Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats Tatami for Karate, Taekwondo and more

By Greatmats Staff Created: August, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

Ideal for martial arts training and competition, Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats offer the highest quality construction.

Take control of your training, your safety, and your budget with Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats. The 1x2 meter mats offer unmatched stability, excellent impact absorption, and a bacteria fighting surface with optimal traction for barefoot striking arts.

When you want the highest quality and durability, and you want it fast. You want Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats.

Forget about those slippery mats that shift and separate. These tatami textured mats are handmade to meet the strictest standards in Europe and carry a 5 year warranty.

With an inch and a half of high quality polyurethane foam fully laminated in rugged hygienic vinyl, hot melt reinforced seams and an antiskid rubber waffle bottom design, these Elite Striking Arts mats are sure to hold up to your toughest workouts.

Greatmats has earned 5 star reviews from more than 2,200 customers. At Greatmats you'll find the highest quality mats at the best prices, backed with a price match guarantee. Greatmats honors its promises and delivers top quality products with even better service.

Make the most of your time, energy and budget with high end mats from a company that works for you. Greatmats offers these 1.5 inch thick tatami mats in Black, Gray, Yellow, Blue and Green.

With Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats, you can take your training to the next level while keeping your body, wallet and pride intact.

Greatmats Elite Striking Arts Pro Mats

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