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Warehouse floors with interlocking PVC coin top tiles

Greatmats offers a wide variety of tiles warehouse flooring models that allow for easy, convenient installation. From interlocking PVC mats for warehouse use to those with maximum durability, ours have plenty of versatility. These products can withstand the demands of industrial storage environments, including the presence of greases and oils, as well as the weight of forklifts or large trucks with trailers.

Benefits of Warehouse Flooring

  1. Extremely tough and designed to last for years
  2. Install generally requires no adhesive
  3. Several are oil, chemical, mold, and mildew protected in order to withstand the harshest environments
  4. Perfect flooring offers maximized traction for improved worker safety
  5. Many options increase worker comfort when standing continuously
  6. Transform hard, worn subfloors into safer, great looking spaces

When choosing the floorings for warehouses, consider the following questions:
  1. What contaminants will the floor types be exposed to?
  2. Will they be used in an area that is frequently wet?
  3. How much traction is required?
  4. Is a fire retardant option in the cards?
  5. Will trailer trucks or forklifts be driven on the warehouse mats?
  6. Are anti-fatigue properties part of the planned use case?
  7. What is the budget?

We offer warehouse flooring near me made from a variety of materials that have a multitude of different properties.


It has excellent traction, often enhanced with additional surface textures for further grip. Additionally, it can help to dampen the sound in the building, creating a more enjoyable working environment. The primary advantages are:
  1. Safe with heavy machinery
  2. The subfloor isn't perfectly even
  3. Ideal where variable textures, colors, and tile interlock methods are needed


Most of these are made from recycled tires and are, therefore, eco-friendly. They are forgiving surfaces for standing too. Because they are so dense, they are less prone to shifting than others. The biggest benefits are:
  1. Desirable lifespan
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Affordable flooring warehouse models


Interlocking warehouse floor tiles are a smart option for smaller areas. These fit together using a variety of different systems, from simple puzzle styles that press together to units with hook and loop systems.

All are designed to stay tightly interlocked until intentionally separated. They are conveniently sized for easy installation. The primary benefits are:
  1. Ideal to fit into a tiny space where a roll would be difficult to maneuver
  2. Use manageable sizes
  3. Typically can be connected in seconds and require no adhesives
  4. Can be separated, moved, and reinstalled in the future if needed

Our Warehouse Floor Covering Coin Pattern consists of 100% recycled PVC. This tile's tensile strength is not affected by heat, cold, or humidity, making it a versatile option suitable for the majority of warehouses.

Guarding against absorption of oil, gasoline, solvents, and caustics, this also slows bacterial growth, along with mildew and mold. The raised coin top surface enhances grip, and it can be damp mopped for quick cleaning. It's practical for warehousing companies who need toughness.

For warehouse flooring options that can be installed over old uneven or contaminated subfloors, then look at our SupraTile 4.5mm Diamond Pattern. These interlock for a secure fit.

They are highly economical options, yet they have a desirable durability. These are warm and comfortable underfoot and carry superior sound absorption, which is beneficial in loud factories. These resist oils, chemicals, molds, and mildews, and these are designed for long term performance.

Our Rubberlock is both tough and economical. These warehouse rubber mats feature non-skid patterns and use recycled content. They have a beveled edge for the smooth transition of carts onto them, and there's no adhesive needed for installations.

Additionally, think about our Waffle Bottom Anti-Fatigue. These feature a waffled texture, which has anti-fatigue designs for a comfortable work area. The tile's design helps to reduce foot, leg, and back pain for an ideal choice for workstations.

These have a non-skid, non-slip surface texture and come with a 5-year limited warranty.

For smaller, personal workstations, our Bubble Eze has slip safe surfaces. It features molded beveled edges and is a great addition to high traffic areas.


Rolled industrial warehouse flooring is a smart choice for larger areas. Quickly cover spaces without the seams that tiling would create. However, it's important to keep in mind that it is usually significantly heavier and difficult to move, so multiple people will need to work the installation. The biggest advantages are:
  1. Cover large spaces quickly with minimal seams
  2. It is often economical
  3. Our warehouse flooring solutions are set up to remain in place under the majority of use cases, so adhesive is rarely applied
  4. Some rolls are available in custom cut lengths

For kitchens or food processing locations, our Herongripa Slip Resistant Matting Roll carries animal fat, chemical, oil, and acid resistance. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives to contribute to a healthier environment.

This has strong slip resistance and drainage, yet it is light enough to roll up daily to prepare for a deep cleaning.

Where small wheeled carts are in use, consider our Firmagrip Industrial Matting. The mat is created with two-layer closed mesh polyvinyl chloride construction. It will offer a diamond cut pattern, and small wheels won't get hung up in it. It has excellent drainage.

Because the polyvinyl chloride is non-porous, it is impermeable to fluids, and it is also fire resistant. This can handle it all.

Ours are available in variable thicknesses and sizes, and they are easy to install, clean, and maintain. Don't forget that they deliver an environmental benefit.

For a runner for warehouses, our Diamond Plate Vinyl Runner has a multitude of advantages. It has embossed deck plate patterns for grip and is chemical resistant. Built to be long wearing, this runner makes an attractive addition to any workspace.

It is found in 3-foot widths, and it is sold by the linear foot, so order the exact amount, which helps to keep the budget under control.

At Greatmats, we are dedicated to ensuring that customers are pleased with the shopping experience each and every time. Because we prioritize satisfaction with each order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Additionally, we even offer a price match guarantee, so buy with confidence, knowing it’s the best price available.

We are proud to operate Greatmats according to the Golden Rule model: We treat you as we would want to be treated. Whether it's helping to choose the right product or making sure that it arrives on time, we deliver a top quality experience from start to finish.

For questions about our products, a product sample request, or just some help choosing from the many warehouse flooring types, please contact us at 877-822-6622. We would be happy to help.

FAQ Warehouse Flooring Q&A

What are the most durable inexpensive floorings?
Rubberized rolled products are a great selections for factory uses. Highly durable, they are a price friendly choice for covering a huge space.

What are the most durable commercial floors?
Thickness in rubberized mattings is the primary consideration for the majority of commercial warehouse flooring tiles where designs that will last are required.

What are the strongest floorings?
PVCs are incredibly strong, meaning they can support heavy loads without being damaged. It is a somewhat flexible material, meaning it will follow the contours of an imperfect base, which can be a major advantage when installing it over an uneven, older subfloor.

What are the hardest wearing floors?
If seeking exceptional durability and high performance, look no further than our Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Matting. This is exceptionally hard wearing, yet it delivers a more comfortable workspace. It is also chemicals, oils, and acids protected. Thanks to its open grid format, it effectively drains liquid, making for a safer space. Best of all, it contours to uneven surfaces, allowing for installs over imperfect subfloors.

What type of floors last the longest?
Rolled rubber is another popular pick for cheap warehouse flooring. Long lasting, it absorbs both shock and sound for an enjoyable environment. It is suitable for many different applications and helps to protect the subfloor from traffic or dropped items.