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Quality outdoor flooring products need to have many important features. Not only will they need to withstand rain, snow, and temperature extremes, but they also need to be able to withstand UV light, which can degrade some materials.

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Outdoor Floor Tiles, Mats and Flooring System Blogs, Videos and Testimonials

At Greatmats, we stock an extensive selection of outdoor flooring tiles, mats, and more for a wide variety of applications.

Patio and Deck Flooring

With outdoor flooring tiles, you can enhance or cover your patio or deck surface. These tiles are suitable for many applications, and you can install them on your balcony, veranda, roof, terrace, porch, and more.

These outdoor flooring tiles can be laid directly on top of wood, concrete, and other firm, flat surfaces. They’re available in many different designs and materials, including rubber, PVC, and more. The tiles are conveniently sized so a single person can easily carry them and perform an entire installation. Many of these tiles are designed so that you can remove them again in the future if needed.

Options like the Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking Tile offer many benefits, including a high-traction non-slip surface and an ASTM fall height rating. These tiles won’t mold or mildew, so they can add safety and comfort to your deck or other surface.

The StayLock Tile Perforated is a popular deck tile option. It features a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating, a non-slip surface, a perforated design that lets water drain through, and UV stable color for seven years. These tiles are easy to install and feel comfortable under bare feet, so they can maximize your enjoyment of your deck or other space.

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Playground Flooring

Greatmats offers an array of specialty playground flooring products designed for outdoor use. Playground flooring tiles are easy to install and offer several benefits over traditional loose or poured playground flooring options. The tiles create a flat surface that can be handicap accessible with ramps. ASTM fall height ratings let you choose the playground tiles that are best suited to the equipment you have. And, if a tile gets damaged, you can replace that one tile instead of replacing the entire floor.

Playground flooring mats can add extra protection to high-traffic surfaces, like the area at the base of a slide or beneath swings. Designed to withstand harsh weather, the UV rays, and temperature fluctuations, these products are durable and can help to keep kids safe.

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Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are a must-have for construction and landscaping companies that use heavy equipment. These mats create a temporary roadway and are specially structured to support machines while preventing them from getting stuck in mud or from tearing up your yard’s landscape as they travel to their destination.

On a smaller scale, you can also use ground protection mats to create temporary pedestrian walkways. They’re ideal for venues hosting events with a high degree of foot or vehicle traffic, or for situations where pedestrians will be walking over wet grass or soft ground.

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Sports Flooring

Whether you’re creating a basketball court in your backyard or are building a sports court for commercial use, sport court floors make constructing the court easier and more affordable than investing in a professionally poured surface. Options like the Outdoor Court Tile XT3 can be installed over leveled concrete or asphalt. The tiles lock together securely, so they won’t separate while in use. The plastic is firm and durable and features small perforations so water drains through and the space stays usable even in inclement weather.

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Temporary Outdoor Flooring

Interlocking plastic tiles create temporary outdoor flooring that you can use as the floor within an indoor tent. Tiles connect together securely to create a cohesive, flat surface, and they can double as a dance floor.

Tiles like the Portable Outdoor Tiles 12x12 Inch can be placed over dirt, grass, gravel, sand, concrete, or pavement, making them a highly versatile outdoor flooring option. Their clip together design is easy to use, and the tiles are made with rigid, no break plastic suitable for repeated use. They feature drainage holes that make them suitable for use in wet areas, and the base is slightly raised up off of the ground so air can flow freely beneath the tiles.

These tiles can be installed in 3x3 foot sheets, saving you time when setting up for a big event. They can be easily uninstalled and stored, an ideal benefit if you frequently host outdoor events.

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Outdoor flooring buyers guide

When you’re ready to buy your new outdoor flooring, you’ll find extensive options here at Greatmats. Our buying guide provides additional information on the products, including product reviews, installation tips, and more. If you need more help, you can always contact the Greatmats customer service team. Our flooring experts would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you identify the best flooring products for your project ideas.