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Artificial Grass Turf Considerations for Gyms

Date Published: 07-08 - 2022

Let's discuss Artificial Grass Turf for gyms. Most gym turf comes in a roll form - either 12 or 15 feet in width. Turf is a great surface for sled work as well as speed and agility training.
When choosing sled turf, make sure it is rated for sleds. That is not the call for all artificial turfs.
Due to the size and weight of gym turf rolls, they ship via freight trucks and the purchasers is generally responsible for getting them off the truck.
Lines, hash marks and custom color options are available.
Residential users may want to consider turf rugs or artificial turf tiles, especially those with an interlocking design, which allows for a diy installation without the use of adhesives.

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