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Greatmats has dozens of models of kids flooring, all designed to yield safer areas where youngsters can be playing while parents relax. Soft flooring delivers a cushioned, forgiving surface and is available in a variety of colors and design options. When working with kids flooring, installation is piece of cake.

Using Children’s Flooring

There are endless ways to use children’s flooring. Consider a popular usage option like these:
  1. Playrooms
  2. Camping tents
  3. Treehouses
  4. Schools and preschools
  5. Indoor playgrounds

When exploring kids flooring products, consider some that are:
  1. Soft, forgiving layouts to keep children safer
  2. Free of harmful chemicals
  3. Easily cleanable, so spills are no problem
  4. Simple kids flooring installations for DIY projects

We've highlighted our most popular kids flooring picks below.

Playroom Flooring

Our children flooring models are a strong option. These create a safe spot to tumble safely. Certain of ours even feature carpet tops to provide extra warmth.

They protect the subfloor from potential damage, such as spilled drinks, crayon marks, and scrapes. At the same time, these protect from potential injury from hard floorings.

A major benefit of kids flooring is the ease of installation. Puzzle tiles can be installed simply by lining them up and connecting them as if putting together a puzzle. There are no adhesives required, and youngsters can even help to install them too. Most can be cut with a utility knife for a wall-to-wall installation.

Ours come in a wide variety of color options. Easily create a unique design in eye-catching colorings. Some, including the Home Sport and Play Mats, are reversible and double colored for incorporating multiple colorings into the kid room designed selections.

Our Toddler Gym Mats 5/8 Inch Premium are available in 15 brilliant colors, and they install in just minutes. These are waterproof and stain resistant, ensuring they continue to look great. They offer a textured pattern on one side and a smooth surface on the other side, so choose the finish that's appropriate for the room.

If looking for maximized safety, our Indoors Playground Foam Tiles have a 4-foot ASTM rating. These are reversible and removable and are lead and latex free. These feature a no-burn tatami top texture to prevent elbow, hand, and knee burns.

Kids flooring sometimes can be used outdoors in high traffic areas. These can be installed atop dirt or grass, as well as over hard, flat surfaces. These have fall protection for added safety and are ideal for preschools. With a model that mimics a natural grass layout, enjoy the comfort of turf without the maintenance, mud, or bare spots.

These have a multitude of benefits:
  1. Softer, safe children’s flooring
  2. Puzzle designs are perfect as a DIY project
  3. If one is damaged, replace it alone
  4. Available in many bright colors
  5. Versatile and can be installed over numerous surfaces
  6. Some offer fall from height protection

Kids Room Flooring

For more temporary installations, consider one of our many roll up or folding childrens mat products that are also used for cheerleading, gymnastics, or martial arts. Children involved in gymnastics will appreciate our large line of specialty gymnastic products, such as octagons and wedges. They can be used where youngsters will be tumbling. If finished, simply pack them up and store them away.

These are made of high impact foams for safer surfaces that are forgiving upon impact. Durable covers with vinyls are easy to clean, so these are a great choice for all ages.

Ours are popular because they fold up for minimal storage space but are easy to unfold too.

Most feature hook and loop connections on the end to attach numerous units either for a long surface for tumbling or for a larger coverage area. With attachments on the ends, hang them on gym or building walls for extra padding if youth are playing.

Tile floor mats yield the following benefits:
  1. Suitable for higher impact activities, like running, tumbling, and gymnastics
  2. Specialty designs, like wedges, can be used for skills training
  3. Children's rugs are a temporary option that can provide added protection, then be stored away until the next use
  4. Can be connected together to create large coverage

Educational Rugs

Look at these when multiple uses are desired, because not only do these add comfort, but they serve as educational tools as well.

Our Around the Block Rug can be used to teach the alphabet, numbers, and recognition of common symbols, such as pictures of animals.

The ABC Animals Rug features all of the letters of the alphabet, plus animal pictures.The First Signs Kid Rug is an aid to teach sign language. This includes the symbols for common words, as well as for the English and Spanish translations.

These are excellent addition to environments for learning. They're also a great way to build upon the child's educational enhancement in the home. These stimulate the brain in a fun and creative way.

They provide numerous advantages, including:
  1. Dual purposes with comfort and a learning element
  2. Choose among multiple models to teach different skills
  3. Brightly colored to naturally engage the child in learning
  4. Work nicely in a school or for at-home education
  5. Can be used to decorate any space

Don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts would be happy to work to find the right product.

Be sure to take advantage of our Greatmats Pro Floor Designer. This online tool can help with planning out the design of rooms and will determine just how much is needed for the project. Save money and avoid buying extra product that isn’t needed.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want customers to be happy with the product and shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee.

We operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.For questions about these, a price quote, or a sample, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help choose the right model for the project.

FAQ about Kids Flooring

What is the easiest DIY children’s flooring?
Puzzle tiles are kid friendly flooring options that pop together in almost no time. They are easy to install for a single person.

What is the top low-maintenance kids flooring?
Rubber flooring for kids requires very little work to keep it clean. Then place play rugs for toddlers over the top that are machine washable.

What is the cheapest kids bedroom flooring?
Kids rubber flooring has a low price per square ft, as do foam floor tiles, making these the best flooring for families on a budget.

What is the best children’s indoor play area flooring?
The best flooring for kids will depend on the planned use case. A child-safe flooring choice will include soft foam mats that give cushioning in case the toddler falls while playing. Children’s flooring also can include floating floors if using it in a basement where moisture can seep through the concrete.