How to Connect Staylock Home Gym Flooring Tiles over Carpet - Low Pile and Thick

01-06 - 2022

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Staylock modular floor tiles are one of the best options for gym floor tiles over carpet. And installing them over carpet is an easy task.

The tiles simply clip together with the push of a hand over their tab and loop connectors - making sure all tiles are facing in the same direction.

If the carpet you’re installing over is extra soft or thick, the flex of the tiles over the carpet can make it more difficult to connect the tiles.

In which case, a small section of osb board or plywood will be your best friend.

Simply slide the board under the area you wish to connect the tiles and this will provide a more stable surface to push against, allowing the tabs to snap into place more quickly and easily.

Now it’s time to enjoy your Staylock Tile gym flooring over carpet!

These modular floor tiles works wonderfully for both permanent and temporary flooring over carpet.

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