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Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Perforated Black

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This product was super easy to install and works great for my flat-roof deck. I purchased this when I had the deck liner replaced due to leaks caused by screw holes from the previous decking. I also found that the previous decking prevented proper drainage. With the greatmats interlocking perforated tiles, it is easy to remove any portion if I need to examine the deck liner and/or make repairs. Visitors just can't wear stiletto heals on the deck any more ;) But, the increased drainage and ease of installation/removal is well worth that small trade-off.


Chicago, IL

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Looks great! Easy to install. Real high quality product


Berkeley, CA

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Im enjoying my new matts


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Material was shipped out fast and delivered to my house in good condition. Quality product for the price I paid.


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Love the product and so do the grandkids and dogs!


Vicksburg, MI

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Thanks for a great product.


Wellfleet, MA

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Love it!



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Building a playhouse for my granddaughter and needed an outside base to put it on that was soft enough for a toddlers falls but durable enough for Ohio weather. So I contacted Greatmats Chat. They recommend the Staylock tiles. Ordered 36 sq ft in light gray. They arrived three days later. Assembling them was not only easy but fun (think bubble wrap snapping). They looked so great I thought I needed to expand the base and put in the borders. So back to chat for advice. They frankly told me that the next lot of light gray might be a shade different. Taking that advice I ordereded the black tiles with the borders. Just got them today and have half set up. Beautiful! Great company to deal with.


Dayton, Ohio

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I got these hoping that they would work as outside entry mats in the winter. I can say now that they do work, very well indeed, better than any other mat I've tried. Every other entry mat that I've tried, whether made of natural or artificial fiber, holds water, snow, and snow melt, turning into useless slabs of ice early in the winter. They also slide around. I usually ended up chucking them in the bushes sometime in December. This mat does not hold water or trap snow and ice. Because of the perforations and perhaps also the black color, a day or two after a snow storm, the mat has cleared itself of snow and ice, in place, without my having to pick it up and bang it against the side of the steps. It also stays put, doesn't move around. And you can make a mat as large as you like. The perforations probably do not scrape boot bottoms as well as other rough mats designed for this purpose, but they do it well enough for me, and unlike other mats they actually work in the winter.


St. Paul, MN

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Easy to assemble and flexible and looks great. We used it to cover a 20 ft x 14 ft flat roof and placed on top of a rubber membrane. It allows for easy removal for maintenance work if needed.


Merion Station, PA

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easy to install and love the look.


Willow Street, PA

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Love the tiles. It turns a bland deck into a luxurious deck..


South Jordan, UT

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Perfect solution for a small balcony over roofing. Formerly had a heavy wooden pallet which was difficult to move. This looks good, was simple to install and can easily be removed for cleaning when it becomes necessary.


Brookeville, MD

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The installed tile is AWESOME! The students are going bonkers in the Gaga ball pits today!


Monona, WI

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This product installed easily on landscape fabric for a swing set / slide in my backyard for my sons to play on. The tiles were easy to snap together using a board and a rubber mallet. Some of the tiles snapped with hand pressure, but some of the interlocking pieces were a little bit cold and the rubber mallet got them to go through the rectangular slots. The pieces were a little cold when they came right out of the box, but everything warmed up and became more pliable pretty quickly in the sunlight of a 60 degree day.The tiles are pretty soft to fall on



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I love the durability and flexibility of the mats. Look great on my roof deck


Philadelphia, PA

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Great product. works well on our rubber roof with our raised garden. will be purchasing more for the next garden soon.



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The StayLock Perforated Black One Foot Square mats have worked perfectly for allowing us to create outside usable living space on a flat roof deck.



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I am very satisfied with the Greatmats product. As advertised, the product was shipped timely and lived up to the specifications described. I purchased approximately 100 of the square foot tiles plus the corresponding corner and border tiles. The flooring was installed on my second floor outdoor porch above a roofing membrane flooring. The interlocking edges and the relatively flat surface that I was installing the product made it easy to install. Prior to purchasing the product I had some reservations as to how difficult it would be to cut some of my edge tiles, however with a pair of large sharp scissors I found the tiles were able to get cut easily. It took me about three hours to complete the entire installation. The product has been in place for about a month and I am very happy with the finished product.



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Perfect solution to incorporate a mulch-free zone for our toddlers on the playground. Tiles are flexible and stay put when locked together. Installation was quick and easy. We added the border edge for a finished look and smooth the transition.


Allentown, PA