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About the Writer: Kyle Schurman

By Greatmats Staff Created: May, 2021 - Modified: July, 2021

Kyle Schurman has a Bachelors Degree in journalism for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He has been a freelance writer for more than two decades with much focus dedicated to product reviews. Schurman has specialized in writing about specialty flooring since 2017 where he has authored more than 400 blogs.

He also writes about home improvement and DIY products and projects. Some of his published articles appear in Business Insider, The Strategist/New York Magazine, The Dad, Ben’s Bargains, Best Reviews, and the Chicago Tribune syndication network. He and his family recently renovated a 1920s farmhouse with the original barn still standing on the property.

Before focusing on writing for online publications, Kyle worked for multiple newspapers as a sports writer, focusing on high school and college sports. He has won two Hearst Journalism Awards.