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UltimateGreen UltimateGrass, Artificial Grass Turf for Outdoors, Yard Turf

Artificial Grass Turf UltimateGreen per SF

SKU# CS-48-P
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Be the First to Write a Review
SKU# CS-48-P
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Thickness 1-5/8 inch
Length 1.00 feet
Width 15.00 feet
Weight 0.47 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 8 years
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Top Features for Artificial Grass Turf UltimateGreen per SF

  1. 100% permeable backing guaranteed to drain at over 250 inches per hour
  2. High tear resistance
  3. Made in the USA
  4. No Fading! Advanced UV inhibitors protect against fading
  5. Supremely soft, tall and shorter curled yarn Intertwine to match natural grass
  6. Stain resistant fibers
  7. Non-porous, non allergenic fibers and antimicrobial infill options inhibit growth of mildew & odor
Use Types

Outdoor Yard Areas, Decks, Patios, Backyards

Artificial Patio Grass, Synthetic Backyard Grass, Faux Yard Grass

In areas where you want the look of natural grass without the maintenance required to keep it looking green, try the product.

This artificial patio grass has a proprietary, 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing. It drains 10 times faster than real grass and better than any other synthetic turf surface available. Cheaper turf backings can't effectively drain, quickly leading to odor and bacteria buildup.

We have collected the 10 best reasons to make use of this outdoor artificial grass outside your home or business.

1. Thick Material

Our synthetic backyard grass has a pile height of 1-5/8 inches, which should provide plenty of comfort while using it. It also gives the artificial deck grass a look that more resembles real grass.

This turf has a face weight of 48 ounces and a gauge tufting of 3/8 inches. This makes the outdoor artificial grass an extremely soft product that you'll love to use in bare feet.

We also have used a mixture of tall and short yarns intertwined to give this product a look and feel that approximates real grass.

2. Quick Draining

Because the Greatmats Artificial Grass Turf Ultimate Green Per SF product has a 100% permeable backing, it's guaranteed to drain cleaner than any other synthetic grass and even real grass.

By including an all-weather draining feature, you'll be able to use this turf even after heavy rains or immediately after you wash the turf. This exterior artificial turf roll can drain at an amazing 250 inches of water per hour!

The fibers we've used inside this artificial deck grass will not soak up water, which means they inhibit the growth of mildew and odor. Additionally, the fibers inside this product resist allergens, making it work great in a variety of installation situations.

3. Works in All Types of Weather

With the advanced polymer engineering included in the artificial yard turf, this material can endure cold climates. The infill used during the installation of the turf helps to prevent freezing in harsh temperatures.

This exterior artificial turf roll will even withstand heavy snow fall without damage. And water easily drains through the material as the snow melts.

Additionally, if you live in an area where you receive a large amount of sunlight all year around, you can count on this outdoor artificial grass maintaining its color over time. This means our product will continue to look great year after year, even when it has been exposed to nearly constant sun. The advanced UV protection we've included with this product ensures it won't fade.

4. High Quality Materials

The Artificial Grass Turf Ultimate Green Per SF product from Greatmats follows the same construction formula found with FieldTurf, and 22 of 32 NFL teams play or practice on FieldTurf products.

This artificial deck grass offers a high tear resistance, even when it's placed under stress. Having such a strong product is great for when you need to stretch the turf over a wide area, as you won't have to worry about the material tearing.

5. Long Warranty

You'll appreciate the strength of our outdoor artificial grass. This Made in the USA product only includes the highest quality and safest materials. We also offer an 8-year manufacturer's warranty with the exterior artificial turf roll, as this long lasting product will give you a great value for your money.

You can rest easy knowing that you're protected by the industry's best warranty in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your artificial turf system.

When cared for properly, you can expect a 15-to-20-year life expectancy out of the artificial deck grass, which is the longest lifespan in the industry for this type of product. And our constant new product development ensures our customers receive the latest features in the synthetic grass when they make their purchase.

6. Quick Installation

We offer all of the basic installation materials and supplies you'll need to help make the installation process quick and efficient for this outdoor artificial grass.

To begin the installation process, you'll want to remove all of the natural plants in the area. Next, place treated wood around the edges of the installation area. You'll attach the pieces of artificial grass to this wood to secure the edges, which ensures pets won't pull up the edges or that the turf won't pull loose when weight is applied to the middle of the installation.

With the exterior marked and installed, spread the base material that's recommended for your type and size of installation. Most people will need a mixture of sand and crushed stone. Properly installing the base material is important to ensure the area will drain during rain storms.

After compacting the base, you'll be ready to roll out your artificial turf product. Lay out sections of the turf, making any required cuts with a carpet cutting knife. Secure the turf to the boards at the edges of the installation.

Finally, you'll work a sand infill product into the turf, which ensures a flat and smooth section of turf that will look great for a long period of time.

7. Helpful Environmental Product

Versus trying to take care of real grass, the exterior artificial turf roll will save quite a bit of water and maintenance work for you.

We estimate at least 70%-plus water savings when using this product. You will occasionally need to rinse off the artificial turf to clean it, so you will have some water use with the material.

Additionally, using this product nearly eliminates ground maintenance fees.

8. Great for Pets

The artificial deck grass will work great for a pet play area, either at your home or at a business. Several of our customers for this product are animal care facilities, as they prefer the superior drainage and unmatched durability of this material.

Some types of artificial turf don't work as well for pets because they stain easily from urine or feces. But our exterior artificial turf roll contains high-quality fibers that will resist stains, ensuring that this product will last a long time, while continuing to look great.

When allowing pets on the outdoor artificial grass, you will want to remove any solid waste from the surface of the material as soon as you can. Any waste particles that stick to the individual yarns on the exterior artificial turf roll can be rinsed off with a garden hose. Just don't use too much water pressure, or you could disturb the infill material and rearrange it.

Pet urine could cause odors over time. In most instances, odors from urine will be taken care of through normal rainfall. However, during dry weather periods, you may want to soak the areas with water where your pets urinate to prevent odor. For particularly stubborn odor areas, you can use an enzyme based cleaner mixed with water.

9. Routine Maintenance

For use cases that don't involve pets, you can perform some simple maintenance tasks on the exterior artificial turf roll to receive the level of performance you need.

To remove organic materials from the surface of the artificial deck grass, you can use a leaf blower. This will easily remove leaves and other debris from the surface of the artificial turf grass. For objects too heavy for the leaf blower, you can use a rake.

To maintain areas of the outdoor artificial grass that have become worn down from foot traffic, we recommend a stiff broom with natural bristles that can fluff up the individual yarns on the artificial grass.

Do not allow spills of sticky liquids to remain on the surface of the turf for extended lengths of time. Rinse this area thoroughly as soon as the spill occurs. You can use a commercial disinfectant liquid to clean a particularly stubborn stain, but you will need to rinse the chemicals off of the exterior artificial turf roll after applying them.

If food waste is spilled on the artificial deck grass, you will want to remove the food as soon as you can, or it could potentially draw insects and other pests that could burrow into the infill material.

10. Easy to Order

When you're ready to order our Artificial Grass Turf Ultimate Green Per SF product, just contact our customer service team to learn about your delivery options. We do require a freight delivery only for this product. The customer must be able to unload the roll off of the truck with a forklift on site or at a loading dock. Hand unloading is not an option.

Each section of the artificial grass measures 15 feet in width, which means it can cover a large area in a hurry. You'll order the product by the linear foot, and a single roll contains 200 linear feet.

We do have some other options that you can use if you need a smaller product that you can receive without the need for a forklift. Just contact our customer service team to learn more about all of the different outdoor artificial grass products we have available!


Ships freight shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
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NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Polypropylene Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-5/8 inch
Width 15.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 0.47 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 2000
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Order Minimum 200
Surface Finish Artificial grass
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry lay, tape seams
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 8 years
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Product Questions:

Will this turf hold up well with two young dogs playing on it quite often?
Yes this turf is designed for use outdoors with kids and pets.
What kind of care does the artificial turf require as far as pets urinating and defecating on it?
Pick up and clean up as possible and risen with your garden hose.
If I want 200m2 how many foot roll do I purchase please.
200 square meters equals 2152 Square feet, each roll is 15 ft wide, so this job would require 144 linear feet.
How does it hold up in northern snowy climates? Also, any concern in installing the product on a relatively steep grade e.g., 30 degree?
The steep grade can be overcome by nailing the turf to a board that is fastened into the ground around the perimeter of the entire installation. The material is designed for outdoor use in all climates.