Best Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces for Backyard Courts

By Paige Cerulli Created: May, 2018 - Modified: December, 2022

The right can enhance any park, recreational area, or even your own backyard. Outdoor courts are less expensive to construct than indoor courts, and give players the enjoyment of spending time outdoors without the echo effect that so many gyms have. Whether you want to create an outdoor basketball court for commercial use, or just want to enjoy having a court of your own in your backyard, the success of your project will depend on choosing appropriate outdoor basketball court flooring.

You'll find that there are a variety of products available designed to construct an outdoor basketball floor, but which one is right for your needs? We'll outline your options and help you decide.

Qualities of the Best Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

When you're choosing a product for your backyard basketball flooring, look for something that has the following qualities.


Durability is a must, whether you're building a home basketball court or a court that will see commercial use. Look for a flooring that is durable, that can withstand serious foot traffic, and that will continue to look great for years to come.

Not only does the flooring need to be strong enough to withstand significant use, but it also needs to be durable enough to withstand the elements that it will be exposed to outdoors. Look for a flooring that is UV resistant, that can withstand temperature extremes, and that won't be damaged by snow and ice.


Outdoor basketball court surfaces see plenty of rain, so a perforated surface is ideal. Many of our portable basketball court floor tiles feature perforations that allow water to drain right through the tiles. This helps to prevent the collection of standing water on top of the tiles, so you can get right back to using the court after the rain stops.


Your court flooring should provide good traction to help keep athletes from slipping. Many of our floor tiles also offer shock absorption so if an athlete does slip, the flooring can help to minimize the chance of serious injury. This design also reduces the impact on athletes' joints for a more enjoyable practice or game.


Don't forget to consider the installation method necessary for the type of flooring that you're considering. A snap together basketball court is easy to install, and can even make for a DIY project, saving you money on the cost of a professional installation. You'll find that we offer a variety of portable basketball court floor tiles that snap together securely, ensuring the court won't pull apart during use.

The Best Outdoor Basketball Court Surfaces

Ready to get started shopping? At Greatmats, we've carefully selected the flooring tiles that we offer. Below are three great options for backyard basketball flooring or commercial outdoor court flooring.

Outdoor Court Tile XT3

If you're looking for tremendously durable outdoor basketball court surfaces, the Outdoor Court Tile XT3 may be just right for you. These tiles are rated to support 16,000 pounds per square foot, making them one of the strongest outdoor basketball court flooring options that you'll find.

Though these tiles are incredibly strong, they're also designed to give athletes the supportive yet forgiving surface that they need. The tiles have a leaf spring type of flex joint system. The system offers a lateral flex during play, which helps to reduce leg stress and keep athletes more comfortable. It has other benefits, too, though, in that it conforms to minor variations in the subsurface, and even helps to control thermal expansion so you don't have to worry about the court buckling or flexing as the temperature increases.

The best outdoor basketball court surface tiles are perforated, so rain water flows right through them. Additionally, they're fungus and mildew resistant, making for a low-maintenance court suitable for outdoor use.

If you anticipate wanting to use your court for other sports, then these tiles are a wise investment. They're also suitable for use with outdoor inline hockey and outdoor volleyball, which will increase the versatility of your court.

Patio Outdoor Tile

For a highly economical option, consider our Patio Outdoor Tiles. These portable outdoor basketball court surface tiles are both waterproof and slip resistant to help keep athletes safe. They're made of PVC which is comfortable underfoot, allowing for long games and practices. The drain-through design helps to prevent standing water from forming, and you can get back to your game sooner after a hard rain. These tiles are also UV stable, so they'll continue to look great after years of use.

These Patio Outdoor Tiles are conveniently sized and easy to move, measuring just under 1x1 square foot. They can be cut to fit around obstacles, like your basketball hoops, and snap together easily for a fast and simple installation. They're backed by a 1-year warranty, and each tile features 265 pegs on its underside to help hold the flooring securely in place.

Tennis Court Tile MT2

Don't be fooled by the name - the Tennis Court Tile MT2 is a great outdoor basketball court surface. This versatile tile is available in 16 different eye-catching colors and makes for great backyard basketball flooring. They're also suitable for use with volleyball and inline hockey, so you can use your court in any number of different ways.

These tiles offer a high degree of traction for improved athlete safety. Their perforated surface allows water to drain right through the tiles, and their UV stable construction ensures the tiles will look great for years to come.

Additionally, these tiles offer the same leaf spring type joint flex system that you'll find in the Outdoor Court Tile XT3. This system provides lateral give to reduce the amount of leg stress on athletes, while also increasing their comfort. The system also helps to conform to irregularities in the subsurface, and to control thermal expansion.

These tiles are backed by an impressive 10-year warranty and are one of the greatest of outdoor basketball court surfaces.

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor basketball court surfaces, think about how your court will be used and which features are most. Please give our customer service team a call; we'd be happy to help you choose the flooring that's just right for your basketball court.