Greatmats Horse Training Series with Jesse Krier of K2 Ranch

11-03 - 2021

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Clayton Wisconsin's Jesse Krier offers 15 horse training tips with cool things to teach your horse as part of the Greatmats Horse Training Series, including:
1. Ground Driving A Horse
2. Desensitizing a Horse with a Rope
3. Laying Down A Horse
4. Disengaging a Horse Hindquarters for Mounting
5. Desensitizing a Horse with a Lariat
6. How To Load a Horse In A Trailer
7. Forward Moving Horses
8. Horse Obstacles - Logs
9. Horse Obstacles - Steps
10. Horse Obstacles - Bridges
11. Horse Obstacles - Tires
12. Horse Obstacles - Cowboy Curtain
13. Horse Obstacles - Water Crossing
14. Checking Cattle on Horseback
15. Checking Fences on Horseback