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Residential Exercise Room Flooring Tile Options And Ideas
Residential gym flooring options and ideas for your home. Use home gym flooring on basement floors or spare rooms to create workout space in your home.
When Do You Need 3/4 Inch Thick Gym Mats?
Greatmats discusses why 3/4 thick gym mats are ideal for athletic workouts and for weight lifting activities.
Top 5 Horse Stall Mats by Unique Feature
Learn what unique features are available in horse stall mats and which mats do it best.
The Best Flooring for a Small Apartment
Greatmats identifies a few options for the best small apartment flooring in the form plastic, vinyl or foam based tiles.
What Is TPV Rubber?
Greatmats discusses what tpv, or thermoplastic vulcanizate, rubber is and how it is used.
When Should Other Flooring Be Installed Over Wood?
Greatmats discusses when you should install flooring over wood and what floor types are suitable.
What is the Best Thickness for Gym Flooring Mats?
What's the best thickness for gym flooring? Greatmats offers a guide to rubber, foam and plastic gym flooring thicknesses.
What Are The Different Uses For 1 Inch Thick Rubber Mats?
Greatmats discusses many different uses for rubber mats that are 1 inch thick including anti-fatigue, athletic, gyms and horse stalls.
What is rubberized flooring?
Rubberized flooring is used in all walks of life due to its durability, flexibility and versatility. Look for it in gyms, playground and basements.
Where To Use Horse Stall Mats - Barns, Trailers, Gyms and More
Horse Stall Mats are extremely versatile on a farm or at home. Try them for horse stall flooring in barn aisles, stables, run in shelters, and even trailers.
What is the best deck material to use around a pool?
What is the best material to use around a pool? The best pool decking material depends on the goal you have for your pool surround area.
Warm Flooring Options for Cold Weather Tent or RV Camping
Greatmats identifies flooring options for cold weather camping in a tent or rv camper that are insulative and waterproof.
What Are The Best MMA Wall Pads?
Greatmats identifies the best wall pads for MMA use and why you should invest in good quality wall padding.
Weight Lifting Mats for Resistance Training
Weight lifting mats are available in hundreds of different forms. Let Greatmats staff guide you through choosing from among the best resistance training mats for sale.
Is 20 mm Rubber Gym Flooring Thick Enough For Dropping Weights?
Greatmats answers the question ''Is 20mm gym rubber flooring thick enough for dropping weights on?'' and talks about recommended products for use with weights.
L.E. Phillips Senior Center - Aerobic Flooring - Eau Claire, WI
With more than 2,000 members, L.E. Phillips Senior Center has gotten a lot of use out of its Max Tile Aerobic Dance Floors over the course of 4 1/2 years.
4x6 Textured Rubber Mats for Gym and Horse Stalls
Learn the benefits of the 4x6 foot rubber Sundance horse stall mats for home and commercial gym use as well as horse stalls. View our video today.
Playground Mats vs. Mulch - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
Compare playground mats against rubber and wood mulch to discover if interlocking playground mats are a better fit for your space. Read more in this post.
Waterproof vs. Watertight and Water Resistant Flooring
Waterproof pvc, plastic, and laminate flooring can be found at Greatmats.
Stall Mats - Clovis Veterinary Hospital New Mexico Testimonial
Discover why New Mexico's Clovis Veterinary Hospital turns to Greatmats to fit its flooring needs for equine patients.
Playground Surfacing - Poured vs. Tiles vs. Crumb Fill Rubber Surfaces
The face of playground surfacing is changing. Here, we compare rubber tiles with poured-in-place and crumb rubber to find out which playground surfacing is best.
What Are The Best Interlocking Gym Mats?
Interlocking gym mats are great for easy installation in your at home gym or garage gym. These gym mats come in black rubber foam tiles.
What Are The Best Materials For Office Flooring?
Greatmats identifies flooring materials that are best for office settings that include carpet, rubber and vinyl.
Folding Panel Gym Mat Comparison
Learn the differences between Greatmats folding panel mats, including when, where and how to use each panel mat.