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If you're looking for a wide selection of top-quality , then you've come to the right place. Greatmats has everything that you need to outfit your stable, horse trailer, wash bay, or equestrian facility.

How to Cut Horse Stall Mats

  1. Mark the area where you need to make a cut.
  2. Place a 2x4 board underneath the area where you will make the cut, so that once the cut is made, half of the mat will hang off of the board.
  3. Position a straight edge along the cut line to ensure that your cut is straight.
  4. Following the straight edge with sharp utility knife, make repeated shallow scores. Allow gravity to open the cut over the 2x4 beneath the mat. Continue with the process until you have cut completely through the mat. It is easiest to make smaller, complete cuts and then progress along the length of the mat.

How to Choose the Right Horse Stall Mats

  1. Measure the size of your stall.
  2. Consider the budget that you have for your project.
  3. Match the correct stall mat thickness to the type of application.
  4. Review the options for indoor and outdoor use, as well as wet versus dry flooring options.
  5. Consider whether an interlocking stall mat or a straight edge mat will be best for your intended use.
  6. Think about how you will move the product - larger, heavier mats may require multiple people or even machinery to move them about your facility.
  7. Decide whether you are willing to cut stall mats yourself, or if you would prefer a ready-made kit that saves you the time and effort of cutting mats to fit.
  8. Review the various delivery options for mats via freight.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Stall Mats

How much are horse stall mats?

We offer a number of different horse stall mats, so there's a large variation in price. Our stall mats range from $1.64 per square foot to more than $11 per square foot. It's important to remember that these mats are quite heavy, so shipping costs can account for a large portion of the cost of your purchase.

How much do horse stall mats weigh?

Rubber stall mats are dense, so they can weigh quite a bit. Our most common 4x6 foot 3/4 inch thick rubber mat weighs approximately 100 pounds. A mat's weight will vary depending on the mat's size, thickness, material, and design. Much larger mats, like our 14x14 foot 17mm mat, can weigh as much as 800 pounds each.

How many 4 x 6 stall mats does it take to fit a 12 x 12 stall?

You will need six 4x6 foot mats to fully mat a 12x12 foot stall. Our stall kits also come sized for 12x12 foot stalls, taking the guesswork out of your purchase. Keep in mind, though, that the kit may not measure a full 12 feet across, due to the loss of length or width where the mats interlock. Generally, you'll lose about 6 inches in each direction with these kits.

How thick are horse stall mats?

Stall mats are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 8 mm to 1-3/4 inches thick. The most popular thickness for stall mats is 3/4 inch. These 3/4 inch thick mats have significant weight, which helps to keep them from shifting or curling up. However, the mats are still light enough so that one or two people can move them without much difficulty, making for easier installation.

Why You Should Use Rubber Stall Mats

Rubber stall mats can instantly transform an equine facility. They make stall cleaning easier and faster, make your stalls more aesthetically pleasing, and even result in savings in bedding and labor costs. Those are just a few reasons to put stall mats into your facility; here are a few others.

Benefits of using horse stall mats

  1. Decreased bedding usage, since it's easier to clean stalls is easier and you'll throw out less bedding each day
  2. Less stall maintenance, since mats prevent horses from digging, so you'll save time and money on filling in holes
  3. Softer, more forgiving stall floor surfaces can improve your horse's comfort
  4. Easier stall cleaning means decreased daily time requirements and labor costs for paid staff
  5. Durable construction ensures years of use, so you get the most out of your investment
  6. Safe, forgiving surface can help you to avoid vet bills, while simultaneously keeping humans safer, too

Stall mats can serve potentially endless uses in equine facilities. At Greatmats, we stock a wide variety of rubber products, including colored equine tiles, interlocking stall mats, rubber pavers, and more, so you can find everything you need to outfit your facility. Our products are high-end yet affordable for even smaller barns, as they combine top quality and durability with practical price points. Most of our rubber stall mats are made from recycled rubber, so you can feel good about the fact that you're making an eco-friendly purchase. If you need a lighter weight option, consider our high-density foam portable mats.

Why Stall Mats Make a Difference

When you're working with stalls that haven't been matted, you're working much harder than you need to be. You're also wasting time and money.

A stall mat can change all of that, saving you time, effort, and money. When a horse is in a stall without a mat, he can paw down into the base, mixing it into the bedding. This makes bedding heavy, dirty, and difficult to clean. Our rubber stall mats prevent a horse from digging, which means the stall is easier to clean. This is particularly important when you're working with show horses, since it's impossible to keep a freshly bathed horse clean when you're putting him in a stall with sand or clay that's been mixed into the bedding.

Concrete stall floors pose a hazard to your horse's health and comfort. They're cold, slippery, and unforgiving. You have to bed heavily to minimize the effect of concrete floors, which means higher bedding bills and more time spent cleaning. These hard floors are strenuous on your horse's body, but stall mats can instantly make a softer, more forgiving surface for your horse to stand on.

Stall mats may require an initial investment, but over time they'll pay for themselves and more. When you use mats, you can use less bedding, which means you'll save money on bedding costs. It's much easier to clean matted stalls than it is to deal with a rutted stall base. Mats can save you time on cleaning stalls, which amounts to lower labor costs for your hired help.

Where to Use Greatmats Horse Stall Mats

  1. Horse stalls
  2. Barn aisle ways
  3. Grooming stalls
  4. Horse wash bays
  5. Horse trailers
  6. Weight rooms
  7. Breeding sheds
  8. And anywhere else where you need a forgiving, safe surface

Stall Mat Installation Facts

If you install mats in your facility, you'll only need to do it once. The mats are designed to stay in place during use, and they're so durable that you won't have to worry about replacing them for many, many years.

Stall mats can be installed directly on top of hard, flat surfaces, like crushed stone, concrete, or aggregate. You'll need to make sure that if you're using a base such as crushed stone, it is well compacted and level. Mats will instantly improve the look of your equestrian facility.

Greatmats offers both standard stall kits and individual stall mats for purchase. Our standard kits can accommodate stalls sized 10x10 feet or larger. These kits include everything you need to mat your stall without requiring that you cut a single mat. If you're working with irregularly shaped stalls, we offer custom design services that will accommodate any sizing. You can also cut stall mats for a customized fit.

Potential Uses for Rubber Stall Mats

Stall mats aren't just useful for lining the floors of your stalls. In fact, these mats are highly versatile and can be put to use in countless ways in your facility. Here are just a few ideas that are popular in horse stables today.

Kick Mats
If you have a horse who is a habitual kicker, he won't just damage your stall, but could also injure himself in the process. The vet bills and cost of replacing your stall partitions are expenses that could have been avoided with a stall mat. Simply attach stall mats to the lower walls of your stall, and the mats will serve as kick mats. The mats soften the impact to protect the horse from injury, while protecting your stall walls from damage. These mats also dull the sound of a kicker, making your stable more enjoyable for everyone.

Wash Stall Flooring
Wash stalls with solid flooring can be slick and dangerous when they're wet. Stall mats offer both traction and a forgiving surface, making them an ideal addition to wash stalls. We also offer perforated rubber mats that are specifically designed to be used in wet areas where maximized drainage is essential.

Grooming Stall Flooring
Rubber mats can be used to line grooming stalls, which will improve traction while also making cleanup easy. The mats do have some cushion, so they can help to prevent fatigue in both horse and handler during show prep and longer grooming sessions. Because grooming stalls receive heavy traffic, stall mats are a great way to help prevent excessive wear on the subfloor.

Barn Aisle Flooring
Because mats provide both traction and a forgiving, safer surface, they're frequently used in barn aisles. You can lay these mats over a concrete or asphalt floor, which will create a more forgiving, safer surface. Alternatively, put stall mats down over dirt aisles to cut down on dust and maintenance.

Rubber paver tiles mimic the look of brick, and are another popular option for barn aisles and walkways. They create a professional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing finish, but they're also safer and more durable than brick.

Trailer Mats
To maximize horse safety during trailering, a horse mat is a must. The mats provide both traction and cushion, while also making the floor easy to clean with just a broom.

Different Stall Mat Types

Greatmats has a wide selection of mats for every budget and project.

Full Color Equine Rubber Tiles
Our high-end equine rubber tiles offer both safety and an eye-catching finish perfect for any horse stable. These 30 millimeter thick pavers measure 2x2 feet, and are suitable for use both indoors and out. They offer shock absorption for a safer, more comfortable space, and are durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic that comes with use in an equestrian facility. These pavers are popular for use in barn aisles, walkways, and other spaces. They're easy to install, and the finished floor is stunning.

For a thicker paver, consider our 1.75-inch-thick dog bone paver outdoor tiles. These pavers have a thicker design which allowed for increased cushion and shock absorption. Available in several different colors, you can use these pavers to create potentially endless designs.

Both paver options feature a 3-year warranty.

Portable Horse Stall Mats
Rubber stall mats are highly durable, but because they're so dense, they are heavy and can be cumbersome to transport. This means that they aren't an ideal choice for traveling, but our portable horse stall mats provide the perfect alternative.

Our portable mats are made from a high-density EVA foam, so they're durable enough to withstand the weight of a horse, but are lightweight and easy to move and install.

These portable mats consist of 2x2 foot tiles, which are sized so that you can easily pick them up and load them onto your trailer. Use the mats as flooring in your trailer, then pull them out and use them as temporary flooring at a horse show or other venue. Each mat has two border strips for a clean, finished edge. The mats measure 21 mm thick, and are backed by a one-year warranty.

For a slightly larger option, our kits and 4x6-foot straight edge mats may be just what you're looking for. These mats are rated to last 20 years or more in an equine environment. They have a flat bottom which helps to prevent bedding from getting caught beneath the mat, while the top surface's diamond texture maximizes traction for horses and handlers.

Interlocking 4x6 Stall Mats
Interlocking stall mats have water-jet-cut seams that fit together like puzzle pieces. This design, which creates a tight-fitting seam, helps to prevent debris from working its way down between the mats. These mats connect to form a singular surface, and they won't pull apart or shift. Interlocking mats are an ideal choice for horses who like to paw, because the horse's pawing won't be able to separate the mats. Just think of the time that you will save from having to dig bedding out from underneath the mats every day.

Interlocking horse mats are available in custom-made kids designed to accommodate stalls of any size. Just provide us with the dimensions of each stall, and we will create a kit of pre-cut mats to fit that size. You won't have to do any cutting, and the mats will arrive clearly labeled for installation.

Horse Wash Bay Stall Mats
Our button-top stall mats are a safe and practical addition for wash bays and stalls. The textured surface maximizes traction to prevent slips or falls in both horse and handler. The surface is grippy even when it gets wet.

Our button-top mats are available in kits that are ready to install. Kit sizes include 10x10 ft., 10x12 ft. or 12x12 ft. (Custom sizes are also available.) With the kits, you can install the mats without having to worry about any cutting, saving you time and energy.

Need a mat that will help to drain high volumes of water? Our perforated ring mats provide a comfortable, safe surface while maximizing drainage.

Foaling Stall Mats
When you're housing foals in your stable, you need horse stalls that are specifically designed with foal safety in mind. Our foaling stall mats are designed to keep foals safe, or to use in stalls that house horses recovering from injuries.

These special mats have a waffle bottom design which allows the mat to offer increased cushion and comfort. This special design helps to minimize a horse's fatigue, and also lends a safe, soft surface for foals.

These foaling stall mats are available in standard kit sizes, but they can also be custom designed to fit any foaling stall.

Additional Stall Mat Options
At Greatmats, we have an excellent selection of stall mats to outfit your stable or equestrian facility. Choose from horse mats with straight edges, beveled edges, and interlocking edges for the exact design that you seek.

We also offer rolled rubber which is suitable for lower traffic areas where you don't need a product that measures a full 3/4 inch thick. Rolled rubber comes in various thicknesses and color options. It's a popular product for use on stall walls or in barn aisles.

Please contact a customer service representative about these special options.


Almost all of our horse mats and kits ship via freight delivery, except for our foam mats. Please see our shipping disclaimer for additional information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service representatives.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be satisfied with every shopping experience and every product. We offer a price match guarantee so you'll never overpay when shopping with us. Additionally, we treat you just as we would want to be treated. Because we work so hard to make sure that all of our customers have a great experience, we've earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Do you have any questions about our products? Would you like a shipping quote or do you need a product sample? Then please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help you choose the right barn mats for your stable.