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Does Artificial Turf Get Hot In The Sun - Temperature Testing

Date Published: 09-26 - 2022

In this unofficial temperature test, we placed samples of 13 different kinds of artificial turf in direct sun for at least 4 hours. The air temperature at the time of testing was 81 degrees in Milltown, Wisconsin. All turf samples were green in color and the temperature measurements were taken using an infrared thermometer.
This test did reveal that artificial turf does in fact heat up, but the level to which it heats varies depending on the material, thickness and design of the the artificial turf. At the low end of the range was La Jolla Artificial Turf which recorded a max temperature of 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit. At the high end of the range was the True Turf with a reading of 1401.1 degrees.
Something to keep in mind if you are concerned with artificial turf getting too hot to walk on is that it can be cooled down by spraying it with water. You can prevent it from getting hot by providing shade or choosing a turf material that is known to resist heating. Choosing a light colored turf will also help keep the turf cool.

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