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Foam Floor Puzzle Mats and Kids Foam Flooring Interlock Tiles

Displaying 1-48 of 86 Products
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are a highly popular option for a variety of foam mat needs. Foam flooring mats are suitable for both temporary and permanent flooring, and the entire installation process can make for a great DIY project right at home. Foam matting is economical and affordable, making it an accessible option for most flooring. Versatile and comfortable, foam can help you to come in under budget.

At Greatmats, we stock more than 80 different foam tiles and foam mat options. We're your go-to source for foam floor products. Every product we offer has different features, and we stock foam products suitable for many different uses, including playroom flooring, anti-fatigue flooring, basement flooring, and more.

Advantages and Benefits of Foam Flooring Mats

No matter how you use foam floors, you'll find that they offer many different benefits.
  1. Foam creates a soft, forgiving surface that is comfortable underfoot, transforming any hard surface into a welcoming area. Some foam mats even have anti-fatigue properties.
  2. Closed cell foam is easy to clean and disinfect, making it a great option for kids' spaces, work spaces, and other areas where easy cleanup is a must.
  3. Simple, easy installation is DIY-friendly and fast. Foam can be used for both temporary and permanent flooring installations.
  4. Foam offers both thermal and sound insulation, plus excellent impact absorption. It can make any environment safer and more enjoyable.
  5. Because foam is lightweight, it's easily to move and install. A single person can handle a foam mat installation all by themselves.

Potential Uses for Foam Floor Tiles

Foam tiles are both comfortable and highly versatile. There are potentially endless ways to put these tiles to use, but they're most frequently used for:
  1. Kids play rooms
  2. Trade show displays
  3. Anti-fatigue needs
  4. Pet areas
  5. Home and professional gyms
  6. Dance studios
  7. Martial arts studios
  8. Gymnastics
  9. Cheerleading
  10. And much, much more

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Floor Products

Why is my foam tile flooring bubbling up and how do I fix it?

Foam can sometimes bubble up or expand when they're installed in an environment that has high heat or humidity. To prevent the tiles from bubbling up when they expand from temperature fluctuations, be sure to leave some room around the flooring perimeter without making contact with the surrounding walls. Leaving about 1/4 inch of space allows the foam to expand without causing the tiles to bubble up.

How do I fix a foam mat with a hole?

Most foam floor mats can't be repaired, and will need to be replaced. This is true when you're working with both EVA and PE foam. If you have reversible tiles, you may be able to turn the damaged tile over and use the other side, instead of replacing the tile.

How much is a foam floor?

The cost of a foam floor varies, depending on a number of different factors. The style and type of the foam used, as well as the size of the area you need to cover will determine the cost of your flooring. At Greatmats, we have a variety of foam products that can accommodate all budgets. Our products range from 99 cents per square foot, all the way up to premiere products that cost more than $32 per square foot. You're sure to have plenty of options that can fit into different budgets.

How big are square foam mats?

Square foam floor mats usually measure either 2x2 feet or 1x1 meters in size.

Why People Prefer Foam Products for Floors

Foam is frequently used for kids' play rooms, basements, cheerleading practice areas, and other spaces. It's convenient, durable, and affordable, making it a highly popular option that is often preferred over other flooring types.

Looking for something convenient and easy for your flooring project? Foam may be the right fit. It's lightweight and easy to transport and install. The tiles are conveniently sized, so a single person can carry them through narrow halls or stairways. That one person can perform the entire installation, including cutting the flooring to fit if needed.

Foam offers other benefits, too. It helps to insulate spaces against temperature fluctuations and sounds, so there's no need to invest in an additional underlayment. Foam also offers shock absorption and creates a comfortable, welcoming surface.

It's because of these qualities that foam is a great option for combat sports and cheerleading practice areas, since it can help to keep athletes safe while also muffling the sounds of practices. However, foam is also frequently used in homes, and is particularly popular for use in kids' rooms and play rooms.

Foam may be lightweight, but it's also highly durable. All of the tiles that we offer are made of waterproof, closed cell foams, which are durable and long-lasting. Some of our mats have polyurethane foam cores that are then wrapped with vinyl exteriors for maximized durability and strength in a sports setting. The vinyl exterior makes the mats easy to clean and disinfect, while the heavy-duty vinyl itself is strong enough to withstand rigorous use in gyms.

Foam play mats are waterproof, making spill cleanup a breeze. They're popular for kids' play areas because of their easy maintenance and cleanup.

Additionally, we offer flooring mats that have a cross-linked polyethylene foam base for increased durability and strength. These mats have either vinyl or carpeted surfaces, and offer excellent shock absorption, too.

Foam's low cost is a major benefit, especially when you compare the cost of foam floors to other flooring options. At Greatmats, we offer foam products for under $1 per square foot, meaning that foam can work for just about any budget. Want an affordable product for a large-scale project, or need something convenient and low-cost to be used in a smaller room in your home? We probably have a foam product that will suit your needs.

With over 90 foam products to choose from, Greatmats is proud to be a leading supplier of foam floor products. Choose from a wide assortment of puzzle mats and tiles, glue-down or peel-and-stick tiles, roll-out mats, folding gym mats, and foam underlayment rolls. We have options suitable for home, commercial, and athletic use, and can accommodate just about any project.

Take a look at some of our most popular foam products below.

Athletic Floor Tiles

Benefits of Foam for Athletic Flooring

  • Excellent shock and impact absorption
  • Durable enough to withstand rigorous use
  • High density options can withstand the weight of workout equipment
  • Easy installation, and portable options are available
Foam floor tiles are often used in home gyms and commercial athletic training facilities. The tiles offer both impact absorption and cushion in order to help keep athletes both safe and comfortable. You'll find these tiles in home gyms, martial arts flooring, aerobic studios, boxing gym floors, and other athletic facilities.

Martial Arts
Striking arts, such as Karate, Taekwondo, and boxing, need a specialty flooring that offers both stability and plenty of shock absorption to help keep athletes safe. Foam floor tiles offer that specialized combination of stability, cushion, and shock absorption, making for an ideal martial arts surface. The tiles help to create safer landings, but are firm enough to keep athletes balanced on their feet.

We offer tiles that come in a variety of surfaces that control the amount of grip an athlete has. Some tiles can be used with bare feet, while others are durable enough to withstand shoe and boot traffic.

Most of the tiles intended for the striking arts measure between 7/8 and 1 inch thick. This thickness allows the tiles to provide proper shock absorption to athletes.

If you're looking for flooring for throwing arts, like judo, then you'll need a thicker tile that offers maximum shock absorption. These tiles, starting at 1-1/4 inches thick, are up for the task. They absorb impact but also offer critical fall height protection. These properties help to minimize the chance of injury to an athlete. While you'll find foam puzzle mats in thicknesses ranging up to 1-5/8 inches, our vinyl and denim covered foam floor mats are much thicker and offer the increased shock absorption you need for improved safety.

All martials arts athletes know how painful skin burns can be when you come into contact with a floor. We have tiles that are the perfect solution to that problem. We offer a number of mats with no-burn tatami top surfaces that are designed to prevent friction-induced skin burns. They're suitable for use with the grappling arts, and you'll find them in professional BJJ gyms and amateur grappling tournament circuit rings.

Interlocking foam tiles are a great option for aerobics studios where you want a comfortable, safe flooring surface. The tiles are textured, and while they're forgiving, they're also durable enough to withstand the repetitive nature of aerobics training and classes. Foam helps to reduce body fatigue, meaning athletes can work out longer and get more out of each aerobics session.

When it comes to creating an inviting yoga studio, comfortable flooring is a must-have. Our softer interlocking foam floor mats help to relieve pressure on your joints, so each yoga session is both comfortable and enjoyable. While the mats provide plenty of comfort, they also challenge your balance just a little bit. These mats offer anti-fatigue benefits, and can help to make your yoga sessions both safe and enjoyable.

High Density Options
Foam is often used in gyms, too, but the softer foams can be damaged if you put heavy gym equipment on top of the flooring. That's why we offer super high-density EVA interlocking foam mats. These mats are strong enough to support the weight of gym equipment without being damaged in the process. This high-density foam can withstand significant weight, and is even strong enough to be used as portable horse stall flooring.

When it comes to cheerleading, ideal flooring will offer superior impact absorption and rebound. Our specially designed foam floor mats offer these very properties and can help to keep athletes safer during practices and competitions. These mats are available in both carpet and vinyl surfaces, which help to maximize traction while improving athletic performance.

Foam products offer plenty of options when it comes to use in gymnastics facilities. Our foam floor mats offer superior shock absorption and cushion to help keep gymnasts safe. The foam floor mats are designed to be used during activities like tumbling, stretching, skill training, and landings. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of rollout mats, folding mats, octagon mats, and wedge shaped mats that can be used to completely outfit any gym or competition space.

Home Gyms
Looking to create a workout space right in the comfort of your own home? Foam products provide a practical and affordable way to create your very own home gym. Tiles are easy to transport and install, and there's no adhesive needed for installation. If you need to relocate or remove the tiles in the future, all you have to do is pull them up, then reinstall them by fitting the puzzle tiles together.

Our lightweight roll-out personal exercise mats are also a popular option for home workouts and classes on the go. These mats roll up and can be stored away in small spaces. They're useful for cushioning any existing flooring, and are a convenient way to temporarily convert any space in your home into a workout area.

Temporary Flooring Options
If you need to temporarily add cushion or comfort to your flooring, our folding gym mats are convenient and effective. Many of the mats have connector strips along their edges, which allows you to connect multiple mats together for a large, unified surface. Once you're done with the mats, just separate them, fold them up, and store them. They're a practical way to increase the versatility and safety of your gym.

You may also want to consider our carpet topped rollout mats for a temporary flooring solution. The mats are equipped with hook-and-loop connectors, so you can attach the mats together and custom-create your surface. The closures connect together strongly, and the mats won't pull apart while they're in use. Some of the larger mats have a non-skid bottom that also helps to keep them in place, preventing them from shifting during a practice.

Since foam adds cushion, convenience, and versatility to a gym, it's no wonder that it's such a popular option for practices and workout spaces.

Kids' Foam Floor Tiles

Benefits of Foam For Kids' Areas

  • Soft and forgiving, foam can transform hard surfaces into kid-friendly areas
  • Some foam products offer fall height ratings for increased safety and injury prevention
  • Easy cleanup, so spills are no big deal
  • Noise buffering and sound dampening properties make for a more enjoyable environment for everyone
Kids can get rowdy during playtime, and it's a sure thing that they'll fall down at some point. A soft and forgiving flooring product is a must-have for any kids' space. Foam play mats will instantly soften hard floors, creating a room that's safer for kids to play in.

The play mats offer many other benefits for kids' spaces. They're waterproof, so its easy to quickly clean up spills. Plus, the tiles are available in a wide range of brilliant colors. You'll have plenty of freedom when it comes to color choice and creating fun patterns or designs that your kids will love.

Additionally, foam play mats help to buffer noise, which can make the rest of your home more enjoyable when kids are playing. The mats also offer valuable insulation against the cold, which is a major advantage when you're creating a playroom in a basement. Foam can help to keep the space more comfortable and warmer in the winter, so your kids will get more use out of the space.

If you're looking for an option that's easy to install and that can serve as a DIY project, foam is the right option for you. There are no adhesives needed, so you can move the tiles around in the future or even remove the flooring altogether. Installing the tiles is as easy as lining the edges up and pushing down on the seams, fitting the tiles together like puzzle pieces. Kids can even help out with installing the flooring for their rooms.

Our Premium 5/8-inch Foam Floor Mat has proven to be the most popular option for kids' playrooms. These mats are available in 15 beautiful colors that kids love, so you can easily make fun patterns or designs. The tiles are easy to clean, and they're very affordable. You can damp mop them in the case of a spill, and the tiles are also waterproof and stain resistant for a great look that's long-lasting. These tiles offer plenty of cushion, but they're also lead and latex free. They're a great option if you want to create a room that's fun, affordable, and safe for your child.

Foam Trade Show Booth Flooring

Benefits of Foam for Trade Show Flooring

  • Lightweight, foam tiles are portable and installation takes just minutes
  • Durable enough to hold up from show after show while still looking great
  • Anti-fatigue benefits help to keep comfort up and stress levels down during each event
  • Waterproof and easy to clean, your flooring is low-maintenance
Quality trade show flooring needs to be highly portable, lightweight, easy to install, and durable enough to look great for show after show. That's a lot to ask of any type of flooring, but foam floor tiles meet all of those criteria. The tiles can be installed in just minutes, leaving you to focus on what matters - setting up the rest of your booth and engaging with clients. The tiles are lightweight and easy to transport, but they're also durable enough to be used again and again.

These tiles create a surface that's comfortable and forgiving, and that instantly makes your booth more welcoming and enjoyable for clients. If clients are comfortable and can rest their feet, they're more likely to spend more time in your booth. Foam offers anti-fatigue benefits that can help to reduce stress, increase productivity, and prevent injuries, so both clients and staff benefit from this flooring choices.

Choose from trade show tiles in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You'll find everything from the bold to the reserved, so you can create a unique aesthetic for your business. You're sure to stand apart from the other booths and can create a cohesive, beautiful look for your business.

Our 2x2 foot interlocking tiles are popular trade show flooring options. They're lightweight yet durable, and feature an eye-catching wood grain pattern that is truly impressive once assembled. The tiles are easy to install, are waterproof, and can be cleaned quickly. If you don't want to deal with transporting your flooring, you can ship the tiles to show to show via ground service. It's convenient and leaves you with one less element to transport through the show grounds.

Foam Floors for Basements

Benefits of Foam for Basements

  • Insulation properties of foam keep your basement floor warm, stopping cold concrete from penetrating up into the flooring
  • Non-absorbent foam will not be damaged by moisture if a leak or flood occurs
  • Tiles can be pulled up and dried out in the event of a leak, then reinstalled again
Want to transform your cold and unwelcoming concrete basement into a useable space? These tiles can quickly turn the basement into a warm and inviting area that your whole family can enjoy. Foam tiles can increase the usability and versatility of your basement, transforming it into a family room, den, or other living space. Plus, they're available at a price point that you can afford.

If you're worried about moisture problems, or a leak or a flood, then foam is an ideal choice for your basement. These tiles can be easily and quickly removed, so if there's ever an issue, you can pull up the flooring and let your subfloor dry. These tiles won't absorb or be damaged by moisture, so if leaks do occur, your flooring will be just fine.

Keep in mind that foam can be indented by heavy weight, so if you have heavy furniture like couches and chairs, you'll want to place plastic coasters under the legs. Indentations usually heal up over time, but if you leave a heavy piece in place for too long, the damage may be permanent.

Foam Tiles for Horse Trailers and Stalls

Benefits of Foam for Horse Trailers and Stalls

  • High density foam can handle the weight of horses while remaining lightweight and easily portable
  • Excellent cushion maximizes your horse's comfort and health
  • Solid surface makes for easy stall cleaning when you're away from home
  • Lightweight design means you can move these mats without assistance, ideal for anyone who travels alone
Flooring used in horse trailers and stalls must be highly durable and able to support a horse's weight without being damaged. That's just what our high density portable horse stall mats were designed for. These mats provide both durability and strength, yet they're much lighter and more portable than traditional rubber stall mats.

Rubber stall mats may be highly durable, but they're also dense and very heavy. They're not something that you'd want to pull in and out of your trailer or stalls on a regular basis, and they're really only suitable for long-term use. Interlocking foam mats were designed specifically to be portable, so they're ideal for horse shows, clinics, and overnight trail rides.

Install these mats in your trailer, head to your destination, then pull the mats out and use them as stall mats. When you head home, reverse the process. You don't have to worry about finding people to help you lug heavy rubber mats, especially when it's the last thing you want to do at the end of the day. These mats allow you create a safe, comfortable, forgiving stall and trailer surface for your horse, no matter how far from home you are.

Foam Pool Decking Tiles

Benefits of Foam for Pool Decking

  • Excellent traction and slip resistance creates a safe surface
  • Forgiving surface is ASTM fall height rated, essential for a high-risk area
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
Pool decking and spa surrounds need to be waterproof, safe, and comfortable against bare feet. Our high end foam pool decking tiles are a great option, since they offer all of these properties. These tiles feature surfaces that provide traction to help prevent slips and falls. If a fall does occur, the tiles offer limited fall protection. They help to minimize the impact and potential injuries, and are perfect for high-risk areas around pools and in spas.

Foam pool decking tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. Peel-and-stick installation makes indoor installations both fast and easy. For outdoor installations, you will need adhesive for the tiles.
Because these tiles are so comfortable and put in a great performance, you'll find them at hotel and school pools, as well as at municipal pools and waterparks.

Popular Foam Flooring Options

With such a wide variety of foam products to choose from, how do you know which product is right for you and your project specifications? We've highlighted some of the important details you should know about our most popular foam products. This can help you to narrow down your search.

Foam Mat 1/2 Economy
  • Highly versatile, and ideal for home use
  • Choose from blue, gray and black colors
  • Closed cell EVA foam is both waterproof and stain resistant, making for easy cleanup
  • Durable thatch texture on both sides adds traction and grip, which helps to improve safety
  • Lead and latex free for a safe flooring option
  • Kid safe
  • Interlocking design makes for a fast and easy installation - no adhesive required!

Home Gym Foam Mats Pebble 10mm
  • High-density foam is a sister foam floor option to our thicker 3/4 inch pebble top foam
  • Durable enough for use under exercise equipment as well with smaller free weights for increased versatility
  • Cost-effective option, thanks to thinner design and density
  • Available in sleek 100% black
  • Highly durable, even in high traffic settings
  • Each tile includes two border strips to create a finished edge for island installations

Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile
  • 4 mats per pack in red, green, blue, and yellow, so creating fun patterns is easy and kids love the look
  • Waterproof and non absorbent foam material makes for fast cleanup, and spills are no big deal
  • Latex and lead free for your safety
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to install interlocking puzzle tiles, and tiles can be removed and reinstalled in the future

Home Sport and Play foam flooring tiles
  • Anti-fatigue benefits are perfect for plyometric and aerobic type activities, making for a comfortable surface that can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Soft surface is perfect for floor exercises
  • Available in three color option pairings; reversible design allows either color to be featured for maximized use
  • 20 mm thick
  • Waterproof foam material is easy to clean and maintain

5x10 Foot Rollout Workout Mats
  • Easy to use and store, even with limited storage space
  • Popular for home exercise and martial arts; can be laid directly on existing flooring for increased comfort
  • Intended for temporary use
  • Made in the USA
  • Top-quality vinyl cover for great durability
  • Easy to clean up with common household floor cleaners and a damp mop
  • 1.25 inch thick

Foam Surface Textures

Our foam products are available with many different surface textures. Each texture provides different advantages:

  1. Thatch textured tiles are most resistant to footwear, and are highly durable for long-lasting use.
  2. Non-burn tatami textured tiles won't burn bare skin, and are ideal for kids or martial arts uses.
  3. Leather textured tiles are comfortable and are meant to be used under bare feet.
  4. Vinyl wrapped or vinyl-bonded foam tiles hold up well to footwear. Some tiles have a smooth surface, while others have a tatami surface that offers extra traction. Please note: the vinyl tatami-textured surface will not prevent skin burns, unlike the non-burn tatami tiles.
  5. Pebble top textures create a non-slip surface on super high-density foam tiles.
  6. Felt grip tops provide the proper amount of traction and comfort for dogs' paws, minimizing slips.
  7. Some tiles and roll out mats feature carpeted tops. When used on rollout mats, carpeted tops create extra rebound.
  8. Some foam anti-fatigue mats are available with diamond surface finishes for maximized traction.
We're proud to offer a wide selection of tiles and mats available in the surfaces described above.

Tile Colors

When you shop at Greatmats, you'll have plenty of great tile colors to choose from.

We offer interlocking foam mats in a whole rainbow of colors, including brilliant colors, muted tones, wood grain designer patterns, and more. You can get the exact look that you want your flooring to have with our versatile choices.

The Foam Mats 5/8 Premium tiles are available in 15 different colors. Interlocking foam mats come in several different wood grain and cork patterns, giving them a unique and distinctive look. Many interlocking athletic and martial arts tiles are reversible, some of them featuring different colors on each side. This design allows you to alternate the tiles to create fun patterns.

Size and Thickness

The way that you intend to use your flooring will dictate the size and thickness of the tiles that you will need to purchase. Greatmats offers interlocking tiles ranging from 3/8 to 1-5/8 inches thick, so we have products that can accommodate any project.

Our most popular tiles are 2x2 feet and 1x1 meter in size. Because these tiles are larger, they're favored for commercial installations and professional studios. Their large size allows them to cover significant areas while minimizing the number of seams that are present in the finished flooring. Our smaller 2x2 foot tiles are more suitable for residential use, because they're easy to transport and can easily fit into smaller areas.

The 2x2 foot tiles can ship via ground service, meaning they'll conveniently arrive right at your door. The larger 1x1 meter tiles ship on a pallet via a freight delivery service because of their size.

Roll-out foam flooring is another option that's suitable for larger areas. It allows for a fast installation, and we offer rolled flooring in sizes as small as 5x10 foot rolls, all the way up to 6-foot-wide rolls in custom lengths.

Hardness and Density

You'll want to pay attention to the hardness and density of the foam that you're considering as you shop. These two factors can give you an idea of how the flooring will feel underfoot, and whether it's suitable for your needs.

Foam's hardness refers to how hard or soft the foam feels to the touch, and the hardness is measured in a degree of Shore C. The harder the foam feels, the higher the Shore C rating will be. For instance, our 2x2 foot by 5/8 inch thick tiles measure between 30 and 35 Shore C. They're a softer tile. Our hardest tiles measure between 60 and 65 degrees Shore C.

If you're looking for something that's soft and comfortable, our interlocking foam mats may be just right for you. Some of these mats have undergone egg drop tests in which eggs were dropped onto the mats from heights as great as 68 feet. The mats were so soft that the eggs actually bounced, rather than breaking.

Density isn't the same measurement as hardness. Instead of measuring how the mat feels underfoot, density measures the mass of the mat in comparison to its weight. The density of a mat specifies the ratio of the amount of material when compared to the air in the tile.

Hardness and density both relate to the overall quality of the foam that you're purchasing.

Thermal Insulation

When placed on concrete or wood, foam acts as an insulating layer. This is very beneficial if you're working in a basement, since the foam will feel warm even when the temperature of the floor beneath it is cooler. The foam remains comfortable to walk on, even during the winter.

You can also pair foam with in-floor heat. The tiles may keep some of the heat from traveling into the room, but the in-floor heat will remain functional - just a bit less effective with the foam in place. Foam has a minimal R-value, so it's safe to use on top of concrete paired with in-floor heating.

Foam Tile Pricing

You'll find that foam products' pricing will vary depending on the tile's size, versatility, and materials. Our most economical products are a bit thinner than the more expensive products. If you're limiting your options to the lower-priced products, you'll have fewer options in terms of available installation methods and how you can use the products.

Our 5/8-inch thick foam rolls without a finished surface are the most affordable option, coming in at just under $1 per square foot. Our 1/2-inch-thick puzzle mats with limited color options are also available in that same price range.

If you increase the price a bit, our wood-grain patterned and color option interlocking foam tiles enter the picture. Additional thickness and surface texture options also become available. Puzzle mats up to 1 inch thick cost less than $2 per square foot, and are very affordable. Tiles with tatami, leather, pebble, felt, or smooth surface textures are also in this $2 per square foot price range. Other options, like varying hardness foams and tiles that measure up to 1x1 meter in size are also in this price point.
Within the $3 per square foot price range, thickness choices increase to 1-5/8 inches. The sizes of the mats increase, and roll-out carpet tile mats also become available. You'll see carpet topped foam floor tiles within this price range, too.

With a step up into the $4 per square foot range, our vinyl topped roll out mats become an option. In the $5 per square foot price range our folding mats and heavy-duty 1x2 meter vinyl wrapped foam floor tiles enter the picture. At the $6 per square foot point, you'll see additional options such as padded athletic vinyl rolls for athletic courts.

Some of our other products, like outdoor pool decking, crash pads, stage mats, and personal exercise mats, are available at prices of more than $6 per square foot.

Foam Flooring Installation and Maintenance

Foam floor mats and tiles are designed to be easy to install, and you can even make the installation process into a DIY project. Tiles fit together just like puzzle pieces, so installing them is as easy as lining up the edges and pushing the tiles together. For a wall-to-wall installation, you can use a sharp utility knife to cut the tiles to fit.

To cut the tiles, lay a board beneath the foam so that your cuts don't damage your subfloor. Using repeated, shallow scores, gradually cut through the tile. If the tile starts to fray, you'll need to replace the blade in your knife.

How To Clean Foam Floor Tiles

Foam is popular for many reasons, but one of the greatest benefits is that foam is easy to clean. Spills and dirt can be wiped or swept away, making tiles a great choice for kids' areas. Cleaning foam is simple and easy.
  1. Vacuum the floor using a non-power head vacuum.
  2. Mop the floor with a damp mop, warm water, and household floor cleaner.
  3. Use a sponge and scrubby for any necessary spot cleaning.
  4. Clean large areas with a walk behind auto cleaning machine.
  5. Allow the floor to dry.
Make sure you refer to the cleaning instructions for the particular foam product that you purchase.

Floor Planner

As you plan out your project, don't forget to use the Greatmats Online Pro Floor Planner. This online tool can help you to lay out your room's design so you can tell how much of a particular product you'll need to order. There's nothing worse than getting partway through an installation to find you didn't order enough product, and this planner can help you to prevent that from happening. It also helps to minimize the amount of wasted product, and shows you the best way to lay out the flooring.