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Tumbling Mats & Their Many Uses

Tumbling mats from Greatmats are able to help kids and adults practice skills where they need floor protection. We have a wide range of tumble mat options that emphasize cushioning, firmness, or both. Beyond supporting tumbling practice for gymnastics and cheerleading, you can use them for plenty of other use cases as well.


Experienced gymnasts can use a folding mat to work on tumbling runs for floor exercise. They also can use our padded mats to work on landings from an apparatus. Beginning gymnasts are able to use cheese wedge and octagon mats. These work for kids to learn beginning tumbling skills like somersaults and walkovers. Rolls out mats are excellent for cheerleading practice.

Kids’ Play Spaces

If the kids have a playroom and tend to be a little rambunctious or like to tumble, making use of our tumbling mats at home can provide a cushioned floor space if they fall.


For cheerleaders, our mats help with working on tumbling runs, especially when using our longer pads. Practicing different types of jumps is easier with our mats, too, as they protect the lower body joints of the athletes from repetitive stress injuries.

Exercise Flooring

With a floor consisting of fold-up tumble mats in a gym, you can create a comfortable space for a workout. Athletes can exercise and stretch directly over the padded floor.

Fitness Sessions and Workouts

Padded mats are useful when you want to protect your lower body joints while exercising. These mats offer a mix of cushioning and firmness to deliver a sure footing for many kinds of workouts.

Floor Exercises

Floor exercises can be quite uncomfortable when there’s no give in the flooring. Our pads generate high-quality durability that makes ground-based workouts far more enjoyable.


Working on individual wrestling moves involves quite a bit of going to the ground and bouncing back up repeatedly. Having a cushioned floor available helps the wrestlers have a better chance of avoiding injuries.

Martial Arts

Practice martial arts moves and participate in ground-based workouts without worrying about bumps and bruises when making use of our tumbling mats. The padding protects the athletes when they fall during workouts. Use the 2 inch pads as landing mats.

Tumbling Mats Q&A

What are the best tumbling mats for exercise and martial arts?

Foldable gym mats are popular tumbling mats for exercise and martial arts. They have quite a bit of cushioning to protect the lower body joints of the martial artist, and they can also fold up to a small size for transportation or storage.

What size and shape of tumbling mat types does Greatmats offer?

Greatmats has numerous sizes and shapes of tumbling mats to meet the specific needs our customers have. Some large mats measure 6x12 feet and only have two or three foldable panels. Some smaller mats may have four or five foldable panels. Tumble roll-out mats can offer lengths up to 42 feet, yet they’re easy to store because of the roll-up design.

How can kids practice tumbling at home?

With panel gymnastics tumbling mats, gymnasts and cheerleaders will be able to adjust the size of the coverage they will have for practicing tumbling at home. Start with a 4x8 foot mat for maximum coverage. If you fold it down to 4x2 feet of coverage, though, you make it four times thicker. The adjustable sizing is great for multiple types of situations.

How long is a tumbling run?

During tumbling runs, it’s important to have enough space to make safe landings after running the skills. The end of the run needs extra cushioning when landing hard. The runway should contain a grippy material, preventing slips. The run can range from 10 to 42 feet long in a residential or studio setting.

What are the top 10 uses for tumbling gym mats?

Some of the most popular uses for tumbling gym mats include:
  1. Gymnastics
  2. Cheer
  3. Martial Arts Landing Pads
  4. Home Exercise
  5. Play Area for Kids
  6. Home Wrestling
  7. Wall Padding
  8. Stage Props
  9. Fall Training