. High School - Coleman (2017, 2016)
Jessica Davis - Harper Creek High School - Battle Creek (2016)


Kaitlyn Erickson - Denfeld High School - Duluth (2016)


Karrie Schulte - Cheer St. Louis - O'Fallon (2016)
Tabbi Mcallister - Icon Cheer - Springfield (2016)


Summer Reidenbach - Reno Pop Warner - Reno (2016)

New York

Michelle Turrie - Core Athletix All Stars - Rochester (2018)


Justine Bruns - Rutherford B. Hayes High School - Delaware (2018)
Kelly Steele - Whitmer High School - Findlay (2018)
Kayla and Keith Wilson - Kayla's Krusaders, LLC - Caldwell (2017)
Valerie Nash - University of Mount Union - Alliance (2016)


Shandelle Self - Little Axe Public Schools - Norman (2018)
Ashton Adams Widhelm - Oklahoma Outlaws Cheer - Ardmore (2016)


Denise Way-Hackett - NW Cheer Elite - Beaverton (2018)
Jill Maria Grimes - Elkton Charter School - Elkton (2016)


Kristi Clifford - Turners All-Star Cheer and Dance - Johnstown (2018)
Thiago Nanuk - FCA Gems - Sarver (2018)
Jennifer Shipman-Jordan - Bradford Area High School - Bradford (2017)
Haley Nicastro - Bradford Area High School - Bradford (2017)
Talauren Isley-Byrd - Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School - Philadelphia (2017)
Sherri Andrzejewski - Wilkes-Barre Bears - Wilkes-Barre (2017)


Shrean Fawcett - Champion Force Athletics - Knoxville (2016)
Keely Huddleston - Fayette County Champion Force Athletics - Somerville (2017)
Amanda Kirby - Grainger High School/Rutledge Middle School - Rutledge (2017)


Tanya Love - Love Dance and All-Star Cheer Company - Huntsville (2018)
Sami Thornton - Dynamic Cheer All-Stars - Kingwood (2018)
Brenda Friedrich-Cassiday - Cheetah Cheer and Dance Company - Gainesville (2016)


Taylor Campbell - Osbourn High School - Manassas (2018)


Gabby Dansereau - Spokane Pop Warner Cheer - Wenatchee (2018)


Kym Anderson - Ithaca High Cheer - Ithaca, Wisconsin (2018)


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