Call Center Rubber Flooring: Nearshore Call Center Service Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: November, 2017 - Modified: September, 2023

Sound absorption is critical in environments when your business thrives on phone conversations, such as call centers. That's why Nearshore Call Center, an Advensus company that began in 2015 with 100 telemarketing positions in the Dominican Republic turned to Greatmats for acoustically sound rolled rubber flooring.

Nearshore Call Center originally chose Greatmats due to its competitive pricing and selection and has been very pleased with its 1/4 inch thick rubber flooring rolls with 20 percent color fleck used for is call center production floors.

Ivan Estevez, of Nearshore Call Center said, ''(It's) easy to maintain and good for acoustics. Since we are a call center, sound absorption is important.''

After 11 years in business, Nearshore Call Center has expanded to include more than 4,000 employees. And Advensus has been expanding internationally as well, recently opening a new contact center in the United States.

Estevez says Advensus always operates under the ''highest standards of safety and technology with the sole purpose meeting the needs of our customers and associates. ... Advensus prides itself on being flexible, nimble and competitive, with facilities that are completely state of the art, PCI certified and employing best in class technology and people.''

Ivan Estevez
Nearshore Call Center Services