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Where To Use Rubber Sheet Flooring

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2024

When seeking flooring that’s versatile, that’s durable, that’s easy to install, and that delivers traction, rubber sheet flooring is the way to go. You can use these sheets almost anywhere, including at a commercial location or at home. Our Greatmats customers love the multiple benefits they receive from this firm rubber, and they save some money in the process because it’s a low cost option.

What Is Rubber Sheet Flooring?

Rubber sheet flooring appears in a roll format. Both thick and thin rolls are available. You’ll love the versatility it provides as a main floor, as temporary protection for the main floor during an event, or as a cushioned subfloor.

You can select among multiple thickness measurements of rolls of rubber floors, including 1/4, 5/16 (or 8 mm), 3/8, and 1/2 of an inch.

roll of black rubber sheet flooring

Think about whether you need extra durability, which a thicker floor can deliver. Or you may want to avoid having very much weight in the rolls – which simplifies installation – which means you should focus on a thinner roll of rubber floor.

Most rubber sheet flooring is black, although you may find some rolls that have a few flecks of color embedded in the black rubber base. These splashes of colors create a nicer look in a customer-facing area. Learn more about rubber sheet flooring here.

What Are the Benefits?

Our customers mention numerous reasons they love using these sheets.

For example, there’s no learning curve for how to install them. Just tape or glue them to the subfloor for use as the main floor. When used as an underlayment, you may be able to dry-lay them.

They also offer great value. Because they’re thinner than typical rubber mats or tiles, you can cover a large space for less than a few dollars per square foot. And you don’t need to add extra cost by hiring a pro to install them, as they are a DIY type of flooring.

Where to Use Rubber Sheet Flooring

When you want to figure out the best way to make use of these thin rubber rolls, listening to our customers is a good starting point. We at Greatmats already knew that these rolls provided significant benefits in many different locations, but our customers have shown us several new use cases … and we’re more than happy to share their amazing ideas!

rubber sheet flooring in dog daycare with dogs running

  • Home and Commercial Gyms: Protect subfloors from heavy equipment and deliver traction for quick athletic movements.
  • Industrial Applications: Create slip resistance in areas where spills may occur.
  • Rooftop: Receive weather resistance and moisture resistance when using rolls on a rooftop patio or deck.
  • Garage: Create excellent traction at a workbench or for a garage gym (but do not drive cars onto these rolls).
  • Storage Rooms: Protect the subfloor from heavy items and create a moisture-resistant floor.
  • Dog Daycares, Boarding, and Training Facilities: Create easy-to-clean flooring that won’t show marks from dog nails that’s also more comfortable and safer for the animals than concrete.
  • Veterinary Spaces: Deliver durable floors that have non-slip characteristics for excellent results involving almost any kind of animal care situation.
  • Horse Trailers: Cover a bare metal base in a trailer with rubber to make the trip more comfortable for the horse, while also making the trailer easier to clean.
  • Other Trailers: Create a safe floor with plenty of traction for a toy hauling trailer carrying dirt bikes, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.
  • Dry Basements: Deliver a more comfortable floor than bare concrete in a basement that doesn’t have moisture seepage issues.
  • Retail Locations: Generate a floor that can stand up to ice skates or football cleats in a retail athletic shoe store or give clerks who must stand all day more comfort than using bare concrete or hard tiles.
  • Hockey or Ice Skating Rinks: Make a walkway from the locker room to the ice so athletes can wear their ice skates without damaging the blades.
  • Underlayment Floors for Dance: Instead of placing a thin vinyl dance floor directly over concrete, add a rubber roll underlayment for more comfort and a bit of cushion.
  • Service Vehicles: Add a rubber roll of flooring to the base of a service vehicle to create an easy-to-clean surface that’s also highly durable.
  • Ax Throwing: Create an ax-throwing bar by adding rolled rubber flooring to the throwing lanes, protecting the subfloor from damage from falling axes.
  • Office Spaces: Cut down on noise when you operate a business like an office call center or a recording studio by installing sound absorbing rubber rolls in areas where people walk, slide chairs around, or move equipment.
  • Arcade: Make a large open arcade space more comfortable with our rubber rolls that absorb sound and that help you resist problems with slips, all without breaking the bank.
  • Auditorium: Deliver noise absorbing capabilities and comfortable areas in walkways by installing firm and thin rubber rolled flooring.

Greatmats is happy to talk with you about rubber sheet flooring!

If you need help figuring out how to use rubber sheet flooring at your home or business, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team. Our experts are ready to help you find just the right product and the best way to use it.