Top 5 Modular Outdoor Sports Floors

By Julia Nass Created: July, 2017 - Modified: September, 2021

Creating an outdoor sport court can be a costly and time-consuming project. Concrete pours and other means of creating courts require not only purchasing materials but hiring someone to install them. Later down the line one faces the cost of upkeep and maintenance as well.

Greatmats recommends you skip the pricey hassle and opt for easy DIY, low-maintenance outdoor court tiles. From basketball floor tiles to tennis courts, Greatmats carries ideal products for economical yet quality backyard court installations. Check out Greatmats' top five backyard court tile products, each categorized by an all-star characteristic.

1. Versatility - Outdoor Court Tile XT3

Looking for an outdoor court to be used for a variety of sports and activities? Outdoor Court Tile XT3 is Greatmats' most versatile backyard court tile option. This outdoor sports flooring can be used for inline hockey rinks, basketball courts, outdoor volleyball and more. XT3 outdoor court tiles will stand up to any athletic use; they are designed to withstand a sustained load of 16,000 pounds per square foot.

Outdoor Court Tile XT3 is constructed of a special high-impact polypropylene copolymer with a base of 481 gusseted legs for unseizing support. Tiles come in a whopping 16 different colors. Choose a single, vibrant color for your court, or uniquely customize your court with a variety of colors. Rainwater and other liquids drain directly through tiles before becoming a safety hazard underfoot. Ultimately, this product lasts under any climate or weather conditions.

2. Low Price - Patio Outdoor Tile

To create an outdoor court on the cheap, choose the Patio Outdoor Tile. Commonly sale priced at less than $2 per tile, this outdoor court flooring price can't be beat. With the ability to easily install tiles without any other tools, these backyard court tiles not only save on the cost of hiring an installer, but they save on time as well.

Not only are these tiles a prime economic choice, but they are high-quality and well-loved by customers who consistently give this product 5-star reviews. Tiles can be utilized for a variety of sport courts including basketball and volleyball. No matter the purpose of tiles, they remain secure and supportive, as they are stabilized by 265 underside pegs. Since the tile is elevated and perforated, they are drain-through as well.

3. Tennis - Tennis Court Tile MT2

The Tennis Court Tile MT2 is Greatmats' top-tier tile specifically engineered for tennis play. This tile is built to provide traction for quick pivoting and stop-and-start footwork. Further, the Tennis Court Tile MT2 achieves the best of both hard and soft tennis courts; this tile yields a surface with the comfort of a soft tennis court and the durability and low maintenance of a hard court.

These backyard court tiles are created with a leaf-spring-type flex joint system, which provides controlled lateral give while reducing leg stress and increasing comfort. The material itself is a high-quality polypropylene copolymer that is fully color impregnated. Even after years of usage, the tile maintains color and quality of play. Although these outdoor court tiles are specifically designed for tennis, they can be also be used as basketball floor tiles or volleyball court tiles as well.

4. Lifespan - Sterling Rubber Athletic Tile

Although Greatmats ensures longevity in all their products, the Sterling Rubber Athletic Tile (1.25 Inch) takes that guarantee one step further with its limited lifetime warranty. These tiles are made from top-notch recycled rubber material, one of the toughest materials one can find. Ultimately, Sterling Rubber tiles will hold up against any heavy usage, including the weight of exercise equipment.

Because tiles are made from recycled rubber, they qualify for LEED building points. Use these tiles for an all-around stellar outdoor athletic area. These outdoor court tiles provide both sound and thermal insulation. Each tile weighs just over 19 pounds each and comes in a variety of colors.

5. Easy installation - StayLock Perforated Tiles

StayLock perforated backyard court tiles are a piece of cake to install. With an intuitive tab and loop interlocking system, tiles can be placed together by hand in no time. Due to the hassle-free yet durable design, tiles can be separated, removed and relocated just as easily. No extra tools or adhesives are required to install or uninstall StayLock outdoor court tiles. They fit together seamlessly and will not separate unintentionally over time.

These tiles create a softer athletic court. They are especially ideal for gaga pits and similar exercise areas. Tiles are perforated, drain-through, and non-slip for safety even when wet. These backyard court tiles are made from PVC plastic that can easily be cut with a utility knife to fit around poles or other obstacles. Create a custom StayLock court by choosing from several designer colors.


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