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What Are The Best Home Gym Floor Mats?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: December, 2020 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. ⅝ Inch Premium Foam Mats

  2. Home Sport & Play Mat

  3. Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile

  4. Discount Folding Gym Mats

  5. 4x8 Gym Mats

If you have a workout space in your home or garage, home gym floor mats are a great addition to this space. Not only do gym mats protect you from unnecessary fatigue, joint strain, and muscle strain, they also do an excellent job absorbing shock. They also protect the existing subfloor from potential damage caused by exercise equipment, machines, and weights.

Greatmats offers a wide variety of the best home gym floor mats, from horse stall mats to padded foam tiles, carpet tiles, and rubber.

There are some cheap and economical options that still deliver excellent quality, and there are other options that are among the best available, anywhere. 

⅝ Inch Premium Foam Mats

⅝ Inch Premium Foam Mats
A bright and versatile foam mat is the ⅝ inch Premium Kids & Gym Mat. These home gym floor mats can be used to transform a space into one that provides a vibrant, cushioned layer of safety and protection on which to workout. 

Made from EVA foam, these waterproof mats offer thermal insulation and noise suppression. At ⅝ inch thick, they are great for workouts like yoga and pilates. These mats come in 15 brilliant colors, so you can choose one, two, or many colors to create a custom design for your home gym. 

The mats have a thatch surface texture, so they will stand up to constant use while resisting scuffing. They also include a 1-year warranty against product defects, but you can expect them to last for 10 years or more under normal, workout use. 

Home Sport & Play Mat

Home Sport & Play Mat
The Home Sport and Play Mat is a great choice if you’re looking for a home gym floor mat that accommodates quick movements with athletic shoes, like those performed during Insanity, 21 Day Fix, and other intense workouts. 

The mat’s ¾ inch thick EVA foam provides a flexible consistency similar to a soft rubber while providing more cushion than rubber does. The mats work great in nearly any home gym setting or environment, as they are waterproof, stain resistant and scuff resistant. They reduce fatigue during aerobic style or floor exercises, and they absorb shock extremely well. Installation of the interlock puzzle mat system is a breeze, and to clean it, it can be vacuumed or damp mopped with common household floor cleaners. 

Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile

Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile
Another great EVA foam product is the Gym Floor Workout Fitness Tile with pebble surface. These home gym floor mats are among the best designed specifically for use in home gyms and weight rooms and are made of high density EVA foam. 

They are designed to withstand the use and abuse from heavy weight machines and exercise equipment. The foam material is lead free, latex free, and waterproof. This flooring is extremely versatile and can be installed wall-to-wall, or, as an island installation to go under weights or exercise machines. The pebble top tiles each measure 2x2 feet, creating almost 4 square feet of coverage area per tile. 

Interlocking jigsaw puzzle-style edges simplify installation and hold each mat tightly in place, even when they’re subject to stress from weight or intense use. Sanitation and cleaning of this flooring is a breeze. Simply sweep, damp mop, and sanitize, as needed. 

Discount Folding Gym Mats

Discount Folding Gym Mats
Folding home gym floor mats are another option that is versatile, durable, and economical. The panel style mats are ideal for a wide variety of exercises, tumbles, stretches, and other gym activities. If a pad or cushion is needed in a home or commercial space, this mat is a high quality, yet affordable one. 

The 2-foot wide panels fold accordion style, reducing their size to 4 by 2 feet for convenient portability. The mats are made of high quality, lead-free materials and the inner PE foam core provides support, comfort, softness, and shock relieving qualities. They are also designed to resist mildew, mold, and rot.

4x8 Gym Mats

4x8 Gym Mats
Another way to provide a lot of protection with only a few mats is by using 4x8 foot gym mats. Folded gym floor mats are among the most popular for any fitness or athletic space - big or small. They are ideal because of their versatility, durability, portability, and ease of maintenance. 

The 4 x 8 foot tumbling mat with 2 inch thickness is one that is used for everything from martial arts and gymnastics, to physical fitness activities in between. These home gym floor mats feature a tough 18 oz. vinyl cover, double stitched seams, and 2 inch wide connector strips. They are lead free and 6P compliant, and the panel style mats are made with a PE foam core with hook and loop connectors on all 4 sides. 

The mats have a surface that is smooth, making them comfortable to use with bare feet, and they are fast and simple to clean with a damp sponge, rag, or mop. 

Greatmats - for the best home gym floor mats available!

Depending on the home gym space you’re working with, your budget, and other factors such as portability and the fitness activities you’re seeking to accommodate, the gym mats you choose may combine one or more of the options listed. 

Choosing the right mat or mats will depend on the method in which it will be used and the space it will be used in, and the customer service team at Greatmats provides top notch service and levels of expertise to help you select the products that are perfect for you. The mats are second to none with a price-match guarantee, and with Greatmats, you can feel confident in your purchase!